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George Monbiot Updates His Global Warming Book

Here is a portion of George Monbiot's speech at the Camp for Climate Change in London Aug. 18, '07. He has been studying and writing about global warming for over twenty years and is the Author of "Heat" which is about climate change and what needs to be done about it. He explains that because of recent scientific discoveries the book needs an extreme update.

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Socialist Candidate on Two Tickets for President

During the month of April 2007, Stewart Alexander was the first candidate to announce that he would seek the nomination for president on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket in California. Now Stewart Alexander is joining 10 other candidates to seek the nomination of the Socialist Party USA to become the next President of the United States.

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News :: Electoral politics

911 accomplice list


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Women in Black protest racist Sabeel Conference


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Tell RMSBG to drop HLS! 8.31.


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(Nov. 3-4) 2007 Midwest SOCIALIST Conference: Building a Revolutionary Alternative

The 2007 Midwest Socialist Conference is a two-day event in early November that will bring together socialists and other activists who are involved in struggles across the region

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The Son of Man Begs America - DEFEND THE PEOPLES OF IRAQ

Who IS running this bushite nazi liar show, where they, our
elite corporate media masters, kill our stupid kids with their
flagrant naked monster lies, while refusing all calls for
clarity, Johnny America really wants to know. Like

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Nazis in the Military

Swastikas at Hunter Airfield, and a Rabbi on the Run

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Noble Resolve and the Portland Presstitutes

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer, delivers a scathing review of the media/military misinformation in Portland's nuke exercises, Noble Resolve (just finished) and TOPOFF (coming soon). He concludes with details of the Oregon guerrilla media that did the job that mainstreamers shirked.

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Bush Administration Outsourcing of Work at...

BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine --Weekly Summary

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