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Barack Obama Listens to Lobbyists For Health Insurance Companies and Ignores Everybody Else

When it comes to health insurance will Barack Obama listen to all of the public or will he act like George Bush ( The Baby in the White House who never grew up and remains in diapers )?
The quotes in this story are from the story ( In Illinois, Obama dealt with lobbyists by Scott Helman ) at ( The Boston Globe ). Under the story it says. "But as candidate, he faults Clinton for ties"
To quote from page 1, paragraph 2. "Over the next 15 months, insurers and their lobbyists found a sympathetic ear in Obama, who amended the bill more to their liking"
To quote from page 2 of 3, paragraph 3. "Most significant, universal healthcare became merely a policy goal instead of state policy"
To quote from page 3 of 3, paragraph 1. "Still, Obama's willingness to hear out insurers and their lobbyists is revealing given the posture he strikes today on the presidential campaign trail - that lobbyists, insurance companies, and other big-industry special interests have an outsized and polluting influuence on policy-making in Washington."
Read the story ( PAC's and lobbyists aided Obama's rise, by Scott Helman ) at ( The Boston Globe ).
Read the story ( Obama's Record: The Truth Is Out There, by Steve Rhodes ) at ( The Beachwood Reporter ).
Read the story ( Barack Obama Favors Early Release of Sex Offenders From Prison, posted February 12, 2008 by Christopher Davies ) at Milwaukee Indymedia.

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