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The first annual BikeMO, a ride in support of bicycle advocacy and the Missouri Bicycle Federation, was a big success last Saturday.
MoBikeFed members & supporters,

I think everyone enjoyed themselves. The weather was beautiful and the leaves just turning.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I managed to ride over half of the route myself and it really is a good one--amazingly different from the roads in the KC area that I would have thought to be quite similar.

Photos of the ride, route, and almost all participants are online now:

You can also view the photos as a slideshow (requires Flash):

We want to thank all of you who came out to support BikeMo (and also a special few of you who sent in donations, though you couldn't make the ride). We also must thank businesses who were so generous in supporting or sponsoring the ride: Holt's Summit Plaza Shopping Center, Walmart in Columbia, Mid-Mo Rental in Fulton, Ravine Street Bicycle in Fulton, the Capitol City Cycling Club, Fireworks Supermarket in Kingdom City, 4-C Convenience Store in Readsville, and Tonanzio's Cedar Lake Lodge in New Bloomfield.

Hope to see you all again next year for BikeMO 2006!


Note: bhugh (at) no longer works! (MWSC is a university now, Please use brent (at) instead.

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