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Japan Surrenders To fbi/cia terrorists

Japan Surrenders To Fascist uSA Rule under the control of fbi/cia and military services. All segments of Japanese society are therefore corrupted by American intelligence services .
Japan IndyMedia falsely claims article has nothing to do with Japan


To:Commissioner-General of the National Police Agency, the highest ranking police officer (警察庁長官 Keisatsu-chō Chōkan).

Japan is in the grips of uSA fascist rule. This means in part that Japan's once greatness as a potential leader of nations and peoples is controlled and limited by the uSA's intelligence and military services. Corruption of Japanese institutions at the hands of those who accept the inhumane dictates of the fbi/cia/nsa, etc., is evident across Japanese society. Of course, I realize that the high office of
警察庁長官 Keisatsu-chō Chōkan
has no interest in a description of his own fallible character,
yet the acceptance of the *uSA rule insures that his name and all who support or follow him are recorded forever as sycophants of cowardly uSA thugs, torturers, terrorists and assassins as represented in the fbi and the cia.
This message is not intended to insult, but is based upon 1)my experiences in Japan and with the Japanese authorities (both civilian and governmental) and 2) my conviction that the truth of how **Japan fails its own people and the world must not go unstated.

geral sosbee

Regarding the uSA :
"And so long as they were at war, their power was preserved, but when they had attained empire they fell, for of the arts of peace they knew nothing, and had never engaged in any employment higher than war." Aristotle, Politics

** A Japanese merchant of death responds with a message to Sosbee via sitemeter:


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***Note that Japan Indymedia refused to publish the above report for the following stated reason:
" 非表示にした人は the editors コード Policy Violation
Notes: rant without factual content. additionally, this posting is low priority because: - author did not log in or otherwise leave contact information - full copyright used - linked sites do not relate to jp at all, talk only to US audience
Sosbee responds that the so-called 'rant' is fully supported by facts referenced in the article at the above sites (Japan Indymedia falsely characterizes the basis for rejecting the above report and in doing so reveals its support for the fascist police in Japan).

Specifically, Japan permitted the fbi/cia to harass me at the Narita airport during my trip to Thailand (documented at my above website).
Japan's NOVA GROUP insulted me during the application process and improperly denied my application to teach English (documented at my above website). Then, the chief cop in Japan visited the history book page of my site (for zero second) in an apparent effort to somehow notify me of their involvement in the fbi/cia torture and harassment games, or in the derailed application to teach fiasco. Site meter entry:

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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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