Commentary :: Civil and Human Rights

BTL:Iran Defies UN on Uranium Enrichment, as US Pushes for Sanctions &...

...Contemplates "Other Consequences" ~ Interview with Arang Keshavarzian, assistant professor of government at Connecticut College, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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News :: Animal rights

Devastating blow to Russian fur industry: 30,000 mink reported liberated

Russian animal rights activists have liberated 30,000 mink from a fur farm in the Luzhsky district, Leningradskaja oblast, an area in the north western part of Russia which includes St. Petersburg.

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Review :: Protests and Vigils

Mass Civil Nonviolent Resistance

Invitation to join nonviolent direct actions with NCNR on Tuesday, September 26th, or Declaration of Peace on Wednesday, September 27.

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Commentary :: Media : Right-wing politics : Surveillance/censorship

Revolutionary Power

cheney bush rumsfeld.jpgEconomist Paul Krugman's wakeup-call to mainstream America that the Bush administration are fascists who don't play by the rules. Link to more information and Krugman's advice to journalists.

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News :: Civil and Human Rights



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News :: Crime and Police : General : Media : Military : Surveillance/censorship

Army cracks Al Qaeda code: Mission 9/11-V

Al Qaeda strikes with amazing frequency on dates ending with an 11, as in 9/11, 7/11 (Mumbai) and 3/11 (Madrid). Two Army men, Capt. May and SFC Buswell, have broken the Al Qaeda code, and warn that it indicates a 5-year anniversary attack on 9/11/06.

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LOCAL News :: Crime and Police

WASHINGTON COUNTY: Man with knife is killed by deputy, authorities say

A sheriff's deputy in Missouri's Washington County shot and killed a man Sunday after the man reportedly threatened him with a knife, authorities said.

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LOCAL News :: Crime and Police

Scam targets Wentzville police, residents

WENTZVILLE — The Wentzville Police Protective Agency sounds like a worthy charity.

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News :: Civil and Human Rights : Surveillance/censorship

Kids buy lunches with scans of fingers

Students go from punching in a pin code to getting their fingers scanned. What's the logic for the school spending more money on this new technology? "You don't have to type in the number anymore and have to worry about getting the number mixed up"

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News :: Animal rights : Right-wing politics

Portland fur store glued and painted (Aug 30th)

A.L.F. strikes again

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