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hamas intercepts humanitarian aid convoy meant for gaza

Hamas confiscates humanitarian aid meant for Gaza([search])
Hamas confiscates humanitarian aid trucks sent to Gaza from Jordan

At least 10 trucks with humanitarian aid sent to the Gaza Strip by the Jordanian Red Crescent Society were confiscated by Hamas police shortly after the trucks entered the territory on Thursday evening, according to aid officials in Jerusalem.

Eight trucks had food products and another two had medicines. They were reportedly taken to Hamas-run ministries.

Initial reports said the intended target of the aid was the Palestine([search]) Red Crescent Society (PRCS) in Gaza. Hamas and the PRCS had a run-in in the past, when the Islamic group diverted another aid convoy.

A spokesman for the Hamas police in Gaza said that the number of trucks was in fact 14 and they would be "delivered to Palestinians in need in the Gaza Strip."

He added that Hamas was the responsible body in the territory and it would decide how to distribute the aid.


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