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Kids buy lunches with scans of fingers

Students go from punching in a pin code to getting their fingers scanned. What's the logic for the school spending more money on this new technology? "You don't have to type in the number anymore and have to worry about getting the number mixed up"

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Terror-fying The Greens: Did investigators use post-9/11 warrantless wiretaps to bust accused eco-saboteurs?

A federal judge in Eugene wants to know whether the government used warrantless wiretaps to investigate a group of radical environmentalists charged with committing more than a dozen acts of sabotage in Oregon and the West between 1996 and 2001.

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Local environmentalists remarks on dam draw FBI's attention

Remarks on dam draw FBI’s attention
By Ken Leiser

It wasn't the first time Jim Bensman of Alton has questioned the need for costly dams on the Mississippi River.

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Journalist jailed for refusing to give up tapes of anarchist anti-G8 protest

This journalist deserves our support. He's shown more solidarity to "the movement" than most of the people in it would.

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Is the NSA spying on U.S. Internet traffic (from the STL)?

Two former AT&T employees say the telecom giant has maintained a secret, highly secure room in St. Louis since 2002. Intelligence experts say it bears the earmarks of a National Security Agency operation.

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Sir, No Sir!

Webster Film Series Presents: Sir, No Sir!

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Constitutional Crisis Precipitated by Attorney General's Actions

The Attorney General has recently attacked Congress and the media in a Bush regime effort to intimidate and silence critics. But these actions have backfired and created an opportunity to drive the Bush regime from power.

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Stick a Fork in Congress' Ass, Turn it Over, It's Done

Congress gets what Congress created.

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Domestic wiretapping used to find Gov't leaks

From ABC News Blog. Peppered with phrases like "senior federal law enforcement official" and "former official" to indicate source of this information, meaning is this most likely just FUD. Nevertheless, nice to see discussion of widespread federal surveillance finally show up in corporate press.
A senior federal law enforcement official tells ABC News the government is tracking the phone numbers we (Brian Ross and Richard Esposito) call in an effort to root out confidential sources.

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News :: Civil and Human Rights : Surveillance/censorship

If an FBI Agent Knocks

Federal Investigators and Your Rights

By: Center for Constitutional Rights

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