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Camp Casey: Steve Earle and James McMurtry tonight 7:00pm, Come prepared to stay!

So you can't make it in time for tonight's concert... but what if some else plays tomorrow night- you'll miss that too unless you start packin. (- ; Seriously- Do you think the Sept 24 march will work? Do you think Bush will even be in town? I don't. I picture more ANSWER people leading pointless cheers, then its over.
In DC they have riot cops and a (supposed) reason to use them- in Crawford there's no excuse- we're peaceful and not damaging property... but there's been a concerted effort on the part of some to keep people from coming....

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They’ve set up this nice tent that takes up 1/4 of “the acre? **… and there’s no room left for camping or parking. There’s a picture of Marcia Ball playing to an empty house Friday night- and people at DU and the Crawford Peace House had been telling people not to come because of the “big football game? in Crawford. Marcia was told not to bring the band because, ~ we need to be sensitive about what kind of gathering this is… it’s not a party. How many other bands have been turned away?

**(212 acres were turned down (by who!) - we show up in numbers and we can get that field back- free parking and camping for two weeks!)

It sure seems that all sorts of dirty tricks are being employed to break up this camp and prevent it from reaching critical mass.

imo that’s good news, because that means they are worried, they don’t want us to show up… so let’s spoil their plans and do exactly what they’re afraid of, descend on Crawford in such numbers that they’re overwhelmed, with numbers the cointelpro diversion tactics will get buried amidst the voice of thousands of Real Americans. Even CIA veteran Ray McGovern agrees, he suggests we turn Crawford into Selma

…. if not now, when? Will this winter be a better time to protest?


Minnesota Bloggers report that the original campers have decided to remain in the ditch. The new site (with huge tent) will be for concerts and code pink events… and says there is no parking (since we ‘lost’ the 212 acres) - so everyone must go to the Crawford Peace House for a shuttle ride. How many people are going to want to camp and leave their car 10 miles away in a town full of hornery rednecks? ZERO.

In other words, Camp Casey Organizers have split the crowd into 3 seperate camps- are these people stupid or evil? Somebody needs to out them during the decision making process.

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Re: Camp Casey: Steve Earle and James McMurtry tonight 7:00pm, Come prepared to stay!

I applaud the efforts of everybody involved in protesting in Crawford. If you have ever tried to organize a large volunteer effort you might better appreciate just how difficult it can be. I am sure that the camp([search]) Casey organizers are NOT stupid or evil, I am sure they are doing the best that they can. Most people are used to the from the top decision process of business and not the consensus building and politics of decision by committee. If you want to do things differently first try finding out WHY the organizers decided not to accept the 212 acre site. If you disagree with there logic then I think you should try to set up another camp there, if the offer still stands, and coordinate with the other groups on how to best achive whatever your mutual goals are. I believe that the media attention the protest is generating is some of the most negative coverage that the bush regime has received since it occupied the presidency. More is not always better remember this started as one woman committed to her goal, it has grown into more and it gives me hope to see how many of us support her and demand some kind, any kind of accountability from our elected/court appointed resident of the white house. Thank you for being there and lending your support from one who can't make it there.

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-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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