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Voluntary family planning

On February 25, 2006 world population reached 6.5 billion.

By, 2050, our human numbers are estimated to reach 9.1 billion, but they could rise as high as 12 billion people.

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U.S.SEC Chairman Christopher Cox:Samaritan Pharmaceuticals,a Georgetown University,James Angel Penny Stock Fraud

Where's the Georgetown University professor and Securities Exchange Commission 'cyber fraud' czar John Reed Stark who is supposed to stop this endless daisy chain of internet penny stock fraud ? I wonder if he (John Reed Stark)has to hide the wretched truth of his penny stock fornicating with Georgetown University's James Angel from his wife and if SEC Chairman Christopher 'Naked Shorts' Cox(who lied about WMDS in Iraq sending thousands to their deaths and leaving even more permanently wounded), approves of this internet penny stock porn issuing from both the National Taxpayers Union and Georgetown University ?

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it just gets worse for barry

Bonds records need to be suspended as he used steroids to cheat the game, his team and his fans. this is what should go down in history.

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Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer posts this important update announcing the formation of the Portland Nuclear Inquest.

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Samir Qintar, ISRAEL'S Longest Held Lebanese Prisoner

Samir Qintar, Israel's longest held Lebanese prisoner who has been incarcerated in Israeli jail for the past 30 years. In fact the Hezbollah operation last year in which 2 Israeli soldiers were kidnapped, which sparked the 34 day long war, was meant to use the 2 soldiers as bargaining chips in order to force Israel to release Samir Qintar.

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Mexico: Stop the repression of the Students and Militante

solidarity with the struggles in Mexico

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911 Leaders Saying They Are Jesus

Like, so in walks this, out of work time Lord who thinks to
converse to the masses about the most basic of reasons to save
the lives of innocent others, leaving him convinced, he really
needed an audience for this fable to rise as profitable

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National "Sick of War" Sick Day

Workers Against War is proposing the date of October 26th, 2007 for the “Sick of War” sick day.

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Tom Hayden receives first-ever Los Angeles Free Press Lifetime Dedication Award

Tom Hayden, a seminal force in the 60’s, articulated the position of the left and pushed the movement forward. As did the Los Angeles Free Press - the nation’s first ‘alternative’ newspaper. In recognition of his constant and on-going work to bring government policy in line with the people’s preference, the LAFreep, with original Editor Art Kunkin and new Publisher, Steven M. Finger, has honored Tom Hayden with the first-ever Los Angeles Free Press Lifetime Dedication Award.

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Last day of the Interfaith Peace Walk Towards a Nuclear Free Future

After 86 days on the road since leaving Dublin on May 13th the Footprints for Peace group on their "Towards a Nuclear Free Future" peace walk will stop at Downing Street.

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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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