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Torture with Electronic Weapon or is it Electromagnetic Pollution?

"Don't Blame Directed Energy When it is Electro-Senstivity"

If It's True This crime against humanity needs to end.

According to some people there is a war happening in the United States. "Activist,women, people of color and many other people are complaining and saying they are concerned about lethal "Electronic Weapons" (pulsed microwaves, radar, ELF, EMF, lasers). Pulse electronic weapons that causes injuries, chronic illness. Causing slow-kill injuries such as cancer, Alzheimers-type brain damage, etc. as well as fast kill injuries stroke,aneurysm, heart attacks" (Lynn Surgalla).

Educate yourself about these very lethal weapons which do puts our democracy and freedom in danger in every way. "People are made sick and kept sick, they are silently murdered and it is made to look like death by natural causes. When the real cause is lethal pulsed-electronic weapons." (Lynn Surgalla).

"Electronic weapons are a part of the "Directed Energy Weapon's" arsenal." Now someone with bad intentions like the examples that were given in the discovery channel special "The Invisable Machine" a country who has these weapons could use the electric grid to cause problems in a country and shut down all the electronic equipment. That is where plusing with the electric grid is involved which brings in the DOE because the electric grid is international, Which gives the DOE reason to be concerned enough to take misuse of the electrical grid seriously. That is why emegerency services all across this country and the UK has something they call "The Directed Energy Conference" and they do talk about weapons that are unusal and they do talk about testing them out. They also talk about the many pros and cons of these weapons and go to those conferences to learn how to protect the country's emergency services. Some times people complain of feeling sick when the electric grid is at peak power some doctors have pointed to something called electro-sensitivity when people feel sick when the grid is not at peak power this is nothing new, electricity has been talked about as having pros and cons for years. Electromagnetic pollution can be compounded when the electrical grid is at peak power, so turning off the electricity in a single household might not always give a person reflief when they are feeling sensitive and have electro-sensitivity. Kinetic engergy that comes out of a socket can also be a factor when someone has electro-sensitivity.

Electronic weapons are a part of the "Directed Energy Weapon's" arsenal." (Julianne McKinney). Who made other statements.

"In October 2000, Congressman Denis J. Kucinich introduced in the House of Representatives a bill, concerning these weapons.
In this bill, the definition of a weapons system included: "any other unacknowledged or as yet undeveloped means inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person)… through the use of land-based, sea- based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic , sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations.
As in all legislative acts quoted in this article, the bill pertains to sound, light or electromagnetic stimulation
of the human brain." (Mojmir Babacek Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons).

"[The European Parliament] calls for an international convention introducing a global ban on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings"

Several States have laws on the books regarding "Electronic Weapons" There is no enforcing of those laws currently. These weapons and the misuse of them need to be on the table of open discussion. The facts are that these weapons not only exist, they are a matter of public record. One example of beams and sounds being directed at a person and singling them out: this is mentioned in the Mkultra hearings of 1977 Senator Schweiker asked Admiral Turner about Mkultra subproject 54 which involved techniques to cause brain concussions and aminesia by using beams and sound waves. Did this research end or did it continue?

"It took the Nazi Rogue Regime 12 years (1933-1945) to perfect the deadly design of the Holocaust. In order to assure their success of genocide, the Nazis created a powerful system of propaganda to mold and manipulate people's beliefs. However, it was people's apathy, indifference, and in many cases approval that allowed the Nazi's plan of genocide to come to its full fruition." (Kemeka Phillips: Triangles, Badges & Stars: Remembering the Mosaic of Victims of the Holocaust) *note* (This something that other people I have spoken with include in their comments about disinformation about these weapons because of what they have read)."When people are purposely giving out dis-information that encourages people to think things about directed energy and non-lethal weapons that they will misuse after they have encouraged them to talk about it and use the fact that they talked about it to call them names and isolate them from help, doing that behind their back to other people is no different than what the nazi's did to get groups of people acting out against people who deserve better."

Right now any person who talks about bio-electro-weapons who to write about people who are complaining about the use of these mircowave weapons is some times taken seriously because the military has released information about weapons such as "Rods from God" and other directed energy weapons along with a variety of other newspapers have published articles about Directed Energy Weapons and microchips and bio-sensors. Right now human right agencies show a tremendous concern about addressing the issues that people have been blaming on directed energy. These are agencies that could help those who are concerned about lethal pulsed-radiation weapons, are not doing what people think they should do is this because those agencies are still investigating to find out if it is involuntary human experiments or is it something else? Some people say computers are also remotely tampered with. "Lethal pulsed-radiation weapons directed at electronic equipment damages circuits even if the electronic equipment is turned off that is one of the reasons the military perfers these weapons." Computers can be tampered with remotely with keylog software, computer virus can also do this, and immature people who do computer hacking can also do that.

Sound projection technology has advanced to great heights over the years. Woody Norris has marketed this technology to the military and also to commerical enternprises. Some of his sound projection technology is being used commerically in Nv and D.C. This technology allows for people seated at tables right next to each other to watch and screen and hear the broadcast within their heads. Neither is distrubed by the other customers entertainment choices.For examples one can be watching a baseball game and the other a movies without the sound being heard in the room by anyone else.
Woody Norris also demonstrated that he could have several people ride in his vehicle and make them all hear different sounds without any of them hearing what the other parties were hearing. I also spoke with someone who has this type of technology for sale who told me he could project sound arcoss the street and project it in the form of a whisper.
Elwood Norris Wants to Make Aurio speakers obsolete. He would banish forever that cumbersome arrangement of woofer, tweeter, and midrange speaker that only an audiophile could love and substitute a single speaker the size of an Oreo cookie. Norris calls it a HyperSonic Sound System, and it is no ordinary speaker. Instead of a vibrating membrane, it uses a crystal wafer that can project a beam of sound across a room like a spotlight. It was called something like a laser disc projector Voice to Skull Devices is another thing to read about. When the beam hits a wall or a ceiling, it bounces off end creates the impression that the sound originates at that spot, like a ventriloquist throwing his voice. " The HyperSonic® Sound technology gives you the ability to direct sound where you want it and nowhere else.1997 Anyone with children knows how valuable peace and quiet can be, particularly on long car rides. With Audio Spotlight technology, each person in a vehicle can choose to listen to their own sound beamed directly to them.

"Nonlethal weapon which includes (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device which uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of persons or animals by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation; and (2) a silent sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of person or animals. Note: the modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages.

Acronym: V2K

There is a person who I asked questions and if they had every heard of V2K, this person has military experience. This person does not wish to be named, but they said to me that they had heard of V2K. I told them about someone who said they get V2K, they said to me to tell the person who said that they experience V2K, that he should not repeat whatever they heard ,and not to blame it on what they thought might be V2K and move on and get involved in learning more about the topic because there is so much to learn. Because it is good to be aware of new developments in technology as researchers invent new things and keep the public aware of their development. I wonder if this V2K is related to the weapon called the "voice of god" that was mentioned in a article I read about that mention another weapon called the "rods of god" which are military weapons being developed and demonstrated at some conferences that deal with these types of new inventions. If V2K is related to a military weapon that is used on the enemy, a question needs to be asked, what does the military want the enemy to do? Win? (laughter). The answer is obvious it is to make them lose not win. When a military person found out someone I was talking who is living another country was complaining about V2K, that military officer told me that it was auditory input .Another military officer said they called it auditory input also and that sounded to me like that military person was saying that if a person claimed to have V2K that is really auditory input when someone mentioned auditory input to me that sounds to me like that military officer was saying if they are saying that he has a mental illness when someone has says that they have auditory input that means they are hearing voices which is what V2K is. I have not seen any government official or doctor say that ordinary people are telling the truth when they say they have experienced V2K. And if a doctor ever did tells them they believed in V2K that is something to distrust because that doctor is only saying that to trick that person into telling them they hear voices. One of those military officers suggested that I advised that person to watch out for people encouraging them to say they had experienced V2K. There was a person I heard talk about V2K and they told me when I talked to them about it he shared some of his experiences He said, right now with V2K the * “perps are saying with you have nice eyes, he went on to say with V2K the perps are saying you can play good music.” This person told me this at the conference mention meeting that was mentioned that happened in Dec 2006 where I met him after talking to him on a conference call where people were being coached to blame anything they did not understand on directed energy weapons and then they created another conference call later for people who said they have V2K The man who told what they perps were saying to him with V2K created that conference call later after I met him at that conference in Davis California held on Dec 10th and invited me to his V2K conference call to talk to other people who say they have V2K. I did not call there and talk with people repeatedly because I do not personally experience that.

*(perps =perpetrators). This is why I put that on my website the word perps. That is why I did not have a link for V2K on my website because I do not experience it and I do not trust people who say they do. There was a link to Christian against mental slavery and they have a link to information about V2K. That is not the person I spoke with who is from another country who claimed that they have experienced it.

At this conference where I met people who called themselves “targets” and I was invited to performed a song I wrote called T.I which stands for "targeted individual" Because I know about "Electro-Senstivity" The word target is used in the news to describe a variety of situations. People can be targets for success, people can target of criminals people can be targets of scammer. I also mentioned electronic chains on my mind in that song T.I. those electronic chains mentioned is a reference to brain swelling from the wrong kind of thoughts and watching to much TV which I do not do and from people coaching me with the wrong information, and from a illness that I have call Lyme Disease and from a sensitivity that I have called electro-senstivity. and suffering in silence that is mentioned in that song called T.I. because that is what scammers want people they scam to do.

Also feeling sick or uncomfortable can be because of senstivity to the electric grid which is involved when it comes to something called electro-senstivity which brings in the DOE because they have a right to be concerned about peak power levels when there are complaints about the health effects of electric pollution which is no different than smog and clear air days that had been declared. DOE went out of their way to let people know that when they work around power stations in close proximity to large transformers and electrical wiring that there are safety issues. There is special clothing that protects people from some of the electromagnetic radiation when they work in a situation that required them to be exposed to high currents. And sometimes individual persons are sensitivity to electric currents and other environmental issues that takes them to more rural areas because it is less populated in that way and less people using electricity and less non-ionizing radiation which can be a by product of electricity. However because there is electrical wiring under ground even in rural areas some people who are senstitive to it will still notice some effects. Also cordless phones and cell phones technology some times causes people get headaches and feel sick enough to stick with land line telephones. So those people have to try out different things to see what works for them still have to work at taking care of their health issues that are effected by the environment. Be careful of super expensive materials that the sellers make claims to resolve the issue. Some times cheaper things work better. Just be careful and explain to people why you trying different materials out if they ask and sometimes even if they do not ask. Because some times people misunderstand why someone is trying out different materials and drawn the wrong conclusion. You can purhcase sheilding for electrical cords and other electrical items that may put out electromagnetic pollution which can include emf, elf and non-ionzing radiation etc. If you ever try out foil which they do sell to sheild for the emf problem from electrical wiring it is heavy gauged not like the kind used commonly by people in their homes for cooking etc. [ ] if you ever try that out be careful to explain to people so they understand why you are doing what you are doing.
However there are things that work better than foil and know that when people have not read about the topic and are not educated about and the health issues of that electro-pollution and solutions, they may be willing to libel you and call you crazy because of their lack of understanding and their desire to mislead other people about who you are and what you think. I have tried out foil and wrapped it in duck tape along with copper wiring to attempt to make my own sheilding material to experiment before purchasing something from the "Less EMF store" that is more costly to see if it worked, but I found other things that work a little better than foil. Such as eating healthy, and being careful not to take in a lot of iron into your body and in your diet when there is a electro-senstivity issue. I might try some of the Less EMF products some day. Remember how some people label and libel people who are concerned about eating healthy they will call them names also that is nothing new. There are people who misjudge people who attempt to improve their health that way by eating healthy because they do not like eating healthy food. That is illegal to libel people in that why when they are searching for ways to improve their health. If that happens leave people like that alone after you warn them that they are libel with their statements and sometimes it not worth warning them, some times it is worth letting yourself see who will libel you like that who will not.

And be very careful when someone tells you it is okay to use foil and say they do not have a problem with it, because some of those same people will lie on you later after they tell you its okay to experiment around with different things after you read about ways to improve your health. People will make fun of people who try out different diets to improve their health. Some people will use something like bath matts when they have a lot of electronic equipment around or when they feel sensitive to peak power. Some people will place them on a chair that they are sitting on if they feel it helps them feel better because of senstivity to the pollution from electro-senstivity and electromagnetic fields from appliances in their homes. Because we not going to go around unplugging appliances all the time. Bath matts are cheaper than some of the expensive materials that are for sale at stores like "less emf" and other stores not mentioned. I have heard good reports from people who have purchased supplies from less emf. I have also heard that some of those materials cut down about 30% of what was felt due to electro-senstivity.

If there is a lot of salt in someone diet that can also effect their sensitivity to electromagnetic pollution in their environment. Please do not use foil as total solution is best to find other materials. Bath matts can be made to look nice and covered with material. Because people who do want you to use foil so they can slander you will want an explaination even though foil does block out some of the magnetic fields emitted by wiring that is why many people don't want to use it at all. It is best to not use it unless you are able to talk about it clearly. You can read more about how foil is use for sheilding wiring at this link scroll down and look for "Magnetic Sheilding Foil" My advice is please do not use foil unless you are going to educate yourself and other people as to why and please learn more about Emf Pollution which is related to electro-senstivity. I did read a book about this written by Dr. Becker in 1999 and purchased some things from a local store in 2000 to block out radiation from my computer monitor at that time also and it was helpful to my eyes. And when I slept with my head next to a outlet I and large electric power wires that ran a building my brain got inflammed.

When a news reporter ask the viewers to not drive if they do not have to because of the air quality and because they had set aside the following day as a clean air day due to smog. That is no different from people not using their washers and dyers for very tiny loads to prevent electo-pollution. The electric grid it is international and the effects and side effects of this type of pollution is known about and written about by many.

I dislike the trend of people wanting to blame directed energy weapons when it is electro-senstivity to the electric grid. And it is not because someone is trying to do to them on purpose. Electro-sensitivity is not something that makes anyone avoid electricity. Electricity is something we all need and love because it lighten the way.

"1956 Scientific Engineering Institute (SEI) founded facility to study the effects of microwaves/radar on the brain."

This article is a results of me talking with people who are complaining about this issues mentioned here and some of them claim to be experts in this area while I am not. I have read about the topic though in the newspapers as well as watched news stories about new technology being developed by private companies for the the military and for commerical use. Sometimes things I have written and said give more flavor to my life because I am a musician and songwriter who sings about a variety of topics. And I have labelled myself as a activist in the past even though I barely went to demonstrations and protest, the majority of protest and demonstrations I experienced was from listening to them on the radio. In my entire life I have been to approximately 6 protest aka demonstrations. I am a active thinker. That is why I thought about labelling myself as a activist but it's not necessary when I am already a active thinker who likes to learn and it helps me with my music career and my health. When the truth is I enjoy talking with people about different issues.

Quotes from a person who I talked with Clarification: "Activist are being subjected to covert slow-kill pulsed-radiation weapons assaults rather than an experiment and the larger population is being slow-fried with weapons signals piggybacked on the energy grid with other electromagnetic weapons for purposes of "remote influencing."(Lynn Surgalla Former ).
In this article and in emails I quoted Lynn Surgalla because she said she was the she is an expert with knowledge about these issues. In my opinion she is not a expert when she is telling people that directed energy weapons are being used on them and it is possibly confusing to people and wanting them to repeat her words maybe she is confused about the effects this has on people when they go meet with a Senator and repeat their words and it is something that is said out of speculation and the pulsing that I mentioned was possibly killing people when I met with a Senator with other people who encouraged that meeting was a direct results of my lack of understanding that people like the person mentioned above and Jim McCue others who organized a conference that held Dec 10th for people who they encouraged to called themselves targets that I went along with other people to a meeting he and other organized with Senator and who do seem to not understand that people do have a senstivity to electro-pollution. And will encourage them to say they are targets of directed energy weapons and community based harassment to make them sound like something they are not in front of other people. When I did tell those people that I had other health issues and a disability they still got upset that I would not talk about wanting to ban directed energy weapons and something they call community based harassment which is really vandalism from people who are losers. Who are The more I read about these directed energy weapons the more I have learned about other reasons why someone may feel uncomfortable with the conclusions drawn by other people who want them to accept theories they have come up with in books about mind control and a list of weapons that cause a variety of effects and things like lasers are purchased in stores and have been used on people to blind them, that has been on the news also tasers and which is a electronic weapons for self defense for some, and a weapon that can also be used to abuse people if someone is not aware of what that feels like. But when you are on top of a electric wiring you don't need tasers to make people feel sick.

To go into more detail about something mentioned above for the sake of other people whom I have written about this topic. I talked with someone who lives in another country who told me they may have experienced V2K and they told me that it was odd. I talked with a former military person who mentioned this on a military website and they told me to tell that person who claims to have experienced that not to trust the source of information and to tell that person who claimed to experience V2K not to repeat anything they claim to have heard as a results of what they thought was V2K, and certainly do not act on it, because that could be a variety of things being misused and misunderstood. Even a laser sonic sound projectors that someone had for sale told me that it can project sound across the street in the form of a whisper. And he demonstrated his equipment that he was selling for me. Of course I do not agree with everything that was said by all of the people I spoke with concerning V2K and I have never experienced it personally. But it is one of the interesting things I read about. I wonder if this V2K is related to the weapon called the "voice of god" that was mentioned in a article I read. If it is that is even more of a reason to never trust the source of information, and to not repeat it and to not act on any input like that. The only thing to trust is information that is said directly to you in your ear on the phone or to your face person to person. And if you say something that you do not mean and it turned out to be a mistake that can turn into a lie on someone without you meaning to lie on them take time to correct it yourself if you can because it is not okay to do lie on other people because mistakes can be corrected. And if you do not agree with what is said let the person know that if you can and do not act on advice that people give you to mislead you to call yourself a target or to say that people are trying to kill you with microwave weapons or pulsing with microwaves. The "voice of god" and "rods of god" are .both are military weapons that are still being develop so do not get confused and say they are being used on you by the government.

Personally I was taught about implants by someone who is educated about them and was curious about them myself enough to have to do more reading after I talked with that person, and curious about the possiblity of having metal in my body because I had a stud finder that was to find metal in the wall and got a postivie reading when I ran the stud finder across my body and my head and I was concerned enough to talk to a doctor about it and show that that stud finder and the reading I got. A doctor told me that this could be because of metal that is in shampoo, and I later thought about the metals that we pick up in the enviroment also. A doctor then took the stud finer and ran it over their body and got a positive reading which is why I never approached her about any concerns about implants again because she educated me about why there might be a positive reading because of metals in products that we use and what I thought about metals in our environment. Because a set of previous x-rays I had taken had been lost. I asked a doctor how can I sure those x-rays that are taken today are mine. That doctor then suggested that I tape magnets on my body so that when the x-ray came back we would both be sure those x-rays were mine. I then taped magneto my body to make sure my x-rays would be marked as mine clearly and not lost. That was only done because of my concern about losing pervious x-rays taken of my back re-injury. Because one of the x-ray techs told me he could not find those x-rays when he looked several places and told me they might be lost or in storage. And there seemed to be confusion about if another set of x-rays where mine or not by the techs and myself. And that doctor knows I had a back injury and gave me a anti-inflammtory for swelling because of it. And that was a re-injury to a old injury. And because I had a broken nose when I was a child I asked my parents if there was surgery for it. I did have a right to wonder if there was metal there because of that. And someone thought they noticed a wire around my nose when they saw those x-rays and it could be just cartilage because my parents said there was no surgery on my nose when I asked them later. And even if there was a wire there I do not want it removed now. I talked to someone who went into the doctor to have some metal removed from their arm and they ended up in worse shape than they were before.

When I showed people pictures of those x-rays I did not tell everyone about the magnets but I sure did not tell those people who saw them online that the magnets were implants, one person said, well I can see the metal right there. I just let them say it I did not dispute them seeing metal because I knew there was metal magnets there, but they also thought they saw a little string of wire around my nose. I did not dispute those people who were going around online saying everything blaming things on so called "mind control" because I felt like some of those people were misleading me on purpose and I felt like some of them had the potential to misled me on purpose and I let them mislead themselves but I did do that on purpose. I did not misled my family members on purpose whom I told about the possibility of a wire around my nose later and my parents told me there was no surgery for the broken nose I had when I was a child, and that happened from some one playing with me it was not because of abuse or anything like that. I read about mind control online on people's websites and I did write songs about what I read including mind control and implants but not because I believed in what I read. However there are implants being used by doctors who put them in people now adays because they are establishing the fact that they can store medical information but in those case the patient gives their consent. Because of environmental pollutions many people have some times felt like they were an involuntary human experiments. Which is what some people say to each other as they are eating healthy.

Some of those people who feel that way do not blame the government for that they just educate themselves on how to take care of their health better. And some of them will encourage their friends to eat better along with them.

I wrote songs about being love with people when I was single. I believe in love but I do not believe in ghost and there are songs about that. I am sure everyone remembers the song Ghost buseters. So I did write songs about the topic of so called "mind control" and directed energy weapons in the way that some people misleding talk about it. But I also lyrics about directed energy weapons because I have different versions of those songs because I enjoy expressing how I think about the topic also, and my conculsion is you do not blame directed energy when it is electro-senstivity". I enjoy reading and writing about a variety of topics.

Because I do not always come to a conclusion about things that I read right away until I have years to go over what I have read and cross reference what I have read with other opinion and find science and news reports to back it up. I did go on a radio show and say, they did stuff to us in the 80s in a county that I lived in, that stuff I referred to was talking openly about the details of our childhood experiences. And they were not all negative experiences that I talked about. And I also talked on that radio show about concerns that people had about those who have gotten a hold of a those cattle implant guns that are used instead of branding and attempt to get a scanner to read those cattle implants at they insert them however that is not the usual for most people with common sense. Because doing that to someone is illegal and scanner cost major bucks and most people are never gonna get scanner. This is something that I talked about on a radio show, and I metioned a article about a state that banned forced implantation which says that people have been doing that or people want to forced that so there is a concern that is valid about that. Wisconsin is one states that has banned forced implantation and California is the third state to ban this. California joins other states in their efforts to ban forced implantation of human beings. And what I read about this issue one professional said that the doctors they spoke with stated that when a device like this fails if it is place inside of someone's body it hard to remove it and better to just insert another one. Which would mean the person would have more metal in their body instead of having metal removed and then replaced. Which is a valid concern for those who wish to use those devices. So anyone who heard I was delibertly F---king with them for not explaining to them in detail about magnets they thought I wanted them to believe were implants I apologized that was misstated. I did plan to misled people by with holding that information that my doctor suggested that I tape those on my body so that the x-rays would be clearly marked that they are mine.

I did enjoy the articles I read about directed energy weapons that are being developed is still being researched. Directed energy weapons are declassified now and many people have written about them. There is a "Directed Energy Weapons Conference" that happens every year in the U.S as well as other countries that deals with this type of technology its development and it's potential uses.

Industrial environments and large apartment complexes have higher levels of electro-pollution and wiring that put out lots of power and sleeping on the floor above them can casue some senstivity. In a private apartment that is in a smaller building or a single house there is less of this type of pollution.

Because the electric grid runs under ground and of course there are power lines all over the place when you look at the electric poles it is sometimes confusing to people about why they feel senstivity when they are standing on the ground outside of a apartment or house. There is kinetic energy that comes out of the electric plugs and sockets that can effect someone if they sleep right in front of it and in books about the topic there are warnings to not place a baby's crib in front of those sockets and in a room that has a TV or computer monitor in the next room with the back of the Tv or computer facing the child's room.

When someone is sensitivity to peak power and they have heavy metals in their body which many people do have it can compound the issue of needing to take care of their health more by eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water to chelate those metals out of the body. There something called "The Master Cleanse" that is also helpful to people you can find it free online and instead of maple syrup I used black strap molasses and many times would not put any sweenter into my mix because that can produce other symptoms for those who are sensitive to sweenters.

I had website about directed energy weapons and I disagree with the majority of the information and conclusions drawn in books that I read about the topic of mind control that I placed on that website which is why I removed that website because I wanted to create a different type of website about the topic of directed energy weapons DEWIN.ORG that is more educational. I took down the other website when I realized that people are not going to stand behind what they wrote about in those books because a lot of that information is inaccurate information so they cannot stand behind it. So I am not going to do that url. And sell my music CDs and other products on my website and do my music business. Directed Energy Weapons are declassified now and have been talked about by many people and my advice is to be careful to not get misled by people who will encourage you to call yourself a target of directed energy weapons and then libel you, because people will claim to want some thing talked about only to trick you. The wise thing to do is to remember to read for yourself and learn what directed energy weapons can and cannot do. And will be more than happy to trick you when you talk about the topic with them. I did hear on the news that microwaves were used on protestors in San Francisco and the protestor did not even know it. So that can give someone the reason to speculate about being pulsed by microwaves if they have been to protest but electromagnetic pollution goes on whether you have been to protest or not. So don't flatter yourself and other people and believe those people who want you to say that directed energy weapons are targeting you personally. Because electro-senstivity is not a personal issue it is a environmental issue and if someone has Lyme Disease or MS. or Chronic Fatigue or Lupus those types of health issues are compounded by the many environmental pollutions. And all of those illnesses mentioned above are inflammatory illness. And electro-senstivity can add to inflammation.

I did request a email down that is on someone's website page called the mind control of Kuango Sei Lah. That website owner is refusing to remove that email that was placed there without my permission. And much of the language in it is quoted from Lynn Surgalla. Local vandals tampered with my vehicle and not the government. so that email is not accurate at all. When this woman and other people are complaining about domestic surveilance and emails being turned over to the NSA and then wanting to put up someone's private email on their website that is someone who is lying when they complain about The NSA gathering emails and saying it not right for them to do it, but its okay when they do it and place my name their UFO website? A lot of speculative lanaguage was used about pulsing and about people dying because of pulsing was due to coaching from people who call themselves activist and experts when they are not experts. Which is why I do not hang around or talk with those people much anymore because I do not like the coaching that they did to use such speculative language.

I want that email down because that was speculative langauge being used so that I could use the same kind of language that Lynn Surgalla used because she and other people encouraged people to use that kind of language and then she gets angry at them when they do not want to use that type of language anymore after they try it out. . Because of books I have read about cointelpro and seen news stories about politicians asking questions about possiblities of current cointelpro going on I know about the topic and have talked with people about it. I know personally I am not of interest like that to anyone though. She got angry with me when I did not agree with her about how she thought about the government. I was forced to leave that apartment due to tenant disputes not due to plusing microwaves. Much of the language in a petition was from by Lynn Surgalla I asked her to take credit for it and she told me she did not want her name on it as a writer, but she refused when I asked her to demand that email come down and she knew and knows that I want that email removed/ I requested the owner of that website to remove that email because the langauge in that email is not all mine. lovefreedom (at) is not a email address that I use anymore neither is kmtbuktu (at) or any other email.

Conclusion I have reached so far "Don't blame directed energy when it could be electro-senstivity" another form of pollution "


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