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3 STLIMC Crew Meetings this Week

The new St. Louis IMC is more than just a website — it's itching to be a real media organization, the formative work is underway, and volunteers are urged to plug in now.

Plans are evolving around 3 Crews that can sustain basic operations… the first meetings are set this week, open to interested folks per curiosities, passions, & skills:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Editorial Crew ~ [#: 6+]….. review newswire & submittals, approve features, request articles on agreed topics, monitor site content; build quality & balance of reportage in accord with IMC editorial policies.

Council: Thursday Aug. 23, 7 PM
@ CAMP([search]) (Community Arts & Media Project)…
3024 Cherokee([search]) (corner of Minnesota in S. City)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Tech Crew ~ [#: 3+]…. build and run the '' website, design functions & data archives per user & member needs; maintain computers, software, and supporting audio/video equipment.

Council: Saturday Aug. 26, 3 PM
@ Mokabe's Coffeehouse
3606 Arsenal St. (SW corner of Grand)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Co-Ops Crew ~ [#: 4+]….. 'coordinating operations'; handle correspondence, records, & proceedings, organize R&D, assist volunteers, and implement special projects in accord with IMC missions.

Council: Wednesday Aug. 22, 6 PM,
@ Mokabe's Coffeehouse
3606 Arsenal St. (SW corner of Grand)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

The idea so far: An agreed handful of folks (-#) would serve on each core Crew for 4-month terms, committed to getting the agreed work done. Other IMC-StL members can volunteer to help anywhere they want, and go 'on-Crew' later if so inspired and consensed. This seems a good balance of openness and accountability, and a fair way to share the load and avoid burnout.

Starting up the Crews bears an initial task of deciding how each will do its work, and how to cooperate best. It is an extra responsibility now, but an opportunity to define internal process to meet real demands, and set it up to work — evolving into an 'Operating Manual' for IMC-StL. Then new folks can learn how, and the job in each Crew can be much easier.

To clarify… the 3 core Crews are about the basic operations of IMC-StL, the backbone of the organization. It is eagerly anticipated that other working affinity groups will arise among members, for ad hoc and enduring projects, and lots of active IndyJournalists will be busy and well-supported.

So there will be plenty of ways to plug in — but you are encouraged to help now, get into the formative work & what it takes to make IMC-StL a rockin' new media thang.

Come to a Crew Council… RSVP.

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