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Top PM aide: If no progress with PA, gov't may annex in W. Bank

Eyal Arad, a senior strategy advisor to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon,
said in remarks broadcast on Wednesday that if the diplomatic
deadlock with the Palestinians continues, Israel may consider
turning unilateral disengagement into government policy, including
annexation of West Bank territory and withdrawal to what the Jewish
state would set as its permanent border.
28 September 2005

Referring to the stalled peace process with the Palestinian
Authority, Arad said "If we see that the standstill continues -
despite the fact that is a standstill in a diplomatic situation
which is 'easy on Israel([search])' - there may be room to consider turning
disengagement into a strategy."

According to Arad, the policy would comprise "a strategy of
unilaterally determining the permanent borders of the state of

The significance of the policy, he continued, was not "withdrawal to
and continuing to hold territory that we will not evacuate, rather,
withdrawal to and annexation of territory that we would not

Israel Radio, which broadcast Arad's remarks, quoted the Prime
Minister's Office as saying in response that "There is no plan for a
further unilateral withdrawal."


Re: Top PM aide: If no progress with PA, gov't may annex in W. Bank

Yep, and when Vichey France couldn't stop less than 6000 French freedom fighters from being true to thier cause, Nazis also decided to steal more French lands just as ZIonist plan in Palestinian lands.

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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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