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9/11,Florida,Mohamed Atta:Titan Corp's Makram Chams Suspends U.S. Constitution

I have never heard Mr.Chams version of events in Venice,Florida and his association with Mohamed Atta there and of how he came to be the owner of the Kwik-Check that cashed Mohamed Atta's $70,000 check from Dubai.
9/11,Florida,Mohamed Atta:Titan Corp's Makram Chams Suspends U.S. Constitution

I have never heard Mr.Chams version of events in Venice,Florida and his association with Mohamed Atta there and of how he came to be the owner of the Kwik-Check that cashed Mohamed Atta's $70,000 check from Dubai.

Mohamed Atta's,Titan Corp's Makram Chams Suspends U.S. Constitution........... with a little help from corrupt florida legal system

I received a communication from attorneys for Daniel Hopsicker of stating that Makram Chams who was to my knowledge the owner of the Kwik-Check in Venice,Florida(mentioned in the 9/11 Commission report) that cashed the $70,000 check sent to Mohamed Atta in Venice,Florida shortly before 9/11 occured has used the Florida legal system to remove all mention of his involvemtn in that incident rom the worldwide internet !

The very same Makram Chams appears to be the Titan Corporation employee who started a legal action against Titan in Saudi Arabia sometime after 9/11.I personally wish that Mr.Chams who aparently was born in Lebanon([search]) as well as his employers,the Titan Corp Abu Ghraib torturors, would stop using the U.S. legal system to overthrow the First Amendment right to free speech - something that for much of my life I believed was protected.I do not believe I have or should have the right to lie about someone nor to use the first amendent for fraud such as so many anonymous individuals do everyday on the internet in promoting penny stock frauds for instance.

I have never heard Mr.Chams version of events in Venice,Florida and his association with Mohamed Atta there and of how he came to be the owner of the Kwik-Check that cashed Mohamed Atta's $70,000 check from Dubai.

I would have presumed that because Titan Corp,(war profiteers and torturors at Abu Ghraib in Iraq),is headquartered in California,that the Makram Chams'
Kwik Check in Venice,Florida that cashed Mohamed Atta's $70,000 check that came from Dubai and who ran what appears to have been in illegal gambling boat operation in the bay off the coast of Venice called Vegas-in-Venice to be two different individuals.

On the other hand Titan Corp did have 'business' in Florida promoting (and selling shares of ?) the Skyway Communications penny stock 'pump and dump' scam.Titan Corp 'executives' lyed in press releases about providing Skyway Communications with ONE BILLION DOLLARS.Jeb Bush's Florida Department of Transportation also did a press release claiming to give the shell company Skyway Communications(that had one of its DC-9's that was paid for with money defrauded from investors)confiscated in Campeche,Mexico in April 2006 with over 5 tons of cocaine aboard.So that plane is connected to Titan Corp as well !

Even ex Republican House Speaker Tom DeLay allowed his name and a Republican 'business council' to be used in ads to promote the fraudulent company Skyway Communications with its Titan Corp connections as well as connections to far right Israeli-American Miami attorney Michael Farkas and to Al-Ali-Al-Sabah,head of Kuwait National Guard and the royal family !(I wish I were making this up but it can be verified by the SEC !)

I would say to Mr.Makram Chams and the Florida court and judge that is aiding and abetting a cover up to 'cease and desist' and that I have had enough of the terror and harrassment tactics of Titan Corporation and its very suspect 'contractor' myself.Maybe I should sue Titan for bringing this scumbag into my life !

I cannot figure how to copy and paste this Florida legal notice from Daniel Hopsicker's attorneys but I will type most of it as it is not too long.

- Tony Ryals

Cole,Scott,and Kissane,P.A.

1645 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd.
West Palm Beach,Florida 33401
telphone (561)383-9200
EMAIL christopher.hopkins (at)
December 27,2007

Attorneys at Law Re:Makram Chams vs. Daniel Hopsicker Case No.:2006 CA 9310 SC
Court 12 Judicial Circuit,Sarasota County,Florida
Our File Number:5018-0258-00

Dear Webmaster: The undersigned attorney represents Daniel Hopsicker of Mad Cow Morning News ( in the above referenced civil lawsuit which was brought in South Florida.The Plaintiff Mr.Chams has alledged that Mr.Hopsicker's website postings about him were disparaging and amount to libel.The parties are in the process of settling this matter.Terms of settlement include that Mr.Chams will notify other websites,such as your website,which has linked or reprinted Mr.Hopsicker's stories regarding Mr.Chams. Through a Google search,it has been determined that your site contains some or all of Mr.Hopsicker's internet postings about Mr.Chams.You are hereby advised that these postings have been rescinded by the author,Mr.Hopsicker,as inaccurate.You are further advised that you must remove these stories from your webpage as Mr.Hopsicker no longer provides authority for the stories to be reprinted or maintained on your website.Moreover you are now exposing yourself to civil liability since you are on notice these stories are inaccurate.Please immediately remove Mr.Hopsicker's stories/internet posting referencing Mr.Chams from your site. Once you have complied or if you have questions please contact the undersigned at christopher.hopkins (at) Very Truly Yours, Christopher B. Hopkins

This use of U.S. courts to suspend free speech and free inquiry reminds me of British-Israeli penny stock fraudster Micheal Zwebner of UCSY(now AWTI)who did the same thing using money he stole and defrauded from American investors in his 'water from air machine ' pump and dump fraud(that claimed to get water from the air and to be sending hundreds or thousands of 'air-water machines' around the world) from his illegal penny stock pump ands dump ops in Miami.Zwebner even sued Wolf Blitzer and CNN for $100 million all because I,(Tony Ryals) ,used the alias 'wolfblitzzer0' to post on the scam promoting UCSY message board denouncing this fraud upon American investors by Zwebner and his 'business partners'.

His 'business' partners include Mohamed Hadid an Islamic(Herndon,Virginia)charity money laundering suspect, Alexander H Walker of the Nevada Agency and Trust Corporation or NATCO and ex Israeli President Moshe Katsav(who later resigned under accusations of rape) ! Their illegal 'pump and dump' scam that even took advantage of Asian tsunami victims in a scam to con donations for themselves and dump(sell)more of their worthless shares and probably launder money through their 'offshore' accounts !

And now a Titan Corp employee who cashed a $70,000 check for 9/11 terrorists is using the U.S. legal system to censor the fact that his Kwik-Check in Venice,Florida cashed Mohamed Atta's check from Dubai !And he's indignant !?

Another example of the corporate corruption permeating the Florida legal system is the case of Florida Judge Larry Seidlen(who was given so much good publicity by Fox News for his role in the Anna Nicole Simpson death case) who was accused by the IRS for not reporting profits from the sale of shares of a penny stock called Jag Media Holdings operated Gary Valinotti and penny stock promoter named David Patch among others that was involved in a scam called Bermuda Shorts a few years ago.I only hope the Florida judge in the Chams vs. Hopsicker case isn't similarly conflicted.

Below are links refering to Florida Judge Seidlin's
involvement in or dump of the worthless shares of Jag Media Holdings that a group of apparent Wall Street and Washington,D.C. connected penny stock criminals
probasbly bribed him with.

What is REALLY strange about billionaire Texas attorney John O'Quinn's appearance in Seidlin's Florida court(representing the mother of Anna Nicole Smith)is the fact that he has been involved in the Jag Media Holdings(JAGH)fraud for years and aiding and abetting it in a fraudulent claim called 'naked shorting'
that is really a subterfuge to take investor attention from the fact that it is just another ongoing criminal
'pump and dump' and money laundering scheme !

I have previously written also about the fact that the ongoing fraud and criminal enterprise called Jag Media Holdings is allied with a supposed 'biometrics'
company called Crytometrics and they are also promoting and dumping worthless JAGH shares and even have connections at the New Zealand passport office who claim to use their 'biometrics' software for
the passports of New Zealand citizens ! Steve Forbes' has also aided the fraud by stating that Cryptometrics penny stock con artists are a legit
'biometrics' company ! New Zealand citizerns should ask to stop aiding fraud !

Below the links re Florida Judge Seidlin's and attorney John O'Quinn's involvement with this penny stock fraud upon Bermuda and New Zealand and investors I provide a link and quiote from Titan Corp's
and Level-3's(its parent company) U.S. Securities Exchange Commission filing acknowledging the fact that Makram Chams who fled Florida after 9/11( just in case the Venice,Florida cover up failed in my opinion)
and immediately landed a job with Titan Corp in Saudi Arabia !

I will only quote that portion of the 2005 SEC filing that acknowledges that Titan Corp's 'contractor' Makram Chams is sueing them for a substantial sum through the Saudi legal system.(Chams must not trust the corrupt U.S. legal system except when he has the power of a Bush-Cheney corporation such as Titan on his side.)

Makram Chams was quite willing to use the corrupt Florida court system to censor an American citizen, Daniel Hopsicker's,U.S. Constitutional First Amendent rights to free speech in America AS LONG AS HE HAD TITAN CORP,TORTURORS AT ABU GHRAIB,ON HIS SIDE.

Houston's John O'Quinn collapses at Smith hearing

02:11 PM CST on Thursday, February 22, 2007

A lot of drama Thursday during day six of the Anna Nicole Smith hearings.


Houston attorney John O'Quinn passed out during Smith hearing.
Houston attorney John O’Quinn, Virgie Arthur’s attorney collapsed during the Anna Nicole Smith courthouse hearing Thursday afternoon.

It happened as Denise James a friend of Smith’s was giving testimony on the stand.

There was a thump off camera and the court officers rushed over to Arthur’s table.

Judge Larry Seidlin remained calm and said, “I figure he’s a diabetic and didn’t eat anything. What do you need as a diabetic ‘Texas’? Get him an orange juice.”

O’Quinn was standing as the Judge Seidlin spoke to him.

The judge said he wanted to keep him around a lot longer.

IRS Slammed Judge Larry With Tax Bill
Thu Jul 05, 2007 at 12:18:20 PM
A look at Judge Larry Seidlin's financial disclosure forms not only shows that he never reported any gifts from wealthy widow Barbara Kasler, but they also reveal that the feds hit him for $11,000 in taxes and penalties for allegedly failing to report profits he made from stocks in 2004.

The IRS notified Seidlin of the apparent oversight in a letter this past September 11, informing the judge that it had learned from a third party that he'd earned $27,763 from stocks he owned in a Boca Raton company called JAG Media Holdings, Inc. Seidlin included the "Notice of Deficiency," as it's called, in his latest financial disclosure, which he filed on June 5.

O'Quinn, Laminack & Pirtle Announces Update Regarding JAG Media Lawsuit
Business Wire, Oct 12, 2004
HOUSTON -- O'Quinn, Laminack & Pirtle commented today on Judge Gilmore's recent ruling granting the motion to dismiss of various plaintiffs in the lawsuit commenced by JAG Media Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink Sheets: JAGH) against various brokerage firms, market makers and others in connection with the "naked short selling" of JAG Media's stock.

Re: Mohamed Atta's,Titan Corp's Makram Chams Suspends U.S. Constitution ......... titan corp sec filing,makram chams' saudi litigation:

I note some blog sites etc. that mentioned Titan Corporation and Makram Chams, do seem to have disappeared.Daniel Hopsicker's site appears to have been purged of the truth so damaging to Titan Corp, Makram Chams as well as to the W Bush-Dick Cheney regime. In particular I was looking for a Titan Corp or a Level-3 press release previously online that refered to Makram Chams' litigation with his employers at Titan Corp.However it appears Mr.Chams and or his employers at Titan Corp have been working overtime to disappear such damaging facts from the world wide internet.

I am sure the SEC has that full businesswire press release in their Level-3 Securities Exchange Commission filings as I saw it there previously as well.Too bad the SEC doesn't make their records available for Google to crawl. I did however find reference to it(the Chams vs. Titan Corp Saudi litigation)in one Level-3 filing which is almost as good as the businesswire press release itself.In fact one article I posted some time ago suggests that one do a google search ' makram chams businesswire' to find it.No more.

Below is from the SEC's Level-3 filing that makes mention of this Chams litigation from Saudi Arabia I refer to above.And as I have said before - Mr.Chams DID NOT seek refuge in Iraq or in Taliban controlled Afghanistan post 9/11.No! He chose Saudi Arabia W Bush's biggest and most obvious allie to seek refuge immediately after 9/11.Why was he not scared the Saudis would turn him over to Bush-Cheney for
'justice' ?

Chams or Titan Corp that employed him seems to have friends in the W Bush regime as well as in Jeb Bush's Florida. Nonetheless knowing that he was the one who cashed the $70,000 check sent to Mohamed Atta from Dubai shortly before 9/11 at his conveniently located Kwik Check in Venice,Florida and not knowing exactly where the dust would settle immediately after 9/11 he set out for Saudi Arabia(not to seek refuge in Iraq or the Taliban controlled Afghanistan showed which side he was on) obviously knowing that both Titan Corporation as well as the W Bush-Dick Cheney war criminals would be able to protect him there and if necessary shield him from the wrath of American citizens should they discover his role in 9/11 as well as his employment with Titan Corporation and that it was he who cashed the $70,000 from Dubai refered to by the 9/11 Commission that allowed 9/11 to happen or go forward in the first place.

- Tony Ryals



I place Titan Corp's mention of Makram Chams and his Saudi Arabian litigation against Titan Corp that can be found below as it is in SEC FILING OF NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS OF March 31, 2005 here.The link I provide above is the document this is taken from.:

On March 14, 2005, Makram Majid Chams, a former consultant of Titan filed a claim with the Preliminary Committee on Labor Disputes Settlement in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Chams alleges that Titan wrongfully terminated his consulting agreement and that he was defamed by Titan's publication in a local newspaper of a mandatory notice that he is no longer representing Titan. The plaintiff is seeking approximately $21.9 million in damages. Titan intends to defend its position vigorously......

Legal Matters Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Related Investigations During the first quarter of 2004, Titan learned of allegations that improper payments under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) had been made, or items of value had been provided, involving international consultants for Titan or its subsidiaries to foreign officials.........the internal review later was expanded to a number of Titan's international businesses, including Titan Wireless (which was discontinued in 2002 and was substantially wound down in 2003) and Titan's National ID Card contract in Saudi Arabia. Titan agreed to, and did, provide the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Department of Justice (DoJ) with the results of the internal investigation on an ongoing basis...........The Weisgerber complaint was subsequently amended to include allegations that the defendants breached their fiduciary duties by failing to monitor and supervise management in a way that would have prevented the alleged mistreatment of prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, alleged billing errors relating to work performed by foreign nationals, and the loss of contracts with the government. ........... Other Legal Proceedings Since June 9, 2004, two lawsuits have been filed alleging that Titan and other defendants either participated in, approved of, or condoned the mistreatment of prisoners by United States military officials in certain prison facilities in Iraq in violation of federal, state and international law. The first of these cases, Saleh v. Titan Corporation, No. 04-CV-1143 R, was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California against The Titan Corporation, CACI International, Inc. (CACI), and its affiliates, and three individuals (one formally employed by Titan and one by a Titan subcontractor). Plaintiffs in Saleh seek class certification. The second case, Ibrahim v. Titan Corporation, NO. 04-CV-1248, was filed on July 27, 2004, on behalf of five individual plaintiffs against Titan, CACI and CACI affiliates, and contains allegations similar to those in Saleh. Class certification has not been requested in Ibrahim. Titan intends to defend these lawsuits vigorously.

Makram Chams of Titan Corp & 9/11 fame sues Daniel Hopsicker
by Tony Ryals Wednesday, Nov 15 2006, 8:36pm:

Makram Majid Chams of Lebanon,Saudi Arabia,Titan Corporation,San Diego,and Venice,Florida during events leading up to 9/11,and last known to be with W Bush's allies in Saudi Arabia,is suing Daniel Hopsicker of !

Here's the link to the lawsuit.

Also Daniel Hopsicker's take on his situation : Titan Corp Contractor Sues The MadCowMorningNews

Later Titan a subsidiary of Level - 3 Corporation made a pretty penny toturing .....

Oh, and as long as we're picking at lint, here's one more piece you might have seen already: "Makram Chams owned a Kwik-Check convenience store in Venice, where the biggest overseas money transfer to the terrorists, $70,000 from the UAE., was sent, according to the testimony of FBI agents during the 9.11 Commission hearings. ...Strangely, Chams left town soon after the 9.11 attack, abandoning a thriving convenience store which has stood vacant ever since. ...No one knew where he was, or why he'd left. But now Chams has re-surfaced in Saudi Arabia, where he worked in an unlikely capacity: as a contractor for American defense firm Titan Corp. ...It has since been revealed that Titan trains mercenaries, and provides mercenaries for operations. Current operations. Ongoing operations... Disclosures in the Duke Cunningham scandal lead directly to Titan. Before it is done, this may present someone with some very thorny problems." According to this Mad Cow Productions story, Makram Chams' convenience store was frequently visited by Mohammad Atta and other alleged terrorists, and Chams was investigated by the FBI just days after 9/11 so his name must certainly be on any
"suspicious" lists that private military contractors would check against before hiring employees in any capacity. He worked as an independent contractor in unnamed capacity for Titan Corp. until he was terminated.


Below I,Tony Ryals,(alias wolfblitzzer0)receive legal threats and death threats and legal threats from anonymous and not so anonymous penny stock criminals:

To: John_Farro who wrote (8962) 10/2/2005 2:15:59 PM
From: John_Farro of 10189

There is another reason that could explain CNN’s reluctance to act. Perhaps someone at CNN was alerted the following death threats on the Yahoo YAKCE board against wolfblitzzer0 and don't want to be involved in any action that could jeopardize the person behind the wolfblitzzer0 alias.

Re: UCSY Lawsuit Makes National News...
by: bashersuit
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 01/31/05 11:59 am
Msg: 4450 of 7689
Wolfblitzzer0 real identity has been found out..

Tony Ryals
tryals (at)

have fun!


Re: UCSY Lawsuit Makes National News...
by: bashersuit
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Msg: 4451 of 7689
I wonder if Tony Ryals values his life?

Good Luck

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Hey Tony Ryals ....
by: bashersuit
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Good Luck

To: Kevin Podsiadlik who wrote (92159) 8/15/2005 3:53:18 PM
From: scion Read Replies (1) of 102469

There are also a bunch of folks come from
Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to read what’s going on
in this movement.


Executive Faces Uphill Battle in His Suits Over Anonymous Web Attacks
Jessica M. Walker
Daily Business Review
January 28, 2005

Like clockwork each day, someone who calls himself or herself Wolfblitzzer0 logs on to, a stock-talk Internet message board, and posts slurs about Michael J. Zwebner, the chief executive of Miami Beach-based Universal Communication Systems.

Wolfblitzzer0's allegations have covered business practices, political conspiracies, and personal misdemeanors. In many posts, Wolfblitzzer0 accuses Zwebner of dirty business dealings and nefarious interactions with the Israeli government. One post accused Zwebner of claiming to keep kosher while secretly eating cheeseburgers, which are a Jewish dietary no-no because they combine meat and dairy.


Florida injunction order sent to Google
March 7, 2005



Posted by Eugene Volokh:
Yet Another Ridiculous Lawsuit:

[1]Ted Frank (OverLawyered) reports:

Michael J. Zwebner, the CEO of penny-stock holding company Universal Communication Systems, is unhappy that he's being flamed on the message board, run by Lycos. He may have a legitimate beef to some extent. . . .

[But] Zwebner's litigation methods . . .are questionable. He's filed five lawsuits in federal court in Miami, against anonymous posters, against Lycos (for, among other things, "trademark violations" for naming a message board after the ticker symbol
(UCSY), and even a couple of purported class actions. He's especially upset at one anonymous poster, who has the especially credible username of Wolfblitzzer0 [sic].

So, Zwebner has sued . . . CNN and the real-life Wolf Blitzer! It seems, according to Zwebner's view of the world, that Blitzer is supposed to be on the lookout for anonymous posters using similar names, and should be held liable for such posters' postings when he fails to police the use of such usernames. . . .

Appalling. First, I doubt that Blitzer even had a legal right to stop Wolfblitzzer0 from his posts; unless the posts were commercial advertising (which I doubt), Blitzer wouldn't have a right of publicity or trademark claim against Wolfblitzzer0. And I doubt Blitzer would have a libel claim (on the theory that Wolfblitzzer0 is
hurting Blitzer's reputation by posting things under his name) because few readers would really think that the poster is Wolf Blitzer.

But second, Blitzer certainly has no legal duty to spend his time, money, and effort litigating over every schmoe's misuse of his name -- even if he had a legal right to stop such misuses -- especially when
readers would realize that the poster isn't the real Blitzer. (Under the doctrine of "apparent authority," A may sometimes end up bound by contracts that B made on his behalf, when reasonable observers would assume that B actually has the authority to act for A; but that surely isn't the case here.)

Sounds like a sure loser of a case to me, perhaps even sanctionable (though that's a tougher call).




CNN Sued for Misuse of Wolf Blitzer's Name

An Israeli businessman is claiming that CNN is vicariously liable for defamatory statements posted on a Web site by someone using the identity of anchorman Wolf Blitzer.

Michael Zwebner, chief executive of Miami Beach-based Universal Communication Systems, alleges postings under the screen name "Wolfblitzzer0" began appearing on the Raging Bull site in December, accusing him and his company "of criminal misconduct and other offensive actions."

CNN had an "affirmative obligation" to police the unauthorized use of the Wolf Blitzer name, "including any confusingly similar variants thereof," Zwebner says in a federal court complaint. But the postings
continue to be published and distributed ... and the Defendants have thereby implicitly adopted them as their own.

The suit seeks $100 million in damages. The defendants also include CNN's owner, Turner Broadcasting System, and Blitzer himself.

There appears to be no precedent for imposing vicarious liability on a trademark owner for the defamatory use of its mark. But Zwebner's attorney insists the case is not a "stretch."

UPDATE ... Attorneys for CNN say Zwebner fails to state a claim because he does not allege that the network itself published any false statements about him. "[T]here is no liability for a publication resulting from an independent act of a third person," they argue in a motion to dismiss.


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Re: 9/11,Florida,Mohamed Atta:Titan Corp's Makram Chams Suspends U.S. Constitution

Makram Chams and Saudi Bin Laden Group

(well of great wisdom)
11/09/06 05:39 AM
Titan Corp Contractor Sues The MadCowMorningNews [ Post 295039780 ]

Category: News & Opinion (General) Topic: News & Current Events
Synopsis: Atta Contact in Florida, Makram Chams, Procured Saudi Binladen Group Contract for Titan's Firm
Source: Mad Cow Morning News
Published: November 7, 2006 Author: Daniel Hopsicker
For Education and Discussion Only. Not for Commercial Use.

Titan Corp Contractor Sues The MadCowMorningNews

NOV 7 2006--Venice FL.
by Daniel Hopsicker

A Lebanese man whose convenience store in Venice Florida was used by Mohamed Atta and his cadre of terrorist hijackers to receive overseas wire transfers, and from whose apartment Atta and Marwan took taxis to Orlando Airport to pick up visiting Saudis has filed a defamation lawsuit against the MadCowMorningNews alleging unspecified “false statements.”

Chams is asking for $15,000 in damages. He also has a second defamation suit going, this one in Saudi Arabia, for a whopping $21 million, against Titan Corporation of San Diego.

In addition to owning a convenience store, the peripatetic Chams' recent resume includes having been a partner in a Jack Abramoff-style gambling boat which operated for two years in Venice without permits, working for the FBI in San Diego, and pulling down multi-million dollar contracts in Saudi Arabia, one of which suspected of being with the Saudi Bin Laden Group , for controversial U.S. defense firm Titan Corp.

Strangely ( or not ) the FBI apparently never bothered to mention anything at all to the 9/11 Commission about Makram Chams.

A story Monday in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported the lawsuit:
"A former Venice convenience store owner has filed a defamation lawsuit against local author Daniel Hopsicker, who published reports that the mini-market owner assisted the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists in Venice,"

"The lawsuit refers to Hopsicker as a 'conspiracy fanatic' who 'published and disseminated ... false statements' that Chams "was associated with the 9/11 terrorists.'"

“Hopsicker... author of a book about Venice's role in the 9/11 attacks called "Welcome to TERRORLAND," termed Chams' lawsuit "false charges." Hopsicker said he has an attorney and plans to "vigorously defend" himself. He said Monday that "numerous local witnesses have stated that several of the terrorists basically hung out at (Chams') Kwik Check."

"I'm not particularly concerned with Makram Chams' lawsuit; I see it as an opportunity to get testimony under oath from an individual which should enlighten all of us about aspects of the situation in Venice, Florida, before the Sept. 11 attack."

A Kwik Check on the Kwik Check

The FBI's testimony before the 9/11 Commission revealed that the largest overseas money transfer the terrorists received had come from the UAE, for $70,000.

A copy of the money transfer was projected overhead.

What the FBI didn't point out to the Commission was the significance of the address where the money was wired to: 201 Nokomis in Venice, the address of the Kwik-Check owned by Makram Chams, the Lebanese man who shortly thereafter would be in Saudi Arabia procuring multi-million dollar contracts from the Saudi Bin Laden Group.

Atta and his fellow terrorists also availed themselves of a second floor apartment Chams rented in a building across the street from the convenience store. The apartment was occupied by his sister, May Chams, and her husband, an Indian Muslim named " Khal " who disappeared from Venice in the aftermath of the 9/11 attack.

Local Venice Yellow Cab driver Bob Simpson (whose testimony about Atta's local associates was used by the FBI to apprehend a half-dozen Saudi nationals in Venice after the attack) says he picked up Mohamed Atta and his bodyguard Marwan at the apartment in his cab on several occasions, and taken them to the Orlando Airport.

Even Zacharias Moussaoui, whose presence in Venice, was exclusively reported by MadCowMorningNews (and later confirmed by other sources) was seen at Chams' apartment.

Rich Saudis in "Armani and shades"

"The FBI was especially interested in a rich Saudi guy, dressed in Armani, shades, manicure, and a gold Rolex, that I was sent to pick up at the Orlando Executive Airport," said Simpson.

"They (the FBI) knew he’d ridden in my cab because they’d gotten my cab number from a surveillance camera there.”

Six weeks later, when Simpson received a call to go to the apartment to pick up the "rich Saudi in Armani and shades" and return him to the Orlando Airport, the cabbie was asked to help carry a chest, the kind kept at the bottom of a bed, down from the apartment and load it into the trunk of the cab.

"It was so heavy it took two people to carry it. I could not believe anything that small could weigh that much! It must have weighed at least 150 pounds."

Carrying the other end of the chest was someone Simpson recognized much later. "A big bald guy who I later identified as Zacharias Moussaoui helped me carry it down to the cab.”

Simpson's obvious amazement while telling the story about how heavy the chest had been made us curious. We contacted a former intelligence operative, and asked: "What could have made the chest so heavy?"

His reply was immediate. "Gold."

Convenience store owner-turned-defense contractor

At some point after the attack Chams abandoned the mini-market (it has stood vacant since) and left Venice.

A story in the Sarasota Herald Tribune called the abandoned convenience store, “A pocket of urban blight in the otherwise smartly tailored suit of downtown Venice.

Chams went to San Diego, said his sister, who worked at Barclay's Pharmacy in Venice (the same pharmacy visited by Mohamed Atta and his Cairo lawyer father two weeks before the 9/1 attack.)

Asked what he was doing in San Diego, she'd replied, "Helping out the FBI."

Then recently we learned Chams had been working as a contractor in Saudi Arabia for controversial San Diego defense firm Titan Corp a 23-year old company which sells information and communication services to military and spy agencies, and has about 12,000 employees and revenues of about $2 billion a year.

An SEC filing last year Titan reported that Makram Chams had filed a $21 million lawsuit against them in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Goodwill said take them to the dump yourself

Apparently Titan didn't hold the lawsuit against Chams, because he recently received a six-figure payout from Surebeam, a bankrupt Titan subsidiary which, in the aftermath of the anthrax scare had been the lucky recipient of a big windfall from the U.S. Post Office.

Surebeam announced in a press release that the post office "would use Surebeam's electron beam systems to eliminate the threat of anthrax in the U.S. mail system."

Despite there being not the slightest hint of scientific evidence that the company could perform as advertised, the firm was awarded a $40 million contract to set up machines to detect and kill anthrax spores,

Some people (and companies) have all the luck, right? That is...unless there was some other unknown factor in play.

Predictably, Surebeam’s machines didn’t work. Instead, a U.S. Congressional investigation blamed them for causing headaches, nose bleeds, nausea, rashes, and eye irritation suffered by more than 200 Congressional staff members.

Presumably to spare the Post Office the embarrassment of having their donation turned down by Goodwill, the machines were quietly given away to U.S. universities for what Titan called “research.”

"The bin Laden Group been berry berry good to me"

We were curious how a Lebanese convenience store owner in Venice had come to merit a six-figure payout from a company purporting to irradiate and kill anthrax spores.

So we phoned Chams' attorney in San Diego to ask several months ago, he told us Chams was planning on suing us, saying "I know who you are," before declining to reply.

A little sleuthing was in order. It revealed that Makram Chams had apparently landed a $5 million contract in Riyadh for Surebeam with the Saudi Bin Laden Group.

Surebeam, in a curious press release, had boasted of winning a $5 million contract in Saudi Arabia, “to build a network of Surebeam facilities within the Kingdom for pathogen and environmental pest control.”

Oddly, the company which gave Surebeam the $5 million contract went unnamed in the press release, identified only as “a private Saudi Arabian conglomerate headquartered in Riyadh;" and as "a leading Saudi company whose business dealings involve high rise construction, large living compound construction, hotel design and construction, oil and gas projects, defense and security contracts.”

Only one company fits this description, while at the same time being a firm Surebeam would have wanted to keep quiet about having as a business partner...The Saudi Bin Laden Group.

More 'conspiratorial' musings

Makram Chams curious curriculum vitae includes having been a partner in a gambling boat called Vegas-in-Venice, owned by a Philadelphia man alleged to have ties to organized crime. The gambling vessel somehow managed to operate for almost two years in Venice, despite having no approval to do so from the city of Venice, County of Sarasota, or State of Florida.

The only other local partner in the gambling venture, Max Burge, also did business with Skyway Aircraft/Royal Son principal Frederick Geffon.

In addition the well-connected Burge owned the light planes used by the terrorists in their flight training at Huffman Aviation; we recently learned from a local attorney that Burge once owned the Sandpiper Apartments across the street the airport where Mohamed Atta spent several months living with Amanda Keller.

Questions posed by the mysterious Makram Chams have significant relevance in explaining the background, and sometimes the foreground) of events leading to the 9/11 attack.

How did a Lebanese convenience store owner with unexplained links to Abramoff-style gambling boat interests connected with organized crime, and unexplained links with the terrorists in Venice, end up working for a well-connected defense contractor embroiled in numerous major controversies?

Answers (or may not) be forthcoming, depending on our financial ability to learn never-before-revealed details about the activities of Mohamed Atta and his fellow terrorists in the United States by deposing individuals under oath with knowledge of what was going on.

BlackJade writes: ""What the FBI didn't point out to the Commission was the significance of the address where the money was wired to"? The 9-11 Commission didn't make any effort to track down these money trails. They didn't even bother to interview Huffman Aviation officials and others who knew Mohamed Atta in Venice, FL. Neither the 9-11 Congressional inquiry nor the 9-11 Commission interviewed FBI agents under oath about that $100,000 from "ISI director-general Lt-Gen Mahmud Ahmad" to Atta in Florida. See: India helped FBI trace ISI-terrorist links. More details on that story here: Where was Osama on September 11, 2001?

Zacharias Moussaoui "was seen at Chams' apartment" in Venice? This was reported by Daniel Hopsicker in this article, 5.5 Ton Cocaine Bust Reveals New Details of 9.11 Attack. Zacharias Moussaoui was seen in Venice hauling a heavy chest. A man, who "worked for many years in American intelligence," said that there was gold in that chest. This fits right in with Moussaoui's history with the Bin Laden organizaton. Al Qaeda's Road Paved With Gold

[February 17, 2002] "Exempt from international reporting requirements for financial transactions, gold is a favored commodity in laundering money from drug trafficking, organized crime and terrorist activities, U.S. officials said......
The CIA used BCCI to funnel millions of dollars to the fighters battling the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Bin Laden had accounts in the bank, U.S. officials said. The bank also specialized in dealing in commodities such as diamonds and gold........
A 70-page French intelligence report...outlined some details of this network. 'The financial network of bin Laden, as well as his network of investments, is similar to the network put in place in the 1980s by BCCI for its fraudulent operations, often with the same people (former directors and cadres of the bank and its affiliates, arms merchants oil merchants, Saudi investors),' the report said...'"

According to French police reports, Moussaoui "had traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan several times, and may also have been to Kosovo and Chechnyna." Time magazine reported that Moussaoui was "recruiting other young Muslims to fight for Islam in Chechnya and Kosovo. Moussaoui finally set down in the U.S. in February using an entry visa obtained in Pakistan." It would sure be interesting to know more about that visa. Pakistan's ISI was working with the CIA in those Balkans operations.
[June 5, 1999] from 1993 to 1996, the CIA had used the ISI for training the Bosnian Muslims and for acting as a conduit for the supply of arms and ammunition to them. The supplies were made from the surplus stocks of the Afghan war weapons left with the ISI. Many retired ISI officers, including Lt.Gen. Hamid Gul, DG of the ISI in the late 1980s, were deputed to Bosnia to act as advisers to the Bosnian Muslims.The US did not look upon the HUM [Harkat-ul-Mujahideen] and the Lashkar-e-Toiba [LET] as terrorist organisations at that time and had encouraged them to go to Bosnia to assist the local Muslims against the Serbs.
Similarly,the ISI has been closely the training of the Kosovo Liberation Army and in the supply of arms and ammunition to them. By using the ISI as the intermediary,the CIA is able to maintain its deniability of any role in training and arming the KLA .Mr.Shabaz Sharif, the brother of Mr.Nawaz Sharif, and the Chief Minister of Punjab, has been co-ordinating this operation for the training of the KLA and had made a low-profile visit to Washington at the beginning of the NATO air strikes for discussions with officials of the CIA and the State and Defence Departments on this issue.

Chams' sister worked at the "pharmacy visited by Mohamed Atta and his Cairo lawyer father two weeks before the 9/1 attack"? And Chams' sister said Chams was in San Diego "helping out the FBI"? Mohamed Atta traveled with the Muslim Brotherhood from womb to tomb. His father was a well-known Cairo Attorney and member of the Muslim Brotherhood. In Cairo, Mohamed Atta joined the Muslim Brotherhood's Engineers Syndicate. Next he moved on to join a Muslim Brotherhood group in Hamburg. Two members of this Hamburg group, Mamoun Darkazanli & Atta, worked for a firm called Tatex. Darkazanli "belonged to the same Muslim Brotherhood cell" as "Enaam Arnaout's family." Arnaout was a director in the Benevolence International Foundation. Mamdouh Mahmud Salim gave "Darkazanli power of attorney over his Hamburg bank account." This is from documents in the Arnaout case about Salim.
[p. 19-20] By way of background, Usama Bin Laden and Abdallah Azzam formed Mekhtab al Khidemat (“MK”) (the “Office of Services”) to support the mujahideen in Afghanistan engaged in a conflict with the Soviet Union at a time prior to the Soviet withdrawal in 1989. Various relief organizations – including LBI, the BIF [Benevolence International Foundation] forerunner – worked with MK to provide travel documents, funds and other logistical support to the mujahideen. MK also worked with a number of other charitable/relief organizations, especially with Wael Julaidan (“Abu Hassan al Madani”)4 of the International Islamic Relief Organization (hereafter
“IIRO,”... which was under the umbrella of al Rabita al Alami al Islamiya, also known as the Muslim World League (“MWL”).....

[p. 25] [Beginning in 1992] BIF provided food, clothing, money and communications equipment to various fighters in Bosnia, including the Bosnian army and the “Black Swans,” an irregular warfare unit of Bosnian Muslims. In May 1998, [Mamdouh Mahmud] Salim traveled to Bosnia using a document bearing Arnaout’s signature indicating that Salim was a director of BIF...."

Abdullah Azzam was a "CIA asset," who "toured the length and breadth of the United States in the early and mid-1980s recruiting for holy war."

Chams got a "six-figure payout from Surebeam, a bankrupt Titan subsidiary"? The purpose of farming criminal activities out to "contractors" is to provide the CIA & the Pentagon with "plausible deniability." Titan and other "civilian contractors" in Iraq seemed to have an arrangement with the US government that they cannot be prosecuted under US military, US civilian law, or Iraqi law. See: Civilians ID'd in abuse may face no charges. Of course, these contractors just did the jobs that they were paid to do. Whistleblowers who witnessed these atrocities said that US Military intelligence officers "at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq" were directing these abuses.

Chams "landed a $5 million contract in Riyadh for Surebeam with the Saudi Bin Laden Group"? That figures, based on what I have found about the Saudi regime, the Saudi Bin Laden Group, and Iraq. The Saudi regime was very involved in the US invasion of Iraq in March 2003, notwithstanding their public denials. Saudi Officials Shield U.S. Troop Presence From Public
"Public sentiment is almost universally opposed to the war [in Iraq], and officially, the Saudis are not involved in it....
But diplomats here say the Saudis have granted the U.S. military permission for everything it needs, if not everything it wants, at Prince Sultan and at two other remote airstrips that are closed to the public and reporters....
Prince Sultan air base also served as the air command center for the war in Afghanistan...."

The Saudi Defense Minister Prince Sultan & his son Prince Bandar, who was the Saudi ambassador to the US for over two decades, are investors in the Carlyle Group. When Carlyle held their summit in Lisbon in April 2003, this was on the agenda, war profiteering in Iraq and their Osama public relations problem:
"The American based Carlyle Group is heavily involved in supplying arms to the Coalition forces fighting in the Iraqi war.....
Top of the meeting’s agenda is expected to be the company’s involvement in the rebuilding of Baghdad’s infrastructure after the cessation of current hostilities. Along with several other US companies, the Carlyle Group is expected to be awarded a billion dollar contract by the US Government to help in the redevelopment of airfields and urban areas destroyed by Coalition aerial bombardments.
The Group is managed by a team of former US Government personnel including its president Frank Carlucci, former deputy director of the CIA before becoming Defense Secretary. His deputy is James Baker II, who was Secretary of State under George Bush senior. Several high profile former politicians are employed to represent the company overseas, among them John Major, former British Prime Minister, along with George Bush senior, one time CIA director before becoming US President.
The financial assets of the Saudi Binladen Corporation (SBC) are also managed by the Carlyle Group. The SBC is headed up by members of Osama bin Laden’s family, who played a principle role in helping George W. Bush win petroleum concessions from Bahrain when he was head of the Texan oil company, Harken Energy Corporation - a deal that was to make the Bush family millions of dollars. Salem, Osama bin Laden’s brother, was represented on Harken’s board of directors by his American agent, James R. Bath......
The Portugal News has been told by a reliable source that the Carlyle Group meeting in Lisbon will discuss the relationship between the Saudi Binladen Corporation (SBC) and Osama bin Laden. Many US officials claim that the SBC continues to finance his political activities, and has done so for many years...."

It was becoming impossible to sell the story that the Binladen's had "disowned" Osama. Documents from the Arnaout case, the Golden Chain list of Al Qaeda financiers, provided "confirmation that the Bin Laden family has been a major contributor to Usama, despite its statements denying such support." As they say, it's a small world. This Golden Chain was part of a collection of documents found in the office of the Benevolence International Foundation in Bosnia. One of James Bath's business partners in Texas in the 1970's and 1980's, Bill White said that it was his "understanding" that "Bath represented the Bush interests and Bin Laden/Bin Mahfouz interchangeably represented the Saudi Royal Family interests." Daniel Hopsicker traced Cocaine One, a plane loaded "with 5.5 tons of cocaine," to a CIA front called SkyWay Aircraft. SkyWay Aircraft goes back to Iran-Contra, as part of the BCCI.
"James Bath’s Skyways Aircraft Leasing is an enterprise related to Mahfouz’s BCCI via “IC Inc.”.
Curiously, Mahfouz’s “IC Inc.”, the company related to George W. Bush’s friend James Bath, was found by investigators to be at the very center of a chart drawn by Oliver North, in North’s own White House safe, that showed the private banking network supporting the Iran-Contra operation."

There is also a Binladen clan connection to Huffman Aviation. Osama's brother Yeslam Binladen has an international financial conglomerate called the Saudi Investment Company [SICO] "SICO trained pilots for its aviation subsidiary at tiny Huffman Aviation in Venice Florida." Wayne Madsen found that a French intelligence report discovered that SICO & Fluor are intertwined "through a network of interlocking off-shore companies and directorships." The Fluor Corp. is a US construction firm with lucrative "reconstruction contracts awarded by the Pentagon in Iraq." Very interesting, in light of the Saudi Binladen Goup's Carlyle connection, which I mentioned earlier. According to documents from the 9-11 lawsuit:
[p. 306] The Mohammed Binladin Organization is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Saudi Binladin Group. The board members include Saleh Gazaz, Mohamed Bahareth, Abdullah Bin Said, Mohamed Nur Rahimi, Bakr M. bin Laden, Tarek M. bin Laden, Omar M. bin Laden, and Yeslam M. bin Laden."

Chams "filed a defamation lawsuit against the MadCowMorningNews"? We can expect this trend to continue, in particular in the UK "libel" courts. Khalid Bin Mahfouz has used the UK "libel" court system to make the truth "forbidden." The French & Belgian courts ruled against Bin Mahfouz and in favor of Jean-Charles Brisard. But it can drive someone into bankruptcy to fight off Bin Mahfouz. Almost of all these Bin Mahfouz "libel" complaints involve the Bushes, the BCCI, and/or the CIA. Brisard & Guillaume Dasquie wrote the "Forbidden Truth," which revealed that infamous US ultimatum to the Taliban regime just a few weeks before 9-11: "Accept our offer of a carpet of gold or you'll get a carpet of bombs." The Bush administration was attempting to revive the Unocal-Delta pipeline deal with the Taliban regime.

Chams & Max Burge were partners in the "gambling boat called Vegas-in-Venice"? And Chams "owned the light planes used by the terrorists in their flight training at Huffman Aviation"? This could explain how Mohamed Atta and other hijackers ended up on Abramoff's boat. A week before 9-11, "Atta and several other hijackers made a still-unexplained visit onboard one of Abramoff’s casino boats." This unIslamic conduct was common among Al Qaeda operatives and is explained by the Assassins Cult. The CIA refused Freedom of Information Act requests to release documents on the Assassins Cult. The CIA said that declassification of these documents would "compromise 'intelligence sources and methods.'" That's not surprising given the history of the CIA & Al Qaeda. The Assassins Cult
"Khalid Shaikh, [Ramzi] Yousef and other accomplices frequented seedy clubs in Manila's red-light district, such as the Manila Bay Club and Sir Williams Karaoke, according to CNN reporter Maria Ressa, writing in Seeds of Terror. Later, in Florida and Massachusetts, several of the September 11 hijackers even patronized strip clubs and prostitutes........
al Qaeda operatives routinely take on deep cover roles in order to infiltrate an enemy's society. This isn't simply a pragmatic decision to disregard the tenets of Islam in order to accomplish a goal. Rather, it's a specific, traditional practice, justified through an elaborate theological framework.
The approach was first employed in the 11th century, by the Assassins, a notorious cult of Islamic extremists. Today, the practice is continued by a similar sect, known as Al Takfir Wal Hijra, which represents a key faction in the top leadership of al Qaeda.....
Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden's second-in-command, is believed to be a member of the Takfir sect. Zawahiri founded Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ), an organization that in many ways authored the philosophy of jihad that now drives al Qaeda. EIJ helped assassinate Anwar Sadat in 1981.......
Members of this Egyptian clique were linked through the al-Kifah mosque, in Brooklyn, a conduit for funds and personnel tied to al Qaeda and the jihad against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan....."

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed "plunged into the anti-Soviet Afghan jihad" and was "fighting alongside the mujahideen in Bosnia and supporting that effort with financial donations." Pakistan's President Musharraf was an officer in the Special Services Group [SSG]. The SSG "worked in close co-operation with the officers of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)" to train Al Qaeda operatives like Ramzi Yousef to fight the Soviet Army. Then in 1992, Ramzi Yousef, KSM's nephew, showed up at that Alkifah Refugee Center in Brooklyn, which was "founded" by Osama's "mentor," Abdullah Azzam. Alkifah was "identified by an aide to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak as a CIA front for transferring funds, weapons, and recruits to the anti-Soviet mujaheddin in Afghanistan." What was Alkifah doing after the Cold War? In 1993, this Alkifah Refugee Center conveniently "announced it was switching its operations to Bosnia," when the CIA needed Islamist "holy warriors" to fight the Serbs."
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