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Eric McDavid - Vegan Food Victory!

Dear friends,

On Thursday, during an interview with his lawyer and probation officer for his Pre-Sentencing Report, Eric was visited by jail commander Scott Jones. Jones informed Eric that, effective immediately, Eric would begin receiving two veggie burgers every night for dinner (thus far he has only been receiving one). His breakfast and lunch situation will remain the same - he will continue to eat what he can from the trays they bring him. This arrangement will continue until the jail fully implements its new policy of providing vegan food to prisoners who request it! We are still figuring out the details and time-lines, but this is a HUGE victory for Eric and all of you who helped make this happen - as well as for future vegan prisoners. Eric would like to thank all of you for your support and hard work - he could not have done this without you. Again, we will send out more details as they become available.

Also, please remember that Eric's sentencing is scheduled for January 24. Please consider writing a letter to the judge to urge the lowest possible sentence for Eric. The US Attorney is still indicating that they will be pushing for the maximum sentence of 20 years. The judge needs to hear from Eric’s friends and family – he needs to know that Eric is a well-respected, honest, compassionate, non-violent person. It is important for Judge England to know that the acts charged in the indictment are out of character for Eric. Some things you might mention in your letter include:

(1)How long you have known Eric

(2)How you met him and how you know him (i.e. school, work, mutual friends, etc.)

(3)Any experiences you have had with Eric that demonstrate what you think are important aspects of his character

Address your letter to:

Judge England
U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California-Sacramento
501 “I” Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Please DO NOT send your letter directly to Judge England. Instead, please send them directly to Eric’s lawyer:

Mark Reichel
555 Capitol Mall, 6th Floor - Suite 600
Sacramento, CA 95814

Please mail your letter with your original signature as soon as possible. Again, letters should be sent to Eric’s lawyer, Mark Reichel, and not to the judge.

Thank you all for your hard work and support!


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