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War with Iran : the Correct Political Perspective

Because of the bitterly partisan and rivalrous degeneration of the American political situation, which is the driving force behind the destruction of the Constitution among other things, I must ask readers to see if it might be possible to hear a person out when there position disagrees with your position, so that perhaps you might even have a chance to consider an issue thoughtfully before making up your mind, which would be a new development in American politics, and might even save the country from further turns towards Caesar, supported by many because of the onrushing disaster.

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Grassroots America Newsletter, May 24 Hop, Bike and Call in Day: Poems

Bus, Bike or Call in to demand your representatives come out into the light of day and stop buying Bush's War.

In response to the American people asking for us to get out of Iraq, the leadership is caving into Bush's demands and giving him $95 Billion without timelines. It is time we make our demands to congress!

On May 24, Thursday, we ask everyone to join in the Swarm on Congress.

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National Monument Discovered at Tara in Path of M3 Motorway

Featuring a press conference given by TaraWatch, the video (see link below) gives details of the M3 Motorway, what lies in its path, what has been destroyed, and what is being now being threatened with destruction. A massive prehistoric ‘henge’ site has been discovered in Lismullen, beside the Hill of Tara on the route of the planned M3 Motorway. The circular enclosure is the size of more than three football fields, and is without doubt a national monument because of the rarity of henges in Ireland, as well as its importance to the Hill of Tara archaeological complex. The video may be accessed here:

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Candidate Alexander: Labor, War and Education Connects

Stewart A. Alexander, a presidential hopeful with the Peace and Freedom Party, applaud the actions of the ILWU Local 10 and Local 34 for lending their strong support to anti-war protesters at the SSA shipping terminals in Oakland, California. On May 19 the Port Action Committee, the Oakland Education Association, along with teacher, students and community activist demanded that the U.S. get out of Iraq and called on other unionists throughout the United States to mobilize in action to stop the war.

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LIving is Easy with Eyes Closed & Stop This Stupid War

Forum Topix posts

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The WORST Thing That Could Possibly Happen To Climate Has Begun

A team of Researchers from the British Antarctic Survey has published their research into CO2 and the oceans Friday in the journal Science. They have found that the southern oceans are no longer absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. But to make things worse, they are starting to release it back into the air.

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NEXIUM Raises the Hepatitis C Viral Load

Many presription drugs will raise the viral load of hepatitis c patients. Doctors are either ignorant or negligent; or both.

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Longshore Workers Honor Picket Line, Shut Down War Cargo Shipper in Oakland

oaklandportpicket070519a.jpgThis can be an important first step toward the mobilization of workers power to shut down the war machine, but that requires a sharp struggle against the bourgeois politics of the antiwar groups and union officialdom. The OEA calls for money for schools not for war, as if it were a matter of budget priorities, and the PAC poster made a social-patriotic pitch to “Bring the Troops Home Now, and give them the care they need.” Such “peace is patriotic” rhetoric is a staple of the UPFJ, but all the antiwar coalitions make similar appeals to garner support from Democratic Party liberals. Revolutionaries and class-conscious workers, in contrast, emphasize that this imperialist war must be opposed by class war.

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Presidential Candidate: Immigrants Beaten Coast to Coast

On a day when Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton spent the evening in rallies with thousands of immigrants, to make amends for the terrible beatings that hundreds of immigrants and reporters received at the Los Angeles May Day rallies, President Bush, along with key Democrats and Republicans, took their tern beating up 12 million immigrants coast to coast.

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Refuting the deafs: chavism and anarchism in Venezuela

* From the publishers of El Libertario goes our reply to the habitual expressions that the coarse right or the easy-going left used to attribute us; the same left that, inside and outside of Venezuela allows that the mirage of the Chávez pseudo-revolution impressed them. We could and would like to say very much more about this subject, however currently here there is the essential and concise information about our point of view that, even when it was expressed several times it does not implies that it does not have to be repeated.

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