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PBS et al.. The bushmob is thieving billions from America as
we speak, to further terrorize a dying America lost to the
indifference broadcasted daily on almost every radio and TV
network as our silenced voices.


PBS et al.. The bushmob is thieving billions from America as
we speak, to further terrorize a dying America lost to the
indifference broadcasted daily on almost every radio and TV
network as our silenced voices.

Mr. Bush, the terrorist, doesn't care to war for your stolen
billions, instead wants to kill even more innocent others as
neoconner traitor. In your name as "American." Johnny America
begs to disagree with criminals actually, and has taken a
stand against these 911 war mongers escaping our authority for
proper Public acknowledgement. If you, my reader, would only
support yourself.

Please, my friends, fight for our dying America. The TV and
radio celebs deliberately refuse to allow US to know: Ahmad
funded Atta, and, of the videos of steel flowing like water
from the WTC towers - all to KILL ourselves for the enemy liar
neocon. To KILL. OUR innocent families are being robbed and
murdered. CJOB, in Winnipeg, like FOXNEWS, lies daily to
dumber than average teen soldiers, not to defend freedom, or
Canada, but to die for dope pushing Islamic fundamentalism in
assisting the truly evil neocons escape for the crimes of 911.
How can anyone be so truly evil to Humanity you may hide in
fear of confronting directly? CJOB relentlessly THIEVES from
Manitobans, with our seriously corrupt lotteries they pocket
millions in criminal gains stolen from our most poor and
desperate, they work to CRIMINALLY give away our public
resources to their self described Zionist, 'kill the Jews,
kill the Jews' anti-humans. These nazi pigs celebrate their
public hatred for innocent humans with LIES about 911, Israel([search]),
and anything else that threatens Justice to win through free
open communications. Bush, as does every neocon, needs to be
tried publicly then executed for the crimes of 911 with his
partner, General Ahmad, according to every honorable Police
agency that uses evidence to form OUR conclusions. Please
fight for Justice, please fight for Life, please fight for
yourself by picking up YOUR phone and calling for a Humanity
that would care if you tried to do what was right. Do you
expect yourself to fail trying? Just try for your life's sake
I beg, just try. Or.. die you will, die YOU will. Christ
kills a bushite with a Love for GOD that will never die, but I
AM ONLY ONE MAN. WE HATE bushite to death I do, see?,
wouldn't you as anywho too? Think about it. Dying as a slave
to the demon antichrist, or live for a better future by
demanding Justice IS Freedom. We want to be Just for ourselves
to be believed in. We, The people, want true accountability.
Don't be cowardly stupider than stupid allots.

It is not just a Muslim who sees the bushite as an enemy to
Humanity. These lawless savages have been acting without
accountability to anyone, because they are largely enemies of
every American, who cowardly run from responsibility in
America to defend their own brothers and sisters from the LIAR
neocon, and die instead as/with rapists, torturers, and Art
Bell liking THIEVES. An Oath to God means nothing to a busite
grunting savaged criminal, claiming to be lawless as an enemy
to EVERY HUMAN BEING. Remember: these thieves have stolen from
all still paying Americans dying from true self contempt. No
evidence against an accused is US being truly abused.

Listen to this demon nazi witch, the zionist bitch who
personally FORBADE a plead to stop indiscriminate killing in
Lebanon([search]), assisted in dropping seven million land mines on
Lebanon, and was CENTRAL to the invasion of Afghanistan for
Enron's master plan, tells US with bushite lies that no, Iran
was responsible for the terrorist crimes she fully
acknowledges to be responsible for actually. I ASK: ARE
THERE any soldiers from America who don't believe this 911
witch shouldn't be tried for high treason as a bonafide
TERRORIST? Listen to the end where she says America supports
Iran's pursuit of nuclear energy... so why does she want to
murder millions of innocent people with fall out then.. EH>?
WORLD: threaten to liberate nazi America, if they
indiscriminately murder millions more of innocent souls
without cause, but for the demon antichrist thieves who speak
nothing to defend Humanity. Much like happy happy who cares
Germans were under "liberator" Hitler. Except however,
in our defense, we at that time, didn't have our internets,
or so many, 'you have no power, you have no power' corporate
news channels for Americans to quietly sleep through.
Americans who refuse to speak outrage in the defense of the
Human Race, are Americans not worthy the title of fellow
Human beings. All they as bushmob amerika have done, is
thieve, destroy and murder from everyone of US since
911. I am growing wearily concerned over whether Americans
even can still express real anger over their continuing

Twisted demon nazi LIAR, America's TV "preacher", Jack Van Impe

"He wants to wipe every Jew off the face of the earth, and
he's said it many times!" referring to Iran's elected
President, a nation with a large living 'hidden' Jewish
community Impe would MURDER to not let YOU truly know of.

"We love you so very much.."

What love lies to murder the innocent to feed the greed of the
selfish EVIL Jack Van Impe family? Every show the demon does,
is filled with LIES that are made to murder more as Satanic,
and it ain't no accident to continually lie like that, each
and every time to support lawless tyranny to enslave the human
race for more ungodly neocon plunders as their personal richly
growing treasures.

the Jews, kill the Jews' No, bill the escaping un-arrested
zionist god betrayers who rape, murder and steal from Humanity
as LIARS - all done by US to DEFEND Jews, to Defend G-D, To
defend Christ. Christ - Born King of the Jews, as true
King of Kings - I am by no accident in every word, truly great


Look: corporate magic TV people couldn't care less for US if
they tried. Ahmad funded Atta. bin Laden claimed he played
no part in 911. And video of iron running like water moments
before the first tower fell is freely available for download
all over the place. CBC, CNN, FOXnews et al. know the
Bushmob did 911 in other words. Live for freedom dying
America! Johnny America wants to be invited on Coast to
Coast. Make it happen Man. Justice for god, is Justice for

True Tyranny - to continue as an American refusing to publicly
demand torture, theft, and murder as unacceptable when
battlin' evil for your dying freedoms.. Evidence we must
pursue on 911 to know really what the heavens Johnny 'The Law
Man' is talking about still. Justice to the bushwhacker neocon
soldier, a foreigner who apparently speaks no defense for
innocent Americans dying sacrificed as conned for the ill
stolen gains of the 911 trifecta. Justice to the lying
enemies of freedom for America in Christ. Justice for YOU.

Fight Back for Christ Sake God Damn You

"Another Wizard's World Wide Work of Wonder audio spectacular!!!"

Justice to the bushite, Justice to the enemies of America, so
called out the Son to God as King of men:


Like, so in walks this, out of work time Lord who thinks to
converse to the masses about the most basic of reasons to save
the lives of innocent others, leaving him convinced, he really
needed an audience for this fable to rise as profitable
venture. So, it was followed to make it out there in this
real world, is to care for Justice measured. All done so to
bring greater hope for a better future as all would follow,
boy, were they surprised!

Johnny Wizard has arrived..

Spare me some money won't you please for this art of wondrous
tragedy?, Jeeze.. I seriously need money to feed myself.

P.S. I'm still hoping that Coast to Coast will bill me godman
co-host, all to openly address these freedom for all
operations, with Justice ruling our way over the irrational
tyrannies practiced by others happily blinded. Evidence is
required to convince ourselves on who is good or evil.
Period. Don't like it? Too bad. We are on charged!!

/ / REAL Soldiers: try calling the pro-bush radio station,
CJOB, and ask them to stop thieving from our community, and
demand they allow open, honest, intelligent discussions on
their contempt for the Canadian flag. Thanks. P.S. You may
have to wade through 45 minutes of their for profit
commercials. Fuk, on weekends, when People are home from
work, they run continuous commi crap to take even further more
silenced. \ \

CJOB STEALS millions from poor Winnipeggers through their
fraud of lotteries, and as a consequence, they'll cheer our
sons and daughters to die cowardly instead, for lawless Bush
rule, where evidenced findings of Our police agencies are
forbidden topic material, like mathematics, and instead, bin
Laden did "it", now die for the demon antichrist LIAR ENEMY OF
GOD. Al-Qaida = General Mahmoud Ahmad

Fuk, I HATE bushite enemies of Freedom for America - don't YOU?

/ / "I grabbed her little sister and put her in front of me .
. as the bullets began to fly, the blood sprayed from between
her eyes, and then I laughed maniacally." [, then were heard
the cheers of godless bushite dumfuk traitors obscening to God
and Man as the unholy enemy.]

What ever happened to butterfly kisses after evening prayers?

Are you telling me, an American Father, wouldn't gloriously
kill this lawless bushite enemy and his demonic ilk, for our
love of girls everywhere? Or, how about the UNARRESTED
soldiers we witnessed on video beat shoeless children
practically to death while laughing and cheering? Or like
those that speak zero defenses for Haditha's confessed MASS
MURDERING irrational women and child killers? The REAL demons
CONFESS to going into a house, WITHOUT reasoned approach, and
slaughtering an entire INNOCENT family.. for nothing but
their lifeless SATANIC pleasures. The 'cause'? "The [mass
murdered unarmed innocent neighbor's] back door was open.."
To, for God, gloriously, with love, kill these unarrested
murderous continuing ungodly bushite nazis, is to war the TRUE
enemies of Humanity to save the lives of our precious loved


Not as tyrants have we come, but as liberators
- Adolf Hitler, 1938 -

Terror watch list swells to more than 755,000

Hey! without evidence, we all could be down for abuse as
innocent doers for evil Bush.


Oath to God

The bushite took an Oath to God and country to defend America
from war criminals, and instead, as cowardly neocon bush
bitches, commit war crimes of theft and mass murder against
the great Iraqi People. A soldier in the air force, is a
dishonorable nazi savage, worthy the death sentence for
assisting in bombing Humanity indiscriminately as zionist
enemies of Christ, attempting to destroy Johnny's America with
their provable DEMONIC LIES. Death to the bushite enemies of
Life, who lawlessly war Creation with torture and slavery to
'escape' the neocons for 911. Your magic TV exec excuses
don't mean squat when the facts are so readily available. But
a bushite don't read, or write, or think freedom. Zionist
enemies of ALL Our humanity, murder to believe US won't ever
hunt them down by Law to defend ourselves over. Hammurabi
LAWS to bill the false capital accusers first, and everything
else will fall into place. [note: Hammurabi founded

To Our Patriotic American Lovers of Justice and Freedom

Look, do you want to defeat the bad guys, or not? Bush gave
US zero evidence to form our free thoughts on the 911 Justice
issue. Treason. Simple.

I have the plan. Return all the stolen monies, and hunt those
who rape torture, or murder. And.. get the neocons for
treason on 911 most especially. So, here we go..

/ / Putin recently declared that Iran does not possess nuclear
weapons, is not pursuing a nuclear weapons program and poses
"no threat" to any nation, least of all the United States.
[...] If Putin is evil, surely Bush is worse than Satan himself. \ \

Bush is the most evil anyone through space-time can 'be'. He
uses hypnosis over the too weak as blindly supporting the
murder of innocent others. Hitler wasn't even so openly
naively evil as Our Mr. bush Jr is truly. Our. What are YOU
going to do about it... PnK.! Answered silent the God of
Hosts echoed: Support our rise to find ANY soldier who honors
the American flag, who doesn't agree Bush, Cheney, and
Rumsfeld must be publicly arrested immediately for the
continuing war crime trials of 911. (And Condi with Myers too
as just getting started then.) Otherwise, we WILL find
ourselves in secret agreement, even without Coast to Coast
Inc., network 'group think' programming. Justice for America
is Our Cause. And you America.. love LIFE by fighting to win
against the traitor neocon thieving terrorists, who will the
death of innocent families to escape themselves our
accountability. False accusers who deny respect for yourself
as a New Yorker included in forming our conclusions with facts
as understood actual. Military heads generally do not have
the skills to communicate such clarity, for they are not
swinging guitarists, as too cowardly to speak a care for
Freedom through Justice in Johnny's America. Babble babble..

Bombs Kill People

Nazi Israel, the ungodly nation that murders Christians in
G-D's name AS THIEVES, deserves to die as proven war
criminals, to bring about a living nation that respects the
Jew by Law, to be just me or You living freely for happiness.
Israel is a nation who's nazi government HATES GOD, because
they are known BY ALL as a criminal in nature, a unjust first
degree murdering zionist demonic thieving enemy non-entity of
dying life. I would ask Syria to consider hiring me on as
defensive minister, or yous in Iraq, Iran, Canada, or Europe.
WOW! 'BIG LOVE' China!! Moscow! Hey buddies... I'm coming
over for drinks no matter which way you look at it. Business

Again, evil bushite THIEVES claim they are justified when
indiscriminately bombing populated cities to MURDER US People.
All to help 'escape' the neocon ENEMIES of America - they also
support "officially" destroying Our public infrastructure,
thieving humanitarian aid, while incarcerating innocent people
to collectively be punished by the TRULY Satanic enemies of


ALL TIME LOW - A Study of Freedom

/ / By simply deciding that something is a “state secret,” the
Bush government has avoided answering for its brutal treatment
of innocent [TORTURE] victims in the war on terror. This is a
perversion of the principle of American justice. \ \ Realize: Mr.
Bush, the demon enemy of all humanity, out of the same mouth,
states torturing [innocent victims as satanic liars] would be
ungodly, and isn't done. Like bin Laden did "it", Saddam wouldn't
let inspectors in, and neocon thieving soldiers who murder our
families indiscriminately as zionist betrayers to Christ and
America are Heros.

bush "We do not torture"

Kill the bushite enemies BY AMERICAN LAW for torturing innocent
people to death as lawless 'whore yah' thieving disciples
of the ungodly antichrist who bombed Iraq for NO REASON

To Kill a Bushite, is to be Heroic

Pro child killer George Norry, enemy of the American soldier,
still blabs about how more must die unjustly for bin Laden
with LIES, knowing full well, video of steel flowing like
water from the WTC exists, and that General Ahmad funded Atta.
George Norry is a traitor to the FBI, who further plans more
to die sacrificed under the censorship of the tyrant
antichrist. Who cares I ask about America truly dying as
neoCONNED, for George Norry has millions to not take your
calls for protection, and honestly, 'Americans' couldn't care
much less for Our Humanity's future. Live free by defending
liberty by killing pro lawless pro torture pro fascist bushite
enemies my friend, live free by defending Yourself and GOD.

/ / He was told that if he did not confess to belonging to al-Qaida
he would be anally raped by specially trained dogs. Habib said he was
returned to U.S. custody after his stint in an Egyptian prison and
flown to Bagram air base, in Afghanistan, and then to Guantanamo Bay \ \

/ / If you’d smell the coffee and get your eyes open, you would see that
all totalitarian states have to corrupt the courts in order to be able
to rule and not admit that they are totalitarian states. \ \

Last thursday or friday, Naomi was on with Randy Roades
for an hour! Wow! Don't miss it!


News Strobe: Nazi Israel murders more as enemies to Jew and G-D.


Project For The New American Century

“…advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific
genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of
terror to a politically useful tool.”

USEFUL! Tell me, wouldn't YOU have publicly tried, then
executed neocon traitors for mass murder if you were
dying as Johnny's America?

AIDS as a weapon used by those of "Project Paperclip",
zionist neocons who war as enemies of humankind? What
evidence does a bushite need, when it thoughtlessly murders
America for demon bush as it's "G-D"?, the thing that does
all it's opinioning for it?, on who is guilty of evil doing
in complete blind faith puppeting LIES? If anything, bush
would be Puppeteer, before "he's only a puppet, he's only a
puppet, look away! look away!" of the Old World Order of
illiterate nazi savages who murder innocent people to thieve
from as our enemies. To kill a bushite, is to be truly heroic.
Ask anyone. What WE want is public accountability.

I'm telling you America, George Norry is a blatant naked
traitor talking the love of your innocent dying sons and
daughters as too stupid and cowardly to defend our dying
America from the actual 'escaping' neocon 911 perpetrators.


Christ, The Son of Man, begs the godly men of Earth, to
judicially bill on sight, any neocon soldier who supports the
carnage waged in Afghanistan as cop killing dope pushers. CNN
must, and WILL be tried for high treason for their demon lies
broadcasting the northern alliance don't push dope, while the
Taliban did, and do. CNN execs will be put to death for such
demonic claims that stand no ground in the light of all evidence.
Plus, the Taliban were honorable in defending America by demanding
facts to form our conclusions on how bin Laden is in anyway
connected to the crimes of 911. Example: how did bin Laden sneak
the explosives into building seven with his bulky dialisis machine
dumfuks? I HATE bushite to death I DO. Death to the bushite, death
to the enemies of Mankind.

I, Johnny Wizard, in the city of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba


Pakistani ISI Director General Ahmad orders an aide to wire
transfer about $100,000 to hijacker Atta. Ahmad later resigns
after the transfer is disclosed in India and confirmed by the
FBI. [Dawn, 10/8/01, Times of India, 10/9/01, Wall Street
Journal, 10/10/01, AFP, 10/10/01]


On March 3, 2002, MSNBC's Jim Miklaszewski reported that he
had received anonymously, top secret presidential war strategy
documents dated September 9th, 2001, originating from
Condolezza's office, outlining a strategy to invade
Afghanistan premised on blaming bin Laden a terrorist, but
providing no evidence to back up the allegation, thereby,
securing criminal invasion.

then the demon enemies of America, closed outstanding criminal

Investigating the Investigation

"Did the vice president call you and urge you not to
investigate the events of Sept. 11?" Daschle flatly
contradicted Cheney: "Yes, he did, Tim,"

6. : FBI Called off Terror Investigations

Two veteran FBI investigators say they were ordered to stop
investigations into a suspected terror cell linked to Osama
bin Laden's al Qaeda network and the Sept. 11 attacks...

`You Will Not Open Criminal Investigations'


/ / The [BUSHITE ENEMY] US has said it would refuse any
request by Italy to extradite the accused [satanic bushite
torturers of completely INNOCENT PEOPLE]. \ \

Protestor's sign: "killing innocent people is the problem
not the solution."

Christ, The Son of Man, begs the godly men of Earth, to
judicially bill on sight, any neocon soldier who supports the
carnage waged in Afghanistan as cop killing dope pushers.
They shoot innocent women and children dead in the streets for
humor, and bushite pirates at CBC and CNN, state bushite in
Afghanistan are doing a good thing helping the bushmob escape
the crimes of 911 by warring for Muslim fundamentalism,
persecuting INNOCENT women and Christians, while for
entertainment, bomb innocent families running for their lives
from a Holy Church. Soulless child killing soldiers who CBC
execs would tell are our DEMONIC heroes. Lawless dope pushing
cop killers have got to go down dead screaming, instead of the
innocent - YOU and me they target for MURDER. Death to the
dishonorable bushite THIEVES, death to the enemy neocon LIARS
of GOD and man.

We can really be something greater, while a murderous bushite
thief, a LIAR, can hardly read or write Liberty without
flinching from self contempt.

Kill a bushite LIAR, why don't you my brothers and sisters of
the faith in something greater than bushite godless tyranny?

Soldiers of fortune: kill the lawless bushite nazi savages to
defend MY dying America.


Sir Ken, head of the Crown Prosecution Service

"The fight against terrorism on the streets of [..] is not a
war. It is the prevention of crime, the enforcement of our
laws and the winning of justice for those damaged by their

You got that right. So, join US in demanding the quick
trials, and public executions of known bushite enemies who
murdered Americans on 911 with general Ahmad, and who with
Peter Power, murdered the innocent in Britain for more stolen
goods against God. And anyone in the air force as bushite
bombers should be a great joy for US all to hunt for
prosecuting too. The bushite dumfuk is an enemy to our lives,
with it's blatant naked contempt for the innocent, who like
the demon liar THEIVES at CJOB, George Norry, or Hannity, will
forbid ANY human defenses of the lawless dictate of the
IRRATIONAL tyrannical demon antichrist, all so to victimize
more of You as the censored forsaken.


/ / It is strange that the 'Secret Organization of Al
Qaeda in Europe,' the group that is allegedly
responsible, would have escaped notice (to say nothing
of their odd, 'double secret probation' type of name). \ \

Bushite are EVIL to all, as enemies to Human kind.
During Katrina, the bushites responsible for protecting
America, slaughtered everyone's confiscated pets for joy
and happiness. Three schools filled with hundreds of
dogs, cats, snakes and bats. There was no need to kill
everyone's beloved pet, but as the bushite will FREELY
tell YOU, it was fun to serve demonically as the
antichrist enemies of God and love. demand Justice for
God, demand Justice for Johnny.

/ / The mere fact that one can deduce a motive for a
person or a group does not mean that they perpetrated
the act...and it hardly suffices as proof of anything.\ \

Just try telling that to 'why work to make life better'
CBC, CNN, or FOXNEWS censors. Look at me!! They refuse
to acknowledge my documented info as REALLY important
to your continued ACTUAL survival.

Who fuking cares right? Certainly not the enemies
of America at the Coast to Coast radio network, who would
kill Americans for the rich neocons without question. It's
JUST American kids getting conned to die as bad guys.

God is Great

Again, George W. bush did 911 with General Ahmad, but CBC
zionists, actual treasonous LIARS, actually smile to dying
Canadian soldiers with only true contempt. CBC kills Canadian
kids, with their intentional demon lies, trying to subvert
Justice for God and Johnny. In fact, yesterday, they did a
special, all on how "God is NOT Great", giving that bush bitch
demon LIAR, all the space to pontificate it's hatred for
Wisdom, Science, and GOD, with only nods and smiles from the
'illiterate' hord. Remember: A zionist KNOWS it's an enemy of
Humanity when it supports dropping seven million land minds to
murder indiscriminately OUR CHILDREN for decades, or stealing
a Christians Home because they say God says Jews would do such
ungodly acts. Blame innocent Jews the holocaust denying
zionist shout, of which not one, is a Jew. Like me.



So Remember: Bushite grunts told the world they wouldn't let
anyone out of the city, because [enemy Sattler LIED]
pro-bushite Zarqawi was there present, so the innocent
families who believed they had nothing to fear from the liar
disciples of the ungodly enemy of ALL HUMAN LIVES, remained in
the tiny city to be indiscriminately 'protected' with more
than nine two thousand pound bombs, or made dead instead by
heinous pro-bush escaping war criminals who used white
phosphorous on civilization. All to die our Humanity for the
thieved loss of evidence to demand ourselves of some official
freedom time to deal with our terrorized as suffering reality.


/ / The Bush administration has expressed concern that the vote
could lead to Turkey cutting off crucial supply lines to Iraq. \ \

EVIL Zionists in Israel starve Israeli Jews in hopes to attract more
free humanitarian aid they can use elsewhere.


CCTV proves police lied: de Menezes behaved normally before being


Support my cause, which is your cause.

Senior Military analyst, Rob Riggle "In the field John, the
soldiers are out there, every day, risking their lives, for a
common Ideal: that none of the President's decisions be

This is more true than a bushite would admit before murdering
a honorable father to rape his young child, like Lcpl
Boudreaux freely confesses. Boudreaux will tell you, openly,
you have to murder the Arab father of the Arab child your
planning to rape, because if you don't, that Father will spend
the rest of this life, hunting you down in the streets to rip
you limb from limb for it.

Let US, me and the few, proud, and the brave, bring that
Father's intent to bare on lancing Boudreaux, and any other
who would sing in it's ungodly defense.

Zionist american media news celebs do tell, everyday, soldiers
for the neocon are all Heroes.

Please, my brothers, join me in hunting each and every bushite
present in this video down for death. For a Love of God that
will never end, until we have seen each and every responsible
child killing bushite present brought to true Justice extreme.

/ / Bushite Soldiers beat Defenseless Barefoot Children to Death for
Satanic Fun
Even after they plead them to stop they continue and
the cameraman seems to be having an orgasm.

news_of_the_world_uk_iraqi_beating_video.wmv \ \

One in Ten Thousand


OH GOD! - to not believe as real Patriots - OH GOD!

It's our Goldsmith!

"It's says here in the literature we were given, it tells us
we'll have success recruiting soldiers to [the neocon's evil
version of] Christ. Because soldiers in stressful situations
are more, quote, "vulnerable"." [to not believe as real
Patriots] [..] "I would direct you to the letters of Paul, in
which he says, blessed our those who spread the Word of God,
by ruthlessly wiping out anyone who stands in our way [to rob
further from a undefended America left silenced to speak in
outrage against the evil antichrist of all life ourselves]."

Goldsmith... yes, Goldsmith

Goldsmith has revealed the bushmob, specifically Cheney,
consults with neocon authority in Egypt, and anti-Jew Saudi
Arabia, on how to best torture innocent people to death as
TRUE enemies of Man. Has anyone read the fiction 1984? 'Why
is it so crazy'?, you might ask an un-responsive big sky of
Love? Well, the Bush administration committed 911 with
General Ahmad that's why.. and threatening Humanity with
torture, is how the neocons plan to fear YOU into speaking
nothing for the defense of innocent others.. As a
consequence, more than half the monies spent each month on
this war against civilized Life, isn't accounted for by
anyone. Except those at the Pentagon STEALING from a deafened
America. In fact, Moyers at PBS reported none! of the
billions flowing out of American pocket books EVERY MONTH for
the bushmob war monger shysters is actually audited for the
taxing payers.

Mr. Bush, the terrorist, doesn't care to war for your stolen
billions, instead wants to kill even more innocent others as
neoconner traitor. In your name as "American."

Support my rise against Living's enemy George Norry, by making
an effort to demand real Justice for dying American values.
Or don't.

People of Earth, please bill a mute bushite nazi savage, that
drops bombs on our families robbed our better selves the right
to voice objections against naked evil tyranny of plundering
neoconned dying Amerika, attempting to enslave our entire race
for the bounties of totalitarian riches.

.I guess a soldier's word doesn't count for much in bushville.

The bushmob did 911 as traitors to God and Country, don't you
know anything worth living for? my dying unjustly brothers
and sisters? My friends, please fear not wisdom communicated
by a REAL Man, for, we explain ourselves to the best of YOUR
ability to listen simply. G. W. Bush used no evidence to
form America's "conclusion" on who did US wrong on 911. So,
Please, stop forsaking yourself, for, we're going nowhere.
Support Johnny's call to demand open debate without censorship
from the magic radio and TV execs, who hide in darkness,
pretending to be our friends, while refusing intelligent
dialog to answer any of our big troubles easily. Why?
because largely, they're powerless without beating us down as
giving 'Christ like' VICTIM so much - with their irrational
ignorance for our survivals by the fittest. The fittest Ideas
that rule this Universe, are the simplest, most easy to
understand, but I digress about GOD'S greatness, for we know,.
the corporate media elites as our voice, "Couldn't Care Less".

CBC just did a report about all the great heroin coming in
from Afghanistan, that will still cause crime, and be illegal,
(and maybe give you life in prison as an American,) but
brought in with the help of the demonically evil bushite
thieving murderous military, by the likely ton full to attack
our direct family left un-protected, BY YOU PERSONALLY. And
guess what? THEY, our media masters, couldn't care less if
they actually tried to be our good guys. Reminder: the god
guys is good, the demon liar antichrist evil enemies who
thieve from Life with censorship is bad. If they hide
ourselves too far, they loose all around, up and down. So get
to it. Or don't. Your choice. Life lived Now, or damnable
death by cowardly design brought forthwith under your own
power to do nothing under such terrible costs against our
suffering natures.

Typical tyranny for media control over all of Life for the
beginners is this treasonous betrayal against our Nature, by
refusing to be honest about our potential to be far greater
than first considered. If they'd only allow US to have open
communications, all our worlds would be better living for it.

Demand Coast to Coast hosts allow America to defend America.

I want air time with the one and only real man in these here
parts, Mr. Johnny America, our glorious make believe creator
of all we perceive religiously, self realized. He's a genius!

No evidence against an accused is US being truly abused


Help me gain access to speak freely for open challenge against
Hannity, and of America's Coast to Coast Radio network hosts,
who deliberately deny you to contend, we're really, one hell
of a great bunch of People persons with rights God damn them.


God Damn America

You f-cks, because Bush told congressmen secretly about truly
torturing innocent people to death in YOUR name, doesn't make
the crime any less satanic. True Christians will execute
bushite torturers with glee. America will pay millions a head
for each bush bitch nazi traitor to children as family. The
neocons will all be tried to death for treasons like 911, and
for supporting a slaughter against Iran. For Petraeus has
giving US no evidence to form our conclusions on the validity
of his therefore, TREASONOUS statements. Bushite are
murderous thieves of Iraq and deserve by the measurements of
any civilized man, a action worthy of death as demonic, before
allowed to further steal from our Humanity. SAUDI Bush bitch
Buford Blount gave out 170 tons of explosives to KILL marines
with, and Petraeus doesn't call for his rightful death, nor
for death to be brought to bushite soldiers who kidnapped bare
footed children to be beaten to death on video tape. {KILL
of thousand of guns were 'lost' in Iraq through bushite
management skills, and liar Petraeus speaks no outrage.
Private death squad goons are committing crimes against GOD,
and Petraeus blames no one. MORE than half the monthly bill
for these bushite bleeding atrocities to Humanity, are not
even accounted for by ANYONE, but for the thieves at the
Pentagon who are ROBBING america with Petraeus' silence on the
life and death issue of America. Again, Petraeus knows the
bushmob did 911, and would rather kill your stupid american
teen, than stand for freedom in America by holding evidence a
pre-requisite in determining OUR capital allegations. Death
to the false accusing bushite, death to the enemies of

Jon Stewart, the twisted nazi clucker, claims now to be a "Big
Jew". The demon zionist, who claims he can commit no crime
against GOD with silence on the issue of innocent Humans being
robbed and murdered by zionist 'buddy' Kristol, and as such,
spews nothing on 911's demon witch Condi dropping seven
million land mines on Lebanon, to murder Jewish children
indiscriminately for decades, no, he just laughs at G-D'S true
suffering like traitor enemy happy happy George Norry. Laughs
at torture being actually allowed, while laughing in contempt
at politicians who wisely will to re-distribute the nation's
wealth to it's worthy Citizens. Instead of some nationless
nazi "jew" like Jon Stewart, a free loading foreigner who came
to religion to take away life from hard working American
sufferers who want truly in Justice as Freedom. al-Qaida =
General Mahmoud Ahmad. Torture IS against the law, and
deserves the death sentence. Bushite Cofer Black MUST be put
to death for being a Satanic demon enemy of Human life, who
freely admits he tortures innocent people to help escape the
neocons for 911. Bill a bushite for America, bill a bushite
for God. What do Texans own guns for, if not to bill a
bushite child killer like those in the evil enemy pro-bush air
force. Bushite repeatedly have been found killing innocent
people without apology, in fact, it was only months ago where
amerikan soldiers in Afghanistan shot people indiscriminately
for more than six miles in residential districts,

/ / 'Why are you taking pictures? You don't have
permission."' [...] the [bush whore] American, speaking
through a translator, warned him that he did not want to see
any AP photos published anywhere.\ \ALL REAL MEN - kill the
bushite why don't you save some innocent lives for God in
America? Kill it man, for, bushite bombers aren't even human.

and now, as reported, the narco-gov has put to death at least
twenty Afghans, who were claimed, without trialed evidence, to
be guilty of such actions. The narco-gov refuses to call for
the execution of known bushite who torture INNOCENT PEOPLE, or
rape them, or thieve the 80% of charitable aid given from
Canadians. Despite CBC refusing to report on the facts to let
US decide for ourselves. Fight back for Christ, fight back
for love, fight back for freedom, fight back for God.

I AM THE TRULY FAILING SON OF MAN, born at the inception of
creation, timelessly to promote the wisdom of love through
mutual understanding.. I was once well respected by all as
worth listening to, and loved by a great many, can you imagine
that godless amerikan zionist nazi pigs? I suppose not.

MY World is actually dying.. Dying. Don't let the love for
GOD be destroyed by bushite amerka who couldn't care less for
my crying, or their very own children poisoned to die for liar
neocon, neocons like Giuliani that they simply refuse to hunt
down for defense. The demon publicly supports the 'rise' of
neocons, considering all they've done so far; and the TV
doesn't teach to raise your American votes for extreme anger
against the wicked zionist enemy. No, Giuliani is vying for
Presidential favorite, of private for cash profit TV snoozer
hurlers! America is actually dying, and Americans aren't
screaming for real Justice..

Please, I beg you again, help me speak freely on coast to
coast to accept all challenges.. Please help US. George
Norry is a blatant naked traitor to freedom for America.
Again, George told Alex Jones he would not allow Americans
hear the calls for liberty, unless Alex agreed to not inform
the public on who personally was responsible for 911. Jones
agreed. I often fear, Jones wants to be loved as Hero, over
the wiser words of ourselves on who is who here. CFR, NWO,
whatever, Bush closed investigations immediately after the 911
terrorist event of no questions!, no question!

Investigating the Investigation

/ / After playing a tape of Cheney's statement, Russert asked
Daschle, "Did the vice president call you and urge you not to
investigate the events of Sept. 11?" \ \

George Walker Bush, "The Puppet" is GUILTY of TREASON a
thousand and one times over already. We all love Alex Jones,
but this nwo bullshit doesn't apply to the lawless demon
enemies who inflict harm on our humanity because they
confusingly tell US, they enjoy it. Murder, rape and pillage
for the sake of murdering, raping, and pillaging. Look, I'm
sure we'd be able to easily work out our differences, if
George Norry's amerka would take our calls for clarity, on
Justice ruling our ways to a fool's paradise where those
accused of a crime without any evidence would be US, as the
INNOCENT forsaken in God's good name.

Our Mr. Bush Jnr. "Torture is not a part of our soul."


Johnny America

P.S. Get on the radio to speak our lives as worth something!
Or, what? you're worthless to the neocon's commanding
pronouncements on what you conceive? There really IS a GOD,
committed to dealing death to torturers and murderers, and a
place reserved as "Hell", where such Satanic behaviors are
nothing to get up and roar over. Please support my rise for
acknowledgement, and in turn, speaking for freedom where it
counts, with You and Yours. Love God as ourselves dying for
nothing but a hatred for Liberty's bounty of freedom for every
soul as worth defending. HELP ME

Neocons Converge Around Giuliani Campaign


The Son of Man Begs America

/ / Seventy percent of the people are without adequate water
supplies and 80 percent lack adequate sanitation. \ \


Who IS running this bushite nazi liar show, where they, our
elite corporate media masters, kill our stupid kids with their
flagrant naked monster lies, while refusing all calls for
clarity, Johnny America really wants to know. Like
immediately. Help us out here some man, don't be evil.


/ / [...] the [New York Times] piece details the torture of
[Innocent People] Sunni prisoners at one of the new
American-Iraqi "security stations" \ \

Torture is a crime against God and Humanity. So, likewise,
joyously, with pride, destroy the neocon traitors of Justice -
for the true Love you have as Freedom willed - is as granted.
Don't buy their demon lies by blind blanket false assertions,
against YOUR Humanity's Innocence in tyrannical bondage, all
done in to fool you believing, we have no rights to be heard
in our presence - here existing freely. Therefore, to survive
US all for something better, halt the 'escaping' murderous
bushite thieves for God and America. SOLDIERS: Instead of
dying for nothing, my wannabe Patriot Brothers, try joining
Liberty's cause, which is our cause truly. Is it because
corporate TV zionist money whores, are cowardly and ignorant,
as evil hypno muggers, in MY dying for real America, that YOU
refuse to speak Now in your Humanity's begging further
defense?, on evidence being the only requirement to establish
a person's guilt or innocence? for ungodly terrorist
activities committed in our name by bushite bombers from the
neo-conned AIR FORCE, who, as rotted juveniles, cheeringly
bomb us People indiscriminately leaving a Church as something
TRULY SATANIC? To dare, in our presence, continue threatening
harm against an innocent child of wonder, not yet even born to
God's suffering world? Bushites war LIFE itself. So then
pleads I again the Son to God, as Man to Men: war to kill the
enemy bushite nazi savage thieves, for real Freedom is waged
truly by Just causes. The mute, pro-censorship/tyranny
THIEVING bushite savaged nation, has NO EXCUSE for the crimes
they have committed in our dying names. I demand our voices
heard internationally for Justice as Freedom is Godly.


Dan Marvin, an actual CIA assassin, talks about how those in
the secret CRIMINAL command structure of defense for America,
side to order the murder of Patriotic American Soldiers who
threaten real Justice succeeding against the neocon God
betrayers, neocons, who just simply lie
'zionist equals Jews' no we don't take your pleading calls,
international Bush rules news broadcasters.

See? bushites are cowardly, or ignorantly evil - as thieving
dumfuk grunts for the enemy liar neocons. Look, they refuse
to kill on sight, soldiers who kidnapped Iraqi children to be
beaten to death on video tape, or any Aegis employees for
actually murdering INNOCENT Iraqi men, women, or children for
stolen cash profit, over the loss of LIFE the bushite TRULY
pays in collateral. DIES! And, as such, the cowardly
American enemies, refuse by willful silence to speak bravely
for the up coming war crime trials of every neocon traitor -
all for the sinister evil actions of mass murder in America on
9/11. Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of Man.


The Lawless thieves of Blackwater hire known war criminals
from the most brutal of tyrannical regimes to carry out the
neocon agenda of 'freedom' for 'Iraqis'. American tax payers
pay $1,222.00 per death squad goon, per day, while billing
their sacrificing kids, tens of thousands for up and coming
medical costs not covered. Did you know they, the incompetent
bush regime, still haven't fixed Walter Reed? Who really
cares right?


Look, a bushite would kill an American child too. When or
will Americans become American? Death to the bushite, death
to the enemies of Man. Again, national bushite broadcaster,
George Norry stated he'd go ballistic against any American
soldier who refused to murder for the neocon as traitors, and
"America" STILL refuses to speak in their own defense for
dying. Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of Freedom
for America.

/ / "as the bullets began to fly, the blood sprayed from
between her eyes, and then I laughed maniacally." [, then were
heard the cheers of godless bushite dumfuk traitors obscening
to God and Man as the unholy enemy.] \ \

Look, listen to soldiers who sing about the joys of murdering
innocent young girls, see their faces in the videos
celebrating the murder of girls LOVED by GOD and ME, and
question: Why won't you as an American assist Christ in the
glorious hunt. Nothing better in this world than to kill a
murderous bushite who claims it's lawless to this suffering
Universe, ruled criminally by the demon antichrist enemy of
ALL HUMAN LIVES. All religions want US to defend GOD - please
help me take on all challengers.

- : FBI Called off Terror Investigations

A question Johnny Wizard has for America: Tell me, is this
not a treasonous act - for Bush to close criminal
investigations, immediately after the terrorist crimes of 911?
Shouldn't the demon enemy be put to arrest for that godless
act alone in this forsaken dying world? A world left instead
suffering further the tyrannies of the war criminal ENEMY of
all Human Life?

A refresher: the neocon will tell you openly, they live to
lie to the Public for cheating and stealing by murder of US as
proxied, innocent peoples purposefully enslaved by a made
ignorantly entranced TV audience that is repeatedly reminded,
we have no power worth respecting.

CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS aren't taking are calls presently, but
just lie and tell US they do. Look to see, almost all
political internet traffic condemns Bush straight to hell well
he rightly belongs, but the polls still say no - WE, seeking
for Just cause, are the minority.. just roll over and die for
the neocon betrayers to god and country, life and loving.


Lying Enemy Traitor to America, Glenn Beck

"Media Matters didn't have a word to say when congressman John
Murtha accused American Marines of being guilty of murdering
innocent Iraqi civilians, service men who actually turned out
to be innocent heroes."

I propose we try CNN's Glenn Beck for nazi treason, and upon
easily successful conviction, we put the demon liar to death
along with bushite Tatum who confesses freely to slaughtering
innocent Iraqi civilians for satanic pleasures all to serve
the neocon agenda of swindling America TO DEATH for cash
profit through neocon censorship. Mattis, the woman hating
documented child killer, was made into a 'Judge' for the
bushite's version of a war crimes 'trial', that hasn't even
yet truly transpired, for the evidence was not brought to
light through the proceeding, such as Tatum's full confession.
But, of course, Glenn Beck, the treasonous liar, doesn't want
America, the dying by contempt, to truly know that. For, he'd
be likely dead as sworn enemy.


/ / An [BUSHITE ENEMY] American soldier boasts of having
tortured [INNOCENT] Iraqis and making a 15 years old Iraqi
girl commit suicide after she had been raped. \ \

Tell US, who wouldn't take great pride in warring this
boastful enemy of Humanity? Or, are you like CNN, CBC, and
FOXNEWS would suggest, it is heroic - for all are heroic who
DIE for the neocon?

/ / A suspected insurgent in Iraq by Staff Sgt. Shane Werst,
who said the man appeared to be reaching for a weapon. Werst
was acquitted of murder despite acknowledging he had fired and
then planted a chrome Iraqi pistol on the suspect to make his
claim of self defense more believable. \ \


/ / For daring to report illegal arms sales, Navy veteran
Donald Vance says he was imprisoned by the American military
in a security compound outside Baghdad and subjected to harsh
interrogation methods. \ \



How is a Zionist Jewish?, I, the King of the Jews Messiah ask
my fellow brothers and sisters everywhere. How? FOUR million
land mines in Lebanon a godly act is it? Jew only roads not
Aparthied, nor stealing a Christian's Home I suppose..? How?

An Oath Every Soldier Swears To God With

/ / she told The Nation. "If I contribute to the Army's
prosecution of Lieutenant Watada on speech-related charges, I
will have colluded in suppression of speech. What could be
more hostile to the ideas of a free press than that?" \ \

Again a Patriot Soldier whose only crime is that he refuses to
commit a crime in Your name. Do something about it. You
defend this Patriot American Citizen as if Your America
depends upon it. The "Judge" who publicly forbids to hear
Watada's freedom defense, an Oath every Soldier swears to God
with, is a "Judge" who needs to be privately arrested for
treason against YOURSELF. Support my call to demand our
voices heard for Just causes, or go die silently to the grave
prisonized in a zionist neocon military dictatorship

True Enemy of Liberty

I am one serious genius by no accident in words you have as
much right to contend for yourself being, if you'd only
believe we have some good ideas here to really set ourselves
free with..

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad"

A neocon bushite soldier is a true enemy of Liberty for
America. They as DEMONIC LIARS, are dishonorable THIEVING
nazi savages that bomb our innocent families with criminal
intent to MURDER. Enemies of Life and Love, a dead bushite is
an enemy of GOD halted from victimizing further our loved
brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers. Death to the
neoconner bushite dumfuk grunting liars who bomb our families,
death to the enemies of Christ who war for the escape of the
true culprits responsible for 911. TRAITORS.

See my friends, this is why I, as the Son of Man beg and plead
for all able bodied men, to kill treasonous bushite on sight,
for every time you love God by defending the innocent from
murder, (the innocent whom any pro-bush corporate professional
hold in total self contempt,) you save REAL peoples lives, and
you defend God's good name to love God as ourselves committed
to true Liberty. Bushites are enemies of freedom, enemies of
God, and worthy of death, before allowed to further bomb
people indiscriminately like the commanders of NATO order day
after day without risking instant frag because, bushites are
blind cowardly thieving nazi fascist savages, brain damaged,
who believe as satanic demon whores of Molech, they can con
all of US including me forever, just like dare dubya. Dumfuks
to their bitter end.

To Kill a Bushite, is to be Heroic

American soldier: Your enemy is TRULY LIAR happy George
Norry. The demon knows of Ahmad, and forbids any guest from
uttering such understandings in defense of the DYING dumfuk
grunt nazi - Good riddance? Do you care that your country men
are dying for the criminal zionist neocon as traitors?
Support my demand for US to be heard GOD DAMN YOU. ...or die
by the hands of Humanity.

All fighters, listen up. ANY bush bitch neocon biter who
pretends as a cowardly child killing traitor, it can't ever
hear my manly voice from here, YOU kill to defend ourselves
over, in the cage or otherwise. Kill any or all thieving
bushite ENEMIES of America responsible for 'escaping' the 911
perpetrators, why don't you help US out some my loves...?



Name One - A Journey into Self Discovery


> Taken from the superb Johnny rant "Is it Just"
> / / (Can you
> believe, the war monger thief and liar, Our Mr. bush
> Jr. actually banks for Christian fundamentalism,
> thinking he's gonna ride them bible belting for all he's
> worth?)
> \ \
> Bible belting... God, I was really something!!!

That's fighting words to a corporated "generation" of left
iliterate non-speaking, hypocrite nazi savages, dying
sacrificed, who auto figure by remote control, we can not be
allotted the public defense for freedom's cause, Justice for
all by International News Challenges. ! Justice for All is
given through the power of the indivisible truths of our
living existence, as concluding: evidence must be used to
convince ourselves on who is good or evil. period. Bushites
are as dumb as they are cowardly lifeless nazi trash, good for
only to play the mute ungodly bad guys in evil wars for the
demon antichrist enemy of all human lives - 911's George
Walker Bush, The Traitor. See? A bushite faiths that America
can be no greater with freedom ruling justly supreme, for as
bushite, it would be back as being truly talentless, as a
likely criminal enemy of your home town of loved families.


Hey?, can you spare change to help a brother out some? We
sure could use it.. I want to challenge all coast to coast
news hosts regarding their contempt for the value of our
continuing struggles against a demon evil war mongering
tyranny of liars that fall easily by the truer words of CAN
and DO. Get up stand up, stand up for your rights. Get up,
stand up, don't give up the fight. Free words from Johnny
Wizard to liberate our feared world, within as of, Christ, as
this light is Born as you to be true too..

er, or... don't

Remember, we'll be here only momentarily if you should ever
decide to stand up as a fellow brother or sistah of the faiths
- injustice to any, is injustice to all. And God, Johnny
really is something...

> Don't just show 'em the door - let's get the booty back!

I'm with YOU!


New admissions of widespread prisoner abuse

/ / The Bush administration is finalizing new guidelines for
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) interrogation methods that
will give broad latitude for torture techniques \ \

These are crimes against Christ, and any 'Christian' who
lawlessly participates in this pro-bush torture of US Humans,
MUST be hunted down by the Patriot, to have the STANDING LAW
in America enforced to institute the Death Sentence to those
bushite responsible for such ungodly enemy actions.


'Wiped off the Map' – The Rumor of the Century

Ahmadinejad: Zionists are NOT Jews

Dehumanizing the Palestinians

/ / The Israeli cabinet has voted to declare the occupied Gaza([search])
Strip a "hostile entity," [...] The decision was quickly given
backing by US Secretary of State [demon 911 witch] Condoleezza
Rice. \ \

This is of course recognized by all people to be a crime
against human life. But CNN refuses to acknowledge the
zionist action, for WE would ALL scream in outrage that
American tax payers fund such nazi atrocities against G-D.


Psy-Ops of Stupidity - Who's in Charge Here?


I again, beg Humanity to speak in opposition to Amerika in the
defense of our innocent forsaken dying lives. CBC producers
know the bushmob did 911 but lie with propaganda to kill our
families for the ungodly as thieving neocon enemies. They
refuse to inform ourselves that Al-Qaida is General Mahmoud
Ahmad, as according to the FBI. Or that video of iron flowing
like water from the WTC towers exists indicating without
doubt, the bushmob enemies did 911 as TRAITORS.

Today, there is nothing more i wish, than to hear bushite nazi
savage thieves for the neocon die rightly, before the innocent
they target for murder. All in an attempt to 'escape' those
truly responsible for the crimes of 911 a bushite whore
practices, as an enemy to Christ and America.

Evidence is required to convince ourselves on who is good or
evil. Period. Don't like it? Too bad. We are on charged!!

Who cares about yourself if you won't listen as reason to?
What can you lose when you have granted to be blindly stolen

Zionist nazi Israelis, do tell as LIARS, that Israel, the
nation that openly thieves, tortures, and murders daily thoses
THEY ADMIT are commpletely innocent, are enemies of every
religious person denied access to honestly speak the facts as
firmly established since the dawn of Man.


"The Central Myth of Our Time"

The Shock Doctrine: Naomi Klein on the Rise of Disaster Capitalism

Wow! This is Powerful! An hour with Naomi!!

This demands some neocon enemies of Justice be brought to true
account for US, The Peoples, no? You decide.


Bush "Iran has openly declared that it seeks nuclear weapons."

Look, CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS, who know the bushmob did 911, is
saying nothing further! The demon enemy will LIE America into
another war against GOD, and they'll only give you a happy
wave off to see Your child die for the zionist neocon.



Happy Ramadan - [the ungodly enemy] israeli style.

/ / [enemy of the Jew] israelis kicked off their day this
morning by shooting an unarmed 16yr old boy for throwing rocks
at them and letting him bleed to death. \ \

Again, not reported on CNN for freedom of nazi aggressions
against life as Christ.



$4.50 for Every Pop Can?

Did you hear? A DOJ manager charges American tax payers $4.50
for every can drink he, and the rest of his cadre can swallow.
Buying bulk, the pop cans likely truly cost 35 or so cents.
So... who's pocketing the stolen loot? Cause,

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-- Mark Twain
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