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PSL Launches Socialist Election Campaign in Chicago on Sat Feb 16

PSL Election Campaign Launch in Chicago
People Over Profits
Vote Party for Socialism & Liberation in 2008!
Join us for Speakers, Discussion, Dinner

Saturday February 16, 6 pm
PSL Chicago Campaign Headquarters
3334 W. Lawrence #202 (Brown Line - Kimball Stop)
Click here for directions

Call 773-920-7590 for more info and to get involved

VotePSL button blackSpeakers
Heather Benno
Candidate for Illinois State Assembly, 40th District
John Beacham
Midwest Coordinator, PSL Campaign Committee

* Vote PSL in 2008: Get Involved!
* Why we're fighting for Socialism
* Why the PSL is running in the elections
* Do the Democrats offer real change?

$10 - $50 Donation Requested. Dinner Included.
No one turned away for lack of funds


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