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Email MODOT and Senator Bond asking for GOOD bike/ped access to KC

Send an email message asking MoDOT to include real, safe bicycle/pedestrian accommodation across the Missouri River—the first in the Kansas City area—on the new quarter billion dollar Paseo Bridge.

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MoDOT can work rails; it chooses not to

Pursuant to Pete Rahn’s claim that MODoT is constitutionally prevented from funding public transportation, he’s wrong. And not just a little. Dead wrong.

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BTL:NOW Challenges Bush Appointment of Anti-Contraception Doctor to...

...Head Federal Family Planning Office~Interview with Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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Philippines: Another militant labor leader shot dead in Laguna

Four young assassins shot dead another militant labor leader in the Calabarzon area past eight this morning. Killed on the spot was Andrew “Bok” Iñoza, union president, for 11 years now, of Alaska Milk in San Pedro Laguna.

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Israel Violates Truce, Palestinian Fighters Retaliate

Israeli troops were still inside Gaza despite a statement from the army that all had withdrawn.
Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for firing three rockets and said that since Gaza and the West Bank are a unit, it would not agree to a ceasefire unless Israeli military activity also ended in the occupied West Bank.

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Help Ban Strip Mining in Tennessee

We need your help to kill strip mining in Tennessee

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Commentary :: Animal rights

"Moving Forward, Finally" - a SERIOUSLY inspirational message from Jake of the SHAC7

Below is a statement Jake wrote after sentencing and before he started his prison sentence. Please make sure to write Jake, and all the SHAC 7! Stay tuned to for a prison update written by Jake!

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This is the answer to extreme blockage of my last article.

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Commentary :: Civil and Human Rights

BTL:Mexican Government Fears Spread of Oaxaca Civil Society Uprising

Interview with Jonathan Treat, journalist living in Mexico, Oaxaca, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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Freiheit für Mumia!: German book reveals new evidence

This is a shorter “reader-friendly” essay review of German author Michael Schiffmann's explosive new book on Mumia Abu-Jamal featured at based on my exclusive reading of the English language version (not yet published in the US) and an extensive interview, which is the only public English language resource that documents the many new facts and original ballistics analysis presented in the German book. This version features several accompanying graphics.

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