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Bush promises zero-tolerance for those who refuse to die.


The director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Michael Brown, has declared urban warfare on the dying residents of New Orleans.  This bold response comes one week after FEMA rounded up tens of thousands of homeless and stranded Americans from the streets of New Orleans and interned them in a makeshift concentration camp([search]).  After seven days living under intimidating oppression and being treated like animals, the concentration camp detainees are being forcibly moved by bus to Houston where another, similar, concentration camp awaits.  Jackbooted National Guard are being deployed in the city to shoot Americans seen taking bread or diapers from grocery stores.

President Bush has promised a "Zero Tolerance" policy against those colored people who refuse to lie down and die.  This comes after an offer by Russian President Vladimir Putin to send Russian rescue workers to save the lives of those dying of Bush's neglect, but the offer was refused.  Hugo Chávez, President of Venezuela and target of Bush assassination plot offered to provide Americans with humanitarian aid and fuel, which was also turned down by the proud and resolute President Bush.

Few American cities have opened up their facilities to refugees from New Orleans who are now wandering Texas and other states looking for assistance.




fema tells the plebians to fuck off

august 15, 2005
Feds: FEMA records of no public interest

Government lawyers asked a federal judge in Fort Myers to rule that it shouldn't have to turn over Federal Emergency Management Agency records sought by three Florida newspapers.

The News-Press, FLORIDA TODAY in Brevard County and the Pensacola News-Journal, all owned by Gannett Inc., sued FEMA in March for the names and addresses of people who received aid after the hurricanes of 2004 and other documents the agency has refused to provide.

FEMA lawyers argued in a motion for summary judgment that was filed late Wednesday that there is little public interest in how the agency spent its disaster aid money. The feds also argued that the information is not public, that it's protected by privacy laws and exemptions to the Freedom of Information Act.

The newspapers contend that the information is public and citizens have the right to learn how the government is spending its money.

"FEMA acknowledges spending $5.5 billion taxpayer dollars after the hurricanes yet doesn't seem to understand why the public is entitled to know where and how that money was spent," said Jim Lake of the Holland & Knight law firm in Tampa, the newspapers' attorney. "The public interest in this information is enormous, and we hope the court will order its release."

right now fema claims that they are spending $5 million a day. the agency already gets $7 billion a year in funding. and congress is getting ready to rush through another $10 billion in emergency funding.

the dhs site mentions two areas where part of the 2005 budget were directed

For 2005, FEMA's budget includes $20 million for planning and exercises associated with medical surge capabilities.


Increases totaling $37 million are included for operations of the Homeland Security Operations Center and to support FEMA incident management capabilities.

next year is the 40 year anniv of the founding of the black panthers, a year after the watts riot.


Shoot to kill, troops told

[rumour has it that the trigger-happy soliders recently returned from iraq are being told to visualize the flood refugees as unembedded journalists]

new orleans mayor is pissed

[partial transcript]

We told them there is an incredible crisis here, and his flying over in air force one does not do it justice. And I have been all around this city and I am very frustrated because we are not able to marshal resources, and we're out manned in just about every respect. You know the reason why the reason the looters got out of control... Because we had most of our resources saving people, thousands of people that were stuck in attics man. And old ladies, when you pull off the dogon ventilator vent and you look down there and there standing in there and water up to their freaking neck. And they don't have a clue what's going on down here. They flew down here one time 2 days after the dogon event was over, with TV cameras, AP reporters all kind of goddamn excuse my French everybody in America, but I am pissed.

I need reinforcements, I need troops man, I need 500 buses man. We're talking about you know one of the reasons we're talking about getting public school bus drivers to come down here, bus people. I'm like you got to be kidding me, this is a national disaster, get every dogon greyhound bus line in the country, and get there asses moving to New Orleans. That's their thinking - small man. And this is a major, major, major deal. I can't emphasize it enough man. This is crazy. I've got 15 to 20 thousand people over at the convention center; it's bursting at the seams the poor people in Plaquemines Parish the airvac of people over here over to New Orleans. And we don't have anything, and we're sharing with our brothers. It's awful down here man.

I have no idea what they're doing, but I will tell you this: you know god is looking down on all this, and if they're not doing everything in their power to save people they are going to pay the price. Because everyday that we delay, people are dying, and they're dying by the hundreds I'm willing to bet you. We are getting reports that are breaking my heart. [...] They're feeding the public a line of bull, and they're spinning, and people are dying down here.

torrent avail @

moron fema

Col. Terry Ebbert, director of homeland security for New Orleans, concurred and he was particularly pungent in his criticism. Asserting that the whole recovery operation had been "carried on the backs of the little guys for four goddamn days," he said "the rest of the goddamn nation can't get us any resources for security."

"We are like little birds with our mouths open and you don't have to be very smart to know where to drop the worm," Colonel Ebbert said. "It's criminal within the confines of the United States that within one hour of the hurricane they weren't force-feeding us. It's like FEMA has never been to a hurricane."

chronology of fema / bush admin

in a nutshell: A crony with no relevant experience was installed as head of FEMA. Mitigation budgets for New Orleans were slashed even though it was known to be one of the top three risks in the country. FEMA was deliberately downsized as part of the Bush administration's conservative agenda to reduce the role of government. After DHS was created, FEMA's preparation and planning functions were taken away.

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