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Veiled Women and the Big Red Captain

Go to Netherlands Forum Topix and see what TheLords is up to. Here's two Forum Topix posts:
Go to Netherlands Forum Topix and see what TheLords is up to. Here's two Forum Topix posts:


Islam and Allah came from Ishmael, a wild donkey of a man whose hand was against everyone, and everyone's hand was against him. (Gen. 16:12)

One year ago, 2/24/07 it was made known what was to be done with these veiled women of Islam in Holy Smoke Bobby Meade. "Make yourself bald and cut off your hair, make yourself bald as an eagle.(Mic. 1:16) Because the daughters of Zion are haughty and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go. The Lord will take away all of their finery, their hoods, and their veils. Instead of perfume, there will be rottenness; instead of well-set hair, baldness; instead of a rich robe, sackcloth; instead of beauty, shame."(Is. 3:16-25)There is nothing religious about these veils, they just conceal the effects of the secret "power food" of the Moabite women of Shittim (Numbers 25:1-4), which is a Biblical town 10 miles NE of the Dead Sea. That's where the word sh*t came from. These veils conceal the sh*t-eating look on the face of these women; furthermore they shuttle terrorists, dressed in drag as they travel in groups.(Seek out my Coprophagia Rules article while it may be found.) "The day of their watchmen, of their punishment, of their being given attention, has come." (Mic. 7:4) I presume that this means that all soldiers should assume the role of observers on the defense, for the look on their faces betrays those who have been promoting a world of poopheads.(Is. 3:9) All the watchman has to do is say something that results in the dumkopfs betraying themselves, then the watchman identifies them and watches what happens. The soldiers should be in secure bulletproof outposts. The watchman says, "Morning has come, and also the night." (Is. 21:12) Zion shall be plowed as a field; Jerusalem shall become a heap of rubble." (Mic. 3:12)

You want religion? Muslim! Jew! Which are you? Ain't no difference between the two!

Jesus Christ is a title, meaning the Messiah who saves his people. The real issue is Israel([search]), a Holy Nation, a people devoted to God and the law He set in Israel. It is not religion at all. It's all about God's rule of the earth. Go read Fools of Babylon 9/30 and understand that the "Fear God..." paragraph created Israel. Sarah and Jennifer were my friends; thus I gave them my name, Israel for there were places reserved for them in heaven. Nothing ever written compares with that paragraph, for that was God speaking through me. Go ahead and try to deny this, and you will find yourself fighting against God Himself. All religions are bogus, for they present a superficial view of God and the world. Being an Israelite is what it's all about. ""You shall refute every tongue that rises against you. That is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their vindication from me." says the Lord" (Is. 54:17) Leave this place as an Israelite, and you will be back here in a few years to rule with this Lord, who they call Jesus. What was His name? Tell me if you know! For the latest, see GHW Bush; Friend of the Devil!


This survived the day on Must be true! 2/25/08

Hey Boston!

Is this how they keep people from reading my articles? When I access this page, a PAMS window keeps popping up, saying, "This site not permitted!" Who is that? GHW Bush; Gad damned thing? Or dumb boy Dubya, his defective offspring? GHW Bush says that W's kids that went to Yale never even attended class there; but they were promised a diploma like their dad. See if that is true. I wrote to a webmaster at Cornell when he question my remarks about all the hackers up at Uris Library. I explained that I observed them up there, and it's plain as day that they were not students, and they monopolize the computer room down and to the left of the entrance. I also mentioned that Captain Randy Hausner, who led the Cornell Police force for @ 20 or 30 years was probably murdered there, and they brought his body out through the tower entrance to avoid going out the main entrance. There was no mention of Hausner's death for weeks after it happened. GHW Bush says that they kept his body in a morgue and moved on anyone who tried to find out what happened to him. GHW Bush also says that a murder-suicide up on Hector St. was related to this somehow. The murder was Janet Breslin, Jimmy Breslin's kid, I believe. The suicide was allegedly Joe Linder, who lived with her. The paper said that Joe Linder shot himself point blank in the chest and left the gun by the door. Try that! Now I saw this guy who was supposedly Joe Linder @ ten times after this before I left Ithaca. I wrote Happiness is a Warm Gun and Warm Gun Fun, describing this incident; but like many of my articles from that period, they are not accessible. As for the letter to the webmaster, it disappeared from my Sent Mail box, and they probably stole it. That's probably proof that these things were true. Captain Hausner could have been moving on a number of things along with Janet Breslin. Could have been the 9/11 attacks being promoted by hackers up there, the intentional contamination of buildings with asbestoes, First Degree Assault on Captain Hausner, or my having revealed what I knew about "Fedya Guvmint" thug, Terry Garahan to Captain Hausner via TTY and Deaf Relay. Since Deaf Relay apparently broadcasted all of my calls, the Cornell Police tried to make like it was criminal for me to use Deaf Relay when they came to court in Binghamton @ 2003. And you probably wonder why it is not worth talking to such people. Be sure to read Fools of Babylon 9/30

PS For the latest, see GHW Bush; Friend of the Devil! As for the lethal contamination of MV Rensselear Hall with asbestoes, GHW Bush says that they have illegal immigrant smokers vacuuming that place so that they can blame any respiratory problems on their smoking. Another thing that I revealed to Captain Hausner was what I knew about Cornell's Big Red Charter, which empowers Cornell to do whatever it takes to get rid of these Bush Nazis, create a "nation on that day", and claim Judah as God's portion in the Holy Land. (Zech. 2:12) The 1963 New World Translation of the Holy Scripture has the best map of Judah, the "USSR of the Mideast".

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