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Vice President Cheney heckled on hurricane tour

GULFPORT, United States (AFP) - Vice President
Dick Cheney was confronted by an irate heckler when he toured the US Gulf coast region devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

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Evening Whirl on Hurricane?

A frind of mine at school told me that the Evening Whirl ran a scathing piece on the Hurricane Katrina debacle this week, but their web site is practically useless. Where is that paper sold? And I thought they just did crime stuff.

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Venezuela: Eyewitness report from the revolution

Bolivarian Revolution

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So what happened on Sept 1st with hobo park?

what happened?

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What kind of organization does the antiwar movement need?

An organization capable of overthrowing the system of imperialist rule cannot be built on a foundation of sand. Only principled, transparent and long-term collaboration between serious activists can:

(1) organize a decisive break from the
confinement of liberal-imperialist politics,
(2) mobilize the masses in their millions and
(3) chart the couse forward to a world without
imperialist war or capitalist exploitation

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HSUS Pleads with Federal, State, Local Agencies

HSUS Pleads with Federal, State, Local Agencies to Help Rescue Thousands of Stranded Pets

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a survivor's story: Katrina in New Orleans

Below is personal account of a woman who made her way to the Convention Center in New Orleand with thousands of other evacuees. I'm forwarding the story as was sent to me (apparently including some updates that were added as it traveled thru email. ), only with simple HTML formatting added.

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Hurricane Katrina in review

Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast Monday and over five days later, the country is rocked with flood relief plans, critisms of the President and the government's lack of disaster planning, and over a million Lousiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida residents are left homeless.

Coverage from IMCs [New Orleans IMC | Houston | Austin | US IMC]

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Mofaz tells IDF commanders to show 'no pity' at roadblocks

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz on Tuesday instructed Israel Defense
Forces commanders in the West Bank to carry out thorough checks of
Israeli and Palestinian vehicles crossing through roadblocks.

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