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ACLU hands out video cameras in St. Louis to record cops

From AP: After a year of delays, the American Civil Liberties Union chapter in St. Louis is launching a program that will put video cameras in the hands of St. Louis residents so they can monitor police activity in their neighborhoods.

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Pelosi, Hillary, and Lieberman: funded by Lockheed

Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Lieberman each received $10,000 in campaign contributions from neocon-linked weapons maker Lockheed-Martin's Political Action Committee during the 2006 election cycle. Could this be one reason Pelosi and Hillary refuse to stand firmly for peace while Lieberman blatantly calls for even wider war?

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Claire McCaskill Gives Peace A Cold Shoulder in DC

With our congress people still funding war and leaving our soldiers to be killed- despite what we-the-people (aka- their bosses) voted for, I felt compelled to dedicate my summer to helping to end the Iraq war. During the school year I am a teacher in St.Louis and also the local coordinator of CODEPINK St.Louis- Women for Peace. I accepted an arts-coordinator/media outreach position with the CODEPINK House in Washington DC, for a couple of months, to help non-violent activists from around the country to creatively exercise their rights, represent their communities (majority) voice-of-peace, and teach (primarily) women useful outreach-tools before they return home. We at the DC-CODEPINK House are encouraged to make goals for the week- benchmarks, if you will, a sort of a timetable which acts as our road map for the week before we leave to go back home to our own states… to ensure each activist who visits the DC-CODEPINK House has an imperative exit strategy before returning home…

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Missouri Company Makes Money Dumping Heavy Metals on Peruvian Town

n186400637_30093749_2449.jpgDoe Run Peru a subsidiary of the Doe Run Corp. based in St. Louis, continues spewing deadly heavy metals on La Oroya, Peru inspite of the fact that children there suffer from skyhigh levels of lead, arsenic, and cadmium.

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The Shortwave Report 6/22/07 ¡Listen Globally!

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

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Comeupance! *

Message to the powers-that-be: "Turn around, go back down, back the way you came!" FYI: They replaced the World Book, which had a good account of the fictious Operation Desert Sabre. Preserve those records!

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[btlsummary] Federal Court Challenges President's Right to Hold Detainees...

BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine --Weekly Summary

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Barney Frank,SEC Cox,9/11,WTC,Boston Logan and ICTS International Israeli Penny Stock Fraud

Does Barney Frank plan to confront Christopher Cox for allowing the fraudulent Israeli penny stock ICTS International,(incorporated in the USA !) ,that provided 'security' to his Massachusetts constituents on 9/11 to remain an active penny stock up until at least June 5 of this year and to continue its penny stock share distribution or dumping scheme(defrauding investors) while the W Bush regime provided them immunity from prosecution or litigation ?

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Eric McDavid Update


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Dr. James Hansen Amps Up Language on Climate

A report to the British Royal Society was
released Tuesday in which America's top
climate scientist and five others spoke with
stronger feelings about the climate situation
than their usual drab scientific findings. They
were, of course, trying to wake people up to
the seriousness of the problems of our climate's

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