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Open Letter to the World from the Exxon/Haliburton Administration

[With the Bali Conference being diminished by the Bush Administration's political appointees to a waste of the world's time by refusing every attempt of a global emissions treaty, it may help people to remember the Apollo 13 mission. That is the one where the lunar vehicle's oxygen tank exploded and it took a herculean effort of the NASA ground crew to come up with a CO2 scrubber to keep the crew alive long enough to return to Earth. They had only a very limited amount of material to work with and a very short time to devise a system of removing the CO2 from the capsule........but THEY DID IT!!!!! Miraculously they came up with a make shift device, out of nearly nothing, to take the harmful carbon dioxide from the air in that little spacecraft and saved the crew's lives.

With that knowledge, and the record of the US delegation in obstructing the Bali Conference on Climate Change searing in our memory, the letter below is the only conclusion that makes sense of it all: I realize the scale of the problem is beyond point is that scientists can do some very amazing things, if they are allowed to.]

Open Letter to the World from the Exxon/Haliburton Administration

To the people of the world, we must apologize for our greedy actions in allowing the status quo to continue. You see, back in the beginning of the 20th Century as the industrialists were beginning to make millions of dollars off of the labor of the working class, they actually had no idea of the problems they were creating for the energy supply and the climate. It was truly an honest mistake, and we will give them that.

Well, now, at this time in history, with the looming problems of 9 billion in population by 2050, we don't feel any compulsion to change our money grubbing ways. We have been trying to find ways to reduce the human population for decades, but we now see that it is quite simple. We just sit back and water shortages will occur from the melting of the glaciers (which will be the first large scale crisis) and then droughts will diminish the food production so that millions will die of starvation and most likely begin fighting for resources amongst themselves, reducing the population to levels that we (the super rich) may have a chance to survive against in a grassroots uprising.

We get the reduction of population without firing a single shot.

You see, we don't need the working class any longer with the advent of computers and robots. So, it is actually a gift from heaven, for us.

We certainly are not going to spend a dime on trying to slow the climate change that is ahead of the world. Rather, we LOOK FORWARD to it. We should be able to survive with our gigantic bank accounts, and if you don't have one, we feel sorry for you. We will talk like we want to help, but in the end you will see that we will fight any changes to the status quo...... tooth and nail.

We have made soooo much money that even if the dollar collapses, we will still be millionaires on the world market, and we don't have much to worry about at all.

Yeah, the climate may get a bit nasty for a century or two, but that is something that we think we can live with (and will accept as a price of getting rid of the masses that would destroy us if they knew the truth) as we have luxurious homes all around the world and private jets to get us to where life is comfortable.

And don't be too harsh on your Congresspeople as they are all in need of our campaign contributions to stay in office. They are excellent liars and obfuscators, or we wouldn't have given them the money in the first place.


That's the mindset we are up against, and it leads to cannibalism boys and girls.....and your boys and girls.

It has happened several times in the past. And with the looming catastrophes of a Yellowstone super-eruption, another 'Mini Ice Age', a bird flu pandemic, a landslide from the Canary or Hawain Islands, or a strike from a comet or asteroid, the wealthy people need to keep us ignorant and docile with every breath they take.

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-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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