News :: Protests and Vigils

Who Can Oppose the Beast?

As you know, the Devil assumes the appearance of an angel. They are sweet, kind, caring people, feigning distress 24/7 and posing as those who will inherit the earth. Rest assured their stupidity will live forever.

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Announcement :: Civil and Human Rights

Preparing for Martial Law, Part 2: Enforcement and Infrastructure

Whelp folks, I hate to be the pallbearer at our country's funeral, but I am here to inform you, in case you missed it on Fox News, that the apparatus for martial law is being quietly, but steadily, implemented. If one has been paying attention to the laws that are getting passed over the last few years we can see the telltale signs that we are getting closer and closer to such a scenario. Not only is this government setting up the legal framework for martial law, but they are also setting up the policing apparatus and infrastructure to carry it out.

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LOCAL News :: Electoral politics

North American Union Plan Headed To Congress In Fall

this is when the money will change to world paper ready....

they are trying to get this all done before we get a chance to put ron paul in....

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Commentary :: Military

Pakistan Is Going Down the Road of the Shah’s Iran

The Bush administration has failed to capture or kill Osama bin Laden or to win the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, the administration has also missed the chance to maintain a stable nuclear-armed Pakistan.

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Announcement :: Protests and Vigils

Amazing new 911 truth video

911 truth activism

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News :: Environment

Gulf Stream Slowed by 30% Since 1957

Failing ocean current raises fears of mini ice age

By Mike Rhodes
From the NYCity IMC, 5/25/07

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LOCAL Announcement :: General : Health issues

North Side Farmers' Market begins this Sat, June 2

The North City Farmers' Market opens this Saturday across from Crown Candy Kitchen at the corner of St Louis Ave and 14th St. Come for veggies, music, bikes, health screenings and more! Read attached press release for details and contact.

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News :: Civil and Human Rights

Hannity interviews Johnny America

Who IS running this bushite nazi liar show, where they, our
elite corporate media masters, kill our stupid kids with their
flagrant naked monster lies, while refusing all calls for
clarity, Johnny America really wants to know. Like
immediately. Help us out here some man, don't be evil.

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Commentary :: Media

MSM Defiles Itself...

...defending the Divine Right of Kings

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News :: Crime and Police

North American Union Plan Headed To Congress In Fall

same perps as 911

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-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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