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NYC-based Author in St. Louis for Immigration Dialogue

Jane Guskin, co-author of "The Politics of Immigration: Questions and Answers" (a new book on Monthly Review Press) will facilitate a dialogue on immigration on Saturday, Oct. 6 at 1pm at the Community Arts and Media Project in St. Louis.
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NYC-based Author in St. Louis for Immigration Dialogue

WHAT: A dialogue on immigration with Jane Guskin, co-author of "The Politics of Immigration: Questions and Answers" (new book on Monthly
Review Press)
WHEN: Saturday, October 6, 2007, at 1:00 pm
WHERE: Community Arts and Media Project, 3026 Cherokee([search]) St., St. Louis, Missouri,

For immediate release: October 3, 2007
Contact: Jane Guskin & David Wilson, thepoliticsofimmigration (at)

Most authors do talks and signings in bookstores to promote their new books. Jane Guskin and David Wilson, the New York City-based authors of "The Politics of Immigration: Questions and Answers," have a different approach.

Instead of delivering lectures, they prefer facilitating public dialogue sessions where participants share experiences and work
together to confront myths about immigrants and immigration--and they're as likely to schedule the events with a suburban immigrant rights coalition as with a Manhattan bookstore.

"Our book is designed as a practical guide, encouraging people to take a deeper look at immigration and providing the facts and solid
reasoning in favor of a rational policy," says Guskin. "The dialogues take the process a step further by connecting this information to
people's own experiences and helping them respond more effectively to the misconceptions being spread by politicians and pundits."

Called "a powerful weapon against racism" by labor journalist David Bacon, The Politics of Immigration was released in July by Monthly
Review Press, which is now preparing a second printing.

After five sessions in New York City and its suburbs, Guskin and Wilson are taking their dialogues on the road in October and November.
Guskin will be in the Midwest from Oct. 2 through 18, with public dialogue events confirmed in Madison, Wisconsin (Oct. 2); Chicago (Oct. 3); St. Louis (Oct. 6) and Bloomington, Indiana (Oct. 10).
Wilson is traveling to the San Francisco Bay Area in late October and expects to do several dialogues there.

In early November, Guskin will be in southern California at the invitation of north San Diego County activists who are finding "The Politics of Immigration" to be a much-needed resource in their work defending day laborers from attacks by rightwing vigilante groups.

Guskin and Wilson are scheduling more events in the New York metropolitan area for the second half of November, and have been invited to lead a public dialogue at the Lower East Side Tenement
Museum, a designated National Historic Site. They have also been asked to train the museum staff and facilitators who conduct "Kitchen Conversations" with visitors touring the tenement. "Kitchen
Conversations" are dialogues where facilitators tie in contemporary immigration issues to the historical lessons of the museum.

"We see the issues raised in 'The Politics of Immigration' and the dialogue model being used by the authors as perfect learning tools for our staff and facilitators," said Tenement Museum Education Associate Prachi Patankar.

To set up dialogue events or media interviews, contact Guskin and Wilson at thepoliticsofimmigration (at)

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