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Action tomorrow at Lucas Park?

I had been hearing word on the street that a solidarity action may be occuring at Lucas Park on September 1- tomorrow. Yet I have not seen or heard of any concrete plans or posts since August 17. I passed the park today and it seemed like another day at the park. If anyone has solid info about what is to occur on September 1- please post. I'd like to picnic in the park in the next couple of days- might have some food to share and some thoughts of an action over the weekend if there is interest.


Re: Action tomorrow at Lucas Park?

im sure people would answer an invitation to picnic. were just waiting for a date and time!

from what people are saying a fence is going up today, the 1st. i suppose the best thing we could do is check the park out throughout the day and get the word out as soon as the bastards try to fence us out/in.

i say we get down to hobo park and resist as soon as the pigs start moving!

Re: Action tomorrow at Lucas Park?

I heard they're going to build a Great Wall and keep everyone out.

I think you guys should all permanently relocate to the park to prevent the pigs from ever coming back. Power to the People!

Re: Action tomorrow at Lucas Park?

Again I passed the park today and it seemed like a normal day- no fence, or anything out of the ordinary. In reference to the 1st post, I don't think that the issue of the supposed fence is going to be errected for "us", concerned citizens to keep "us" out. I'm a little offended by the refernce to "pigs"- the first refernce to slang for the word in Webster's is "an immoral woman" the second is for "police officers". I don't like either refernce- it's dehumanizing. I think people's efforts could be best utilized by just popping into the park. I'm going to picnic in the park with a friend tomorrow.

Re: Action tomorrow at Lucas Park?

There is no fence. That rumor is totally unsubstantiated by people not involved in the current discussion over the park's future. (This discussion, by the way, could be very productive if people who posted here contacted organizations involved, like Downtown Now!, and elected officials instead of trying to start pointless shoving matches with police. There is no radical presence in these discussions but there could be!)

Re: Action tomorrow at Lucas Park?

Are liberals naive enough to believe anything posted on a website or written in a newspaper.

There is no fence. There is no concerted effort to start beating up the homeless. There are not hoards of police just waiting for the go ahead to slaughter the homeless.

You guys need to quit making stuff up. It really shows yours ignorance.

As for your picnic, please pick up your trash when you are done. Maybe you could bring another five or six trash bags so you could kindly pick up for your friends as well.

If you bring your kids with you on your picnic, you might stop by the library first to get a book to prepare for your sex-ed talk later when your child asks what the one homeless man was doing with his hand up the other homeless women's skirt. Your child should know what "Fuck" means after your picknic, so you can use that in your talk. Your child should be well educated after the picnic (pimps, hookers, crack dealers, fighting techniques). Anyway, good luck with your picnic.

Re: Action tomorrow at Lucas Park?

Usually when I visit downtown via my little high-mileage putt-putt vehicle, I park at Lucas Park, but yesterday (Sep 3) on the way to the blues festival, I parked a couple blocks away to avoid having my vehicle damaged by anarchists or police (the homeless have never damaged my vehicle). Saw the homeless park: there were a few homeless-looking folk, no fence, no evidence of an "action" at the park.

At parks to the east of the homeless park, saw tons of extravagant waste, mostly wedding-related. They should have spent a lot less money and donated their savings to the area homeless or to legit charities for hurricane relief.

I doubt any of would be foolish enough to bring our kids to the picnic if we ever have one. We know many downtown residents are paedophiles. Many of the new "loft" residents are yuppie metrosexuals who spend most of their time doing crystal meth at faggoty Washington Ave nightclubs or sipping soy chai mocha crappuchino lattes at faggoty coffeehouses. Most of the trash and filth downtown is from the invading suburban scum, tourists, and (most of all) rich downtown residents. Stinking rich white people regularly urinate in public downtown, throw lit cigarettes (or are they marijuana joints?) out the windows of their gas-guzzlers, and throw out cans of Michelob Ultra and bottles of Heineken.

Hey "downtown resident", why don't you post your street address, or are you a lying suburban punk who lives in st. charles county?

Regarding another thread full of attacks against the homeless in which some unattractive white bitch fantasized that the homeless wanted to rape her (polluting the IMC with the usual feminist crap about the "patriarchy" not understanding her feminine problems), don't flatter yourself! They don't want you, and if they did do you, it wouldn't be rape because you'd want it. You walk through the park, sending out signals, because you want to go "slumming". There are plenty of alternate ways to get where you want. BTW if the cops did what you wanted by clearing out the homeless from Lucas Park, they would disperse anywhere. The majority of homeless people are veterans who were drafted and trained to kill people, so they could easily kill you if they wanted. The fact that you posted your garbage proves they didn't try to attack you. Sane females such as the original poster on this thread don't have delusions that the homeless want them.

"Downtown resident" is correct about one thing: people should pick up their trash! White liberals are notorious for littering and destroying the environment (look at the huge mess after Pridefest; I doubt all that mess was created by Log Cabin Republicans!)

Another Jackess (maybe from the Right)

Another Jackass
Your just spot on with the facts. I do live within two blocks and I always see police damaging cars. I think they just do it for the fun of it.

You're a Jackass. maybe if you lived downtown you might have a clue. I don't care what kind of piece of shit little car you drive. I drive a big SUV and I pay for the gas I put in it. I still probably burn less gas than you though - seeing as I walk to work, the restaurants, the ballgames, and oh yea the park. Oh, it's the Rudman Lofts - That's 1228 Washington Avenue.

Anybody who has brain can easily come by the park around feeding time and see where all the trash comes from. (That's right, all the yuppies come out at noon and shoot up and then grab all the trash out of their apartments and throw it in the park. Scientist are still trying to understand this behavior. You're a Jackass.)

From your reply it sounds like you are a bit prejudice against the gay folks. I don't know if "Faggoty" is a real word?

I also find it amazing you can tell what someone looks like by their perception of a walk through the park. "Unatractive white bitch" - are you prejudice against white females as well? I'm sorry you have such hate inside you.

Seriously, I live downtown and I have an interest in the area. I'm all for helping the homeless, but I don't think we are helping by giving them a free meal and a free place to stay without requiring some sort of training, rehabilitation, planning assistance, etc. It's society's responsibility to help people in an emergency, but there is a time period for that generosity.

It's fine if you don't like yuppies - don't hang out with them. Don't drive by the park a couple times a week or month and think you know what goes on in there. When you start inviting the churches to feed the homeless in your front yard, you might then have a little better perspective on the issue.

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