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At Obama Chicago HQ, Action on Peru Trade Agreement-video stream

Obama didn't show up for Peru trade agreement vote amid debate over NAFT in campaign. Chicago activists hold action at his Chicago HQ. Video stream info
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Jerry Mead-Lucero (R) gives group's statement to Obama HQ representative.
Photo: Labor Beat

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Members of the Chicago Trade with Justice Working Group paid a visit to the Obama for America headquarters in Chicago on Dec. 15, 2007. They wanted to tell Senator Barack Obama that they are concerned with his failure to appear at the recent Senate vote on the US-Peru “Free Trade” Agreement. They left a statement for Obama, a current candidate for U.S. President, and expressed their disappointment that he skipped the vote on the Peru trade pact. They were even more concerned that Obama, along with Sen Hillary Clinton, made public statements supporting the Peru Trade deal and that Illinois Senator from Illinois, Dick Durbin, voted in favor of it.

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