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Top doctor says 20% of cancers caused by chronic infections

A leading scientist is saying that approximately 20% of all forms of cancer are caused by chronic infections, Newsday newspaper is reporting.

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2008 GOP Presidential and VP Team Giuliani and Perry: Welcome to the Sewers of the U.S.

Demi-Gods or Demons? You be the judge.

Of the 2 men Giuliani is the better-known nationally, but neither one deserves the support of his GOP party or the American people.

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China's global offensive: Chinese multinationals, manufacturers, hightech companies, outsourcing, culture, society, banking, politics under globalization

Why is China's economy and trade booming? What is really inside Chinese society, banking, management, outsourcing, education, politics, individual life? How to do investing, travel, trade inside China? Talk to provocative thinker George Zhibin Gu.

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The French Connection: Libya Seeking Arms Deals

"...there have been widespread reports in recent days that France and Libya have signed a Memorandum of Understanding covering arms deals worth up to EUR 4.5 billion, including the first foreign sale of the Rafale fighter. Has France learned the lessons of Morocco and Saudi Arabia? Can the Rafale find an export home at last? Will the deals come to fruition? DID reports."

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At Obama Chicago HQ, Action on Peru Trade Agreement-video stream

Obama didn't show up for Peru trade agreement vote amid debate over NAFT in campaign. Chicago activists hold action at his Chicago HQ. Video stream info

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Ron Paul and the Employer/Employee Relationship

Ron Paul's Blimp is Flying High — How About His Reputation Among Working People?

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Following Zakheim and Pentagon Trillions to Israel and 9-11

As usual, when anyone jumps onto the remote piloting "theory" they miss one very major point: that Israel and Saudi Arabia have, for some time now, worked very closely with each other in fields related to satellite technologies. When you follow the technological capabilities, as if it were a money trail, you get these two nations and the same few companies, namely Booz, Allen, & Hamilton and Mitre Corporation. That said, caveat lector.

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God's Gift

St. Louis poet/author, Curtis R. Smith is about to release his second book of short stories due out in early 2008. On the heels of the success of his first book, PASSION MARKS POETIC CONFESSIONS, Curtis has just released a brand new poem to be included on an updated version of the former title due out in late 2008. That poem is listed here for your viewing pleasure.

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Eric McDavid - Vegan Food Victory!


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"Wake It! Shake It!...

..Drag it out and break it!" That was Ken Kesey in Sometimes a Great Notion. Try to find any record of this quote anywhere!

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