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CAMP Zoning Appeals Hearing?

What happened?
Whay happened at the Zoning Appeals Hearing for CAMP([search])? I can't find any articles about it on St. Louis news sites and haven't seen anything here on IMC.


Re: CAMP Zoning Appeals Hearing?

i waited on posting to this, hoping someone who was there would do it. i was not at the appeals hearing, however one of the camp([search]) members made a wonderful presentation, as well as many letters of support, and the hearing board (i guess that's what you call them) announced to alderman([search]) schmid and to camp supporters (who were quite a big bunch) that that there would be a mediation between camp and schmid (or maybe technically the city). so there is a wash u law group that handles mediations like this and will be taking care of it. if i'm not mistaken, the mediation has to happen within the next two weeks.

any update

as there any update on the CAMP zoning appeals hearing which you would like to post here?
many concerned people i've spoken to are curious.

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