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Israeli prostitute throw's pig head into mosque

26 August 2005
TEL AVIV Aug 26-- An Israeli prostitute and her pimp have been
arrested for throwing a pig's head wrapped in a traditional Arab
headdress into a mosque, police said Friday.
The two suspects, both in their 30s, confessed to throwing the
animal's head into the Hassan Bek mosque in Jaffa, saying they hate
Arabs and wanted to derail Israel([search])'s historic pullout from the Gaza([search])
Strip, the sources said.

Another pig's head was found in their fridge, which the couple said
they had planned to throw into the mosque to spark a riot among
Muslims living in the coastal town near Tel Aviv.

The pimp Shimon Ben Haim was remanded in custody for seven days and
his accomplice confined to house arrest for five days by a Tel Aviv
district court.

Representatives of Israel's minority Arab community congratulated
police on the arrests while an Islamist movement called for a
protest prayer in the mosque.

Pigs are considered unclean by both Muslims and Jews.

Israel this week completed its forcible evacuation of all Jewish
settlers from the occupied Gaza Strip and four isolated enclaves in
the West Bank.

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