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I, as the Son of Man, DEMAND, America order millions of
gallons of clean drinking water to be shipped immediately to
Iraq to save the lives of US, the Human species. Please, help
US make this a reality. Today. Please.
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/ / eight million Iraqis require immediate emergency aid \ \

I, as the Son of Man, DEMAND, America order millions of
gallons of clean drinking water to be shipped immediately to
Iraq to save the lives of US, the Human species. Please, help
US make this a reality. Today. Please.




- but -


General Johnny would teach MY soldiers to immediately arrest
to kill for such criminality. In fact, I'd likely even throw
in some bonus cash, an a Freedom medal from all lovers of
Liberty. Did you know, many bushite sing a song about killing
innocent young girls for pleasure? Did you know that also, an
"American" radio host likes playing that same song as recorded
on "American" airwaves? Fight back for God, or die from self
contempt my friends, fight back for life and love.

Again, evil bushite THIEVES claim they are justified when
indiscriminately bombing populated cities to MURDER US People.
All to help 'escape' the neocon ENEMIES of America - they also
support "officially" destroying Our public infrastructure,
thieving humanitarian aid, while incarcerating innocent people
to collectively be punished by the TRULY Satanic enemies of
GOD. Ten "CIA" bushite enemies have been found to have
kidnapped near one thousand innocent Americans to be tortured
to death, in tyrannical nations friendly under American funding
by Bush unquestioningly. Fight back for your neighbor, fight
back for America, fight back for YOURSELF. Or, don't.

See the bushite, you bill it for Christ, You bill it for
America, You bill it for them, you bill it for US.

Murdering bushite gang rapists try escaping true accountability

/ / Why did the Army, within three hours, return to tell
neighbors that this was the work of “insurgents” apparently
without any investigation? \ \

See? in Johnny's world, that "the Army" person would have
been the FIRST questioned, then likely arrested. But look, it
hasn't even been acknowledged as evil doing in progress.
(Every time you read, "The Army says..", become aware.)

It should be noted, ungodly bushite enemy commanders call
every car bomb in Iraq, al-Qaida, without even pretending to
do freedom operations for YOUR protections, as just another
dead body in the rubble. (Likely caused by Aegis for cash
profit.) So then, look my friends, Amerka refuses to demand
justice to save the lives of their very own sons and
daughters. And when, WE, Humanity, beg them to answer our
calls for accountability, they refuse but for to LIE, stating
publicly, "God" would grant robbing from innocent others, to
enrich their great unholy tyrannical demon liar. They know
easily that the bushmob did 911, and they like it. No, they
crave it. The chance of murdering their own "loves" to
enslave the human race for the antichrist, sounds great, just
as long as they can get themselves in on the take.

/ / Idiot General Says Dead U.S. Troops Best Reason To Keep
War Going And Kill More U.S. Troops

[Option B: More Dead U.S. Generals And Fewer Dead U.S.
Troops ?] \ \

If the sacrifice of soldiers lives is going to mean anything,
it going to mean how long it took, Americans to care for
themselves as really worth something. When, or if that day
should come, it will be the day where Iraqis victims are seen,
as just you or me. Today, there is nothing more i wish, than
to hear bushite nazi savage thieves for the neocon die
rightly, before the innocent they target for murder. All in
an attempt to 'escape' those truly responsible for the crimes
of 911 a bushite whore practices, as an enemy to Christ and

Just look at that my friends of Earth just look at that.
Americans speak only contempt for the value of human life.
Every day, INNOCENT Iraqis die by the criminal actions of the
demonic neocon enemy forces of EVIL, and our deaths as the god
loving mean nothing. A small few die in a bridge ACCIDENT,
and every corporate channel devotes the entire day's news as
it. Allawi confesses to killing children for "CIA" money, and
there, as with the soldiers who braggingly, beat innocent
children to death for sexual pleasure, bomb people
indiscriminately, or steal all the humanitarian aid, don't
command your slightest concern as impartial paying for it TV
viewers. They say, US people who aren't "Americans", do not
deserve due process, the freedoms they claim to own
exclusively, of which WE, are granted nothing of. See?, by
not using evidence to from your guilty verdicts, how can it be
therefore possible, to know, you've arrested, tried, then
executed a mass murdering NEOCON war criminal? I don't think
Americans could possibly be more disrespectful to God and
country, Johnny and Justice right now, do You?

/ / We know that a crime was committed on 911. George W.
Bush, of course, quashed all investigations before they could
begin. Since when are crimes not investigated? [...] It is
not too late, however, to begin such an investigation. There
is no statute of limitations on mass murder. \ \

We, as Humanity, have to rise against the neocon LIAR enemies
who forsake the value of Human life. Death to the bushite,
death to the enemies of America's America.

/ / Army Secretary Pete Geren asked a military review panel to
decide whether Lt. Gen. Philip Kensinger, who led Army
special forces operations in Afghanistan after the Sept. 11
attacks, should also have his rank reduced. \ \

A bushite demon CAUGHT aiding and abetting the crime of FIRST
DEGREE MURDER of a trying to be Patriot Soldier, is made to
fear in bushite amerka, he might face a reduction in rank!

/ / Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a member of the House
oversight and government reform committee, which has been
investigating war contractors. "There’s no democratic control
and there’s no intention to have democratic control here." \ \

Right. The demonic lawless actions of Aegis posing as
al-Qaida killing police officers undermine freedom for Iraqis
and Americans, alone with ALL the rest of US. All criminally
gotten assets of lawless mercenaries will be hunted by every
police service; those that complain as traitors to Freedom as
Justice, WE, the real Patriot warriors, committed to defensive
measures, will be rewarded to bill for. IF! Johnny is
recognized a Mythical King with money to spend better than a
neocon saboteur. Your call... Reminder: The neocons in YOUR
power, were never elected, nor, was Bush the demon enemy of
all Human Life. A demon that says if you disagree with his
blind blanket statements against innocent Life, YOUR a
terrorist. At least with GOD, we'd be only killing criminals
we couldn't otherwise defend ourselves from with evidenced
conclusion through practiced Law judged fairly.,,2138917,00.html

/ / regularly breaks news on the
clandestine world of private contractors and US
intelligence, recently established that Washington
spends $42bn (£21bn) annually on private intelligence
contractors \ \

do the math - do the math - do the math - do the math

42 billion. 42 thousand million. Or, hiring maybe twenty
or thirty bushite LIAR enemies, who blindly giving Americans
pay not only billion dollar saleries, but also with their
forsaken lives as unworthy of real protections. CNN, CBC,
and FOXNEWS knows the bushmob did 911. [Nazi zionists suck!]

So, million dollar saleries? I doubt. Likely a neocon enemy
or two robbing from an undefended America. Remember, Peter
Power wants US to believe ALL of Scotland Yard would murder
Brits for stolen bucks. Frankly chaps, I just refuse to
believe such bullocks.

Be me man,

King Johnny Wizard


The Ground Truth

The part where pro-bush "American" soldiers drive over
children to kill them for fun, all because they say our
Humanity let's those responsible escape retribution for being
Satanically evil as enemies to Christ, left me angered beyond
words. While CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS couldn't care less for
those children, but will tell us, these 9 accident victims
must rule, so far, two full days of wall to wall coverage.
"Pro-Western" Allawi blowing up school buses for "CIA"
money? Who cares? Really who cares in TV America for
defending OUR children's lives I'm saying? Get me in the
news my brothers and sisters, and I'll make the best of it.
Just do it. Fear not for my life loves, fear for your
life left to silently die in contempt for Humans being.

Thanx much.


The Arts - an Inside Job

Look, CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS is lying to US. They know
the EVIL bushmob did 911, and have decided to kill
your kids for more rewards, instead of defending the
innocent. They hold the true value of YOUR LIFE in
contempt. Demand justice to defend our freedoms why
don't You?


"He never would have called me 'sniveling,"

/ / "He never would have called me 'sniveling,"' O'Neal said.
"I don't remember ever speaking to this chaplain, and I
find this characterization of Pat really upsetting. He
never once degraded me. He's the only person I ever
worked for who didn't degrade anyone. He wasn't that
sort of person."

The chaplain's name is blacked out in the documents. \ \


Jeeze, nobody tell Chris what CNN is reporting


" So, the longer we stay there.. do the number of people
in al-Qaida grow or become lesser? Aren't there more
al-Qaida every year?... Because if we stay there four
more years.."

Jeeze, nobody tell Chris what CNN is reporting, where
the murder of innocent people outside of Baghdad makes
the neocon soldiers appear as Heroes, all because they
can blindly blame the CRIME on al-Qaida without even
the slightest inquiry. Catch this Revelation, among
many others, in one of many miraculous Mr. America,
Johnny Wizard Podcasts. Get your copy before they're
all gone!!1 Haahahaheh.. boy I'm I ever one hell of
a great guy.. know..

Love yeah!,

President and CEO
of Sharewhere Earth Co.
Johnny Wizard


"I just brought TERROR to someone else, under the "American"
flag, and that is just not what I joined the "American" Army
to do." - dying needlessly for the enemy of GOD antichrist
responsible personally for the treasons of 911 with his
zionist neocon partners of EVIL.


/ / President Shimon Peres has called on the world to unite
against Iran and to force it to abandon its nuclear weapons
program. \ \

Let Jews of the World rise to demand Peres "The Devil", be
put to death for alleging a FALSEHOOD to murder Humanity
for our stolen religious values. Peres is the actual Devil.
No, seriously. I am as surprised as anyone.. No, seriously.


Poor Jew Johnny, the richly Magnificent!

/ / DCI said the children confessed to the charges
brought against them after extended periods of
interrogation, which occurred before their court
appearance. The report includes personal testimonies
from children that expose physical and sexual abuse
at the hands of the Israeli army and brutal treatment
during lengthy periods of interrogation. At the end
of the interrogation process the children were told
to sign papers, despite not knowing what they were
signing. \ \

Realize: American tax payers fund this unquestioningly.


All military "Judges" must be arrested for TREASON, tried on
the decisions they've made as unqualified. And on those
decisions unjustified, as on the charges of murder, THEY, will
be put to Public Judgment for a death sentence gloriously for
freedom and country, I will be assistant Prosecutor, who will
speak facts, unlike bushite, who calls every "foreign fighter"
al-Qaida (except the REAL General Mahmoud Ahmad) - and bombing
victims "SUSPECTED" women-loving-child-schooling-Taliban.
Death to the bushite my friends, death to the bushite enemies.
These demon nazi fukers believe that those who bomb cities
indiscriminately, wouldn't be put to death for the defense of
our communities in Christ. I, Christ, intend to change that
by example. Americans will pay $25,000 a head for every nazi
bomber, or those who fly in the Apache, captured, tried, and
put to death as the Satanic bushite enemies of Creation. Kill
a bushite today why don’t YOU lover of GOD as Just Causes to
save Our dying Universes? Those who victimize ourselves as
the innocence of Humanity, are going to answer to US
scientifically. Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of


The King of America - Citizens Face Full Asset Seizure

/ / "(ii) to have materially assisted, sponsored, or provided
financial, material, logistical, or technical support for, or
goods or services in support of, such an act or acts of
violence or any person whose property and interests in
property are blocked pursuant to this order; \ \

So, those who don't support the return of all stolen monies
from Iraq, who continue to undermine Humanity's chances for
Justice in Iraq, (like every neocon LIAR and foxnews
broadcaster, lawless mercenary antichrist disciple, or
Haliburton shareholder,) needs their assets seized, and tried
publicly for treason as war criminals. Every war profiteer
holding more a one hundred thousand dollars will be hunted by
the will of Humanity. so says - The Son to God as Man to men.

Bush To Veto Ban On Mercury In Vaccines

/ / "Under the current administration, mercury has been and
will continue to be knowingly injected into the youngest of
American citizens. The controversial mercury-containing
preservative thimerosal has been linked by thousands of
parents as being the cause of their children's mercury
poisoning and autism." \ \

Please, I beg you as the Son of Man, to fight back against
those who threaten the lives of innocent American children, by
forbidding defenses for US, the People. As recognized King of
my forsaken World, this wouldn't happen I'm telling you.
Support my rise to tax every American ten cents to start up my
company of accountability. Running on free open line
communications where ANYONE CAN CALL US, and call me a Jerk,
just don't expect I wont fairly defend myself. Live
broadcasts out in the fields, trumping evil demons by the
power of the word. These individuals responsible for
criminally victimizing American children, need to be arrested
from continuing their action against our families. Support US
please, to work on Just causes for the betterment of the human
species, Or don't and die unworthy you bunch of bushite nazi

We Have A Problem Here

Look, Bush closed investigations on 911 immediately, then
started firstly on Iraq, for war mongering thieves, with
General Ahmad escaping un-accosted for the neocon enemies.
Not relevant? Your Constitution is laying undefended, a
National act that can not be done by any other terrorist group
but those who claim your freedom rights denied by bushite
command. Not treasonous? Look Condi, the demon 911 nazi
witch PERSONALLY assisted in dropping more than seven million
land-mines on Lebanon([search]) indiscriminately in Your terrorized
dying names. Hate Life and God as yourself do You?

Don't anyone be deceived that the neocon enemies minimally
assisted these crimes by refusing to allow US pursue the evil
doers by following the actual crime scene leads, but we lack
REAL leadership skills that are naturally required to see
molten Iron flowing like water from the 911 towers on YouTube.
Oh golly gee, who is that theatrical man from Canada with all
the answers on Justice for Peace with Freedom Ruling Supreme?
with atheists and everything? A brilliant man given next to
no chance at receiving acknowledgment in Bushite media
amerikan impires.?

Ray McGovern on 911 broadcast nation-wide on the coast to
coast radio network "What we need here is an investigation.
There are answers out there, but no one has pursued the
answers." Similarly, there are questions that we isn't
[allowed] figuring.

"No one has pursued the answers"? Come on Ray, don't tell US,
you have no internet access, or haven't seen the video of
molten iron flowing like water... blahblahblah

/ / Executive members of the American Israel Public Affairs
Committee lobbied Congress to pass Iran sanctions bills. \ \

These DEMONS need to be arrested, tried, and EXECUTED for
TREASON. There is no evidence against Iran to substantiate
their DEMON LIES to murder millions of People for the
pleasures of the sadistic zionist enemies of Human Life,
enemies of GOD as LOVE. Just because repuglicons like
Liebermann, take bribes to murder US folks as the innocent,
doesn't legitimize their treasonous conduct against YOU, my
freedom loving dying brothers and sisters. Stand up for
Jew Boy Johnny why don’t You.

Who as America will bother to care they die by naked zionist
criminal command? Johnny Wizard has been screaming for help
to America, begging them to pick up their phones leastly, to
air concern for the survival of the Nation, for YEARS! to
publicly challenge happy happy, joy joy pro-child killer demon
enemy George Norry and bullshitter no-national thief of Life
Art Bell, and they've near completely refused while laughing
and singing by ‘who cares for you’ zionist news command.
They, as America's Coast to Coast voices, would rather richly
die YOU sacrificed for CRIMINAL zionist Israel, (Israel, where
the government leaves actual Jews to die in the streets
starving as garbage dumps, to make it look good for MORE
giving American charitable donations to disappear elsewhere)
before saving the lives of THEIR VERY OWN. Americans don't
seem to care they die by their own unwillingness to
communicate openly for Justice. I ask you again, to spare me
a few dollars so I can feed myself. I am actually, near
starving, and never in my most feared nightmares, thought this
world, with our communication technology, would leave me
without any financial assistance. I seriously need to eat.
Please help me, by supporting our cause to not starve to
death. If you appreciate my words in defense of the once
great Human race, donate a few dollars to this cause. Justice
and Freedom for all, especially God as Just, and worthy our


FEMA covered up toxic danger in trailers given to Katrina victims

I'll tell YOU again, CBC, CNN, and FOXNEWS knows the bushmob
did 911, and lie to you entertainingly to sacrifice even more
of US to the demon antichrist forces of evil.. While I
ABSOLUTELY destroy bushite with joy for God and the defense
of love.

/ / Support me, or fail to recognize true wisdom when it
speaks to you of need for desperate change to save your dying
selves. No evidence against an accused is US being truly abused.

"These are not terrorists, they are not al-Qeada, they are
ordinary innocent men, women and children." \ \



"I told him, there's women and kids in that room," Lance Cpl.
Humberto M. Mendoza said of Lance Cpl. Stephen B. Tatum.
Tatum's response was, "Well, shoot them,"

If Americans don't proudly put to death Tatum, on behalf of
the Family that lost their son, their Marine, Johnny will
formally conclude, Bushite america is an ungodly evil nazi
fascist state of intolerance and hate to US, the Great Human
Race. Bushite amerka does not own Freedom, nor do they own
our rights to be Just. Join me in demanding the Public
execution of the satanic demon liar Tatum, on his Public
insistence that murdering innocent families to thieve from for
the neocon, is a crime not warranting the death sentence
enforced by any family man. Death to the bushite. death to
the enemies of man. The neocons will be arrested, tried, and
executed for the crimes of 911 as traitors to Life.

Bush Outlaws War Protest - Citizens Face Full Asset Seizure

"Who cares? to listen to a dying unheard America",
as the growing richer ungodly neocon enemy traitors shrill.


Death to the bushite instead of the innocent loved in God

/ / IntelCenter issued a tacit warning that the footage may be
re-hashed when they released the "new" tape to the media, but
they failed to mention the fact that they released portions of
the exact same clips in October 2003. \ \ amazingly - I
witnessed blurred-out faces of those they claimed al-Qaida in
another instance just recently. (Then, look at the dog fight
vids that CNN and CBC refuse to show the dog haters faces

I say American taxing payer folks, flip me some dollars, and
I'll pay out rewards - after a moderate lunch - all to take
these IntelCenter AL-QAIDA! - AL-QAIDA! - AL-QAIDA!
straight to public trial, then public execution for high
treason - like holy fuk mon let's get real here People. Or
don't and we die further for bin Laden's fear of cameras.
Offer a 500,000,000 dollar reward for Zawahererri's crew to
get the rest of this done quick like. I wanna rock! Death to
the neocon enemy LIARS, death to those who WAR - WAR - WAR
innocent Humanity for the continuing bushmob's escape plan
from nowhere. See? Heaven or Hell? YOU DECIDE.

Don't EVER forget, the private company Aegis has been
officially found dressing up as AL-QAIDA! - AL-QAIDA! -
AL-QAIDA! to murder pro-western forces in Iraq, while
desecrating Elvis. Elvis Presley. If you don't love Elvis,
there is something seriously wrong with America. Now yous
messing with a real son-of-bitch. HeY!, question: why don't
Americans kill a bushite for Yourself bud? - because Bushites
insist "we're" willingly being led by the antichrist enemy of
all human life as Satanic LIARS who intend to cheat ourselves
of freedom through self respect. Pro-neocon-media enemies are
nazi savages, and I don't like it..How about you?

Death to the bushite instead of the innocent loved in God


Time is Up

Al-Qaida Kagan "Al-Qaida, their whole strategy revolves around
generating sectarian violence, because that is how they embed
themselves within local communities "

What?? For friendship?

What is the demon TRAITOR to HUMANITY in America saying about
the reasons he embeds an Iraqi under 50 odd divergent NEOCON
labels? Wouldn‘t most Al-Qaida take great joy in killing a
bushite nazi grunt like any real Family man would also? These
LIAR dumfuk grunts who cheer "whore yeah", routinely, can
barely read or write, so, how possibly does this FOXNEWS
expert, expect such ungodly antichrist forces to delineate
Al-Qaida from the local communities they PROVABLY
indiscriminately bomb as Satanic?

Kristol and Kagan: ‘Put Everything’ Behind Escalation So We
Can Bomb Iran and Syria

Kristol and Kagan MUST be put to death for treason against
America, treason against Life, treason against GOD. They both
have continued to Publicly advocate murdering more innocent
peoples indiscriminately they call, "Al-Qaida", all to rob
further monies from an undefended America. It is easily
learned by any as all, the victims of bushite tyranny are
exclusively, US, The People, guilty of nothing but our shared
love of GOD. Remember forever: there was NO JUSIFIED REASON
for bombing PEACEFUL Samara, NONE! that bombers confess was
done as ordered by Allawi INDISCRIMINATELY, all for getting
killed Marines sent in later for more stolen cash from
America. P2OG. [hundreds of bushited Marines died rightly
almost immediately - (wow eh?)] A Satanic action, Kistol and
Kagan, both blame without thought to question on "Al-Qaida".

The action of Satanic bushite bombers targeting Samara as war
criminals is FULLY documented.

Death to the bushite neocon LIARS, death to the enemies of
Freedom for Humanity. My beloved friends of GOD, please, when
you see the mute bushite, kill it for Christ, kill it for
Love, kill it to defend your loved family. (Any soldier who
doesn't proudly talk of how it hunts those British soldiers
who kidnapped barefoot children and victimized them on video,
is a soldier worth destroying NOW to defend GOD and Life from
needless death.) I HATE the REAL demon antichrist Christ says.

Kagan "You rarely know in the middle of a war, what the outcome will be."

Johnny Wizard the Creator "I win."


/ / The US has also been backing some pro-western politicians
like Iyad Allawi \ \

Do you know who Allawi is? Allawi confesses to blowing up
school buses filled with children for "CIA" money. NOT
truly insane mad man, confesses to having ordered the murder
of doctors and nurses that treated wounded god loving women
and children from Fallujah. It was these DOCUMENTED acts that
had him thrown out of 'the CBC, CNN, and FOXNEWS TV expert
scene as workable', all for fears that US humans might
actually wake the fuk up on WHO is Our True Enemies here. All
three, pro-private-bank zionist news stations are well aware
that the bushmob did 911, but lie to YOU as forsakenly dying
for their growing riches and world wide broadcast fame.

CBC National Newz - July 11th 'tens of thousands have died in
Iraq since the war against truth started.'

Anyway, these two Allawi incidences are fully documented, look
it up, then demand the "The US" pro-western politician person
quoted as supporting Allawi - be found guilty of CRIMES
AGAINST HUMANITY, Demand publicly, having the neocon zionists
EXECUTED by America, for America, as America. A Just America
that defends America from criminal madness. Or don't. Death
to the bushite, death to the enemies of Man I say.

- : FBI Called off Terror Investigations

A question Johnny Wizard has for America: Tell me, is
this not a treasonous act - for Bush to close criminal
investigations, immediately after the terrorist crimes
of 911? Shouldn't the demon enemy be put to arrest
for that godless act alone in this forsaken dying world?
A world left instead suffering further the tyrannies
of the war criminal ENEMY of all Human Life?

A refresher: the neocon will tell you openly, they live to
lie to the Public for cheating and stealing by murder of
US, innocent peoples purposefully enslaved by a made
ignorantly entranced TV audience that is repeated reminded,
we have no power worth respecting.

CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS aren’t taking are calls presently,
but just lie and tell US they do. Look to see, almost all
political internet traffic condemns Bush straight to hell
well he rightly belongs, but the polls still say no - WE,
seeking for Just cause, are the minority.. just roll over
and die for the neocon betrayers to god and country, life
and loving.


George Bush "The same folks that are bombing innocent
people in Iraq were the ones who attacked us in America
on September the 11th"

George Bush 'Iraq has nothing to do with 911, you bunch
of nazi dumfuk grunting LOSERS. Whore yeah - praise Satan
- die America die. I mean... I love Jesus'

So it was as I thought too: the direct co-operation of
the joint chiefs of staff assisting General Ahmad, in
committing the murder of thousands in America on 911
for the neocon TRAITORS, as the same 'escaping' enemies
today, responsible for 'secretly' ordering these
indiscriminate terror attack bombings against YOUR
Humanity for their continuing stolen pleasures as


/ / U.S. Marines are said to have killed as many as eight
unarmed Iraqi prisoners when U.S. forces attacked Fallujah
in November of 2004. \ \

HA! Trying to ignore the murder of more than 200,000 People
as if OUR lives have no real meaning. WE KNOW they murdered
everyone they could in around between 15-55, but went ahead
gunning for infants and the elderly too under Sattler. Look
it up. Death to the demonic bushite LIARS, death to the
enemies of Man, so says the Son to God as Man to men -
Kill the dishonorable bushite enemy and be Loved by all as



[letter written as signed by Peter Power to MSNBC et al.]

/ /It is confirmed that a short number of 'walk through'
scenarios planed [sic] well in advance had commenced
that morning for a private company in London (as part
of a wider project that remains confidential) and that
two scenarios related directly to terrorist bombs at
the same time as the ones that actually detonated with
such tragic results. \ \

Little Peter Power is threatening literally BILLIONS
of US there. So.. what we a going to do my partners
in living? Die or survive? Your call...


Petraeus quietly urged his commanders to "get the word out"

Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie G. Thompson

/ / Thompson continues by asking Chertoff to further explain
what measures the country should take based on his instincts,
"What cities should be asking their law enforcement to work
double shifts because of your "gut feeling?" Are the American
people supposed to purchase duct tape and plastic sheeting
because of your 'gut feeling?'" \ \

Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie G. Thompson

NOTE: Americans are literally paying billions for Chertoff's
THREAT of "gut feeling". Billions, while the neocon walk
away from MURDERING Americans on 911 with the bushite on
America's Coast to Coast radio network, claiming they don't
know you know, nor, ever will. They'll tell you, blame the
shadows in the New World Order, but don't rely on evidence
to form your conclusions on who PERSONALLY is responsible
for criminal actions against YOUR rights to be free as
alive. Evil is real my friend, evil is real. Death to the
bushite, death to the enemy LIARS of human kind. Death to
the enemies of Love and God. Death to the enemies of Life.

"A dead Iraqi is just another dead Iraqi... You know, so what?"

These demons are murdering god loving people as enemies to
Humanity with the nazi assistance of corporate news america.
Will YOU please, support my rise to speak publicly challenging
anyone who disagrees with me, GEORGE WALKER BUSH needs to
be arrested immediately for 911. Peter Power needs to be
arrested for the London bombings. Sattler, Blount, and Russell
need to be arrested, tried and put to death for WAR CRIMES
against Iraq, along with those responsible for other
indiscriminate targetings against innocent PEOPLES for
the zionist neocon god betrayers hidden in shadows as
the un-known "Joint Chiefs of Staff" demon enemies.

Fight Back for Christ Sake God Damn You

"Another Wizard's World Wide Work of Wonder audio spectacular!!!"

/ / Wash. Post parroted White House claim that Iraq war was
authorized by U.N. Security Council \ \

Treason charges must be sought against zionist reporters
who LIE with such blatant disregard for your freedom in America.


The fascist control bushite, don't like You to think
independently for Yourself, for we independents out here
make them look as stupid as they are. Thank you very
much for that not so secret info.


The Other War: Iraq Vets Bear Witness
Chris Hedges and Laila al-Arian, The Nation

/ / Many said that these acts were perpetrated by a minority.
But they nevertheless described such acts as common and said
they often go unreported - and almost always go unpunished. \ \

/ / In addition to this sadistic and prolonged torture of the innocent,
according to Gush Shalom, (Gush Shalom is a Jewish peace movement-
true Judaism is opposed to Zionism) \ \

Moore vs. Greed

Moore: "Why don’t you [at CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS] tell
the truth to the American people?"

Because as zionists, THEY hate a liberating people who want to
TRULY make their lives better by understanding Justice is Freedom.


"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in crime"

Why will you not as a member of Humanity, make the call
to the Coast to Coast radio network of demon evil nazi
savages who deny your legitimate concern be addressed freely?
Hate God and Love do you? Couldn't care less could you
for the giving lives of ignorant Americans as an American?

Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of Man.


/ / An [BUSHITE ENEMY] American soldier boasts of having tortured
[INNOCENT] Iraqis and making a 15 years old Iraqi girl commit
suicide after she had been raped. \ \

Tell US, who wouldn't take great pride in warring this boastful enemy
of Humanity? Or, are you like CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS would suggest, it
is heroic - for all are heroic who DIE for the neocon?


/ / It is strange that the 'Secret Organization of Al
Qaeda in Europe,' the group that is allegedly
responsible, would have escaped notice (to say nothing
of their odd, 'double secret probation' type of name). \ \

Bushite are EVIL to all, as enemies to Human kind.
During Katrina, the bushites responsible for protecting
America, slaughtered everyone's confiscated pets for joy
and happiness. Three schools filled with hundreds of
dogs, cats, snakes and bats. There was no need to kill
everyone's beloved pet, but as the bushite will FREELY
tell YOU, it was fun to serve demonically as the
antichrist enemies of God and love. demand Justice for
God, demand Justice for Johnny.

/ / The mere fact that one can deduce a motive for a
person or a group does not mean that they perpetrated
the act...and it hardly suffices as proof of anything.\ \

Just try telling that to 'why work to make life better'
CBC, CNN, or FOXNEWS censors. Look at me!! They refuse
to acknowledge my documented info as REALLY important
to your continued ACTUAL survival.

Who fuking cares right? Certainly not the enemies
of America at the Coast to Coast radio network, who would
kill Americans for the rich neocons without question. It's
JUST American kids getting conned to die as bad guys.


DEMON LIAR George W. Bush "The larger point is, and the
fundamental question is, did Saddam Hussein have a
weapons program? And the answer is, absolutely. And we
gave him a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he
wouldn't let them in."


Afghan civilians caught,1,3303701.story

/ / The men told the same story, of how foreign troops
bombed their villages long after the Taliban fighters
had left, how the bombs killed women and children, goats
and sheep \ \


A quote from King Johnny Wizard, President and CEO

/ / Worried I'm going to love Life as truly honorable,
and Greater than those who openly lie to our soldiers to
have them unjustly die for no better good or reason
understood? \ \




The Randi Rhodes Show


God and America hate the bushite demon liars

/ / NATO bombardiers thousands of feet above the ground
certainly don’t know anything about the reality of the
towns and villages — and human lives — they are
destroying. \ \


'Up to 80 civilians dead' after US air strikes in Afghanistan

/ / Witnesses claim a village in British-run Helmand was
bombed for three hours \ \


It is not just a Muslim who sees the bushite as an enemy to
Humanity. These lawless savages have been acting without
accountability to anyone, because they are largely enemies of
America, who cowardly run from responsibility in America to
defend their own brothers and sisters from the neocon, and die
instead as/with rapists, torturers, and THIEVES.

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in crime"

/ / How can those who want accountability be termed
anti-Iraqi? only through cowardly liars, is an American
told America's not going to hunt down those who stole in
their names as neoCONNED for dying. \ \

/ / Israeli officials have told us that the Finance Ministry
is budgeting basic social services at a percentage of their
We can really be something greater, while a murderous bushite
thief, a LIAR, can hardly read or write Liberty without
flinching from self contempt.

Jesus man, do I truly hate these zionist nazi thieving LIARS
on our magic TV shows who con our kids to die as bad guys.
How about You?

These naked LIAR enemies who bank to thieve more from Iraq,
Afghanistan and America, must be brought down by Humanity's
ultimate triumph over tyranny through Law. A just law, where
those accused without any evidence are Innocent, and WORTHY
yOur defenses.


Name One - A Journey into Self Discovery

What Freedom do bushite war the innocent for to rape, pillage,
and murder as blind neocon followers of the 'lawless' demon
antichrist? Eh?


/ / This paints the congress into a corner, because when Bush
and Cheney refuse to comply with these subpoenas, congress will
either have to impeach, or admit we are a dictatorship. \ \

VIDEO: Massacre of Palestinian Women and Children


Israeli High Court permits torture of Innocent Humans

/ / Israel has illustrated contempt for law and the value of
human life, or even possessing an ethical standard of moral
behavior with respect to civil and human rights \ \

Of what religion to any GOD, is this ZIONIST nazi
behavior condoned? Demonic thieving bushite enemies of
Man lie about such behaviors bring about 'freedom', but
who of US wouldn't kill such contempt to save the lives
of Our innocent beloved families? A bushite kidnaps
Iraqis routinely, (or orders the murder of those between
15-55,) and what of any real man present, doesn't
immediately arrest or kill such CONTEMPTIBLE bushite
loyalists to the ungodly enemy antichrist?



Tony Snow "The executive branch is under no compulsion to
testify to Congress because Congress, in fact, doesn't have
oversight abilities."

IT LOOKS like they are going to attempt making the move of
BLATANTLY TREASONOUS war criminals acting to measurably now
destroy yOur Freedoms in godless America. The Satanic
neocon's 'faith', is in that YOU as an American, will watch
the same corporate drivel that offers next to nothing to
empower YOURSELF to speak Justly for a dying America. Instead
of demanding 24 hour, wall to wall news coverage, of war
criminals going down one by one by the will of Man to Justice,
CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS will broadcast your blind 'belief' that
you are only a impartial viewer, who doesn't really care about
dying right in front of yourself for the zionist's riches, and
great worldly power of tyranny through lawless nazi bushite

"Al-Qaida" = "General Mahmoud Ahmad" = "bush's ungodly partners in crime"

Jesus man, do I truly hate these zionist nazi thieving LIARS
on our magic TV shows who con our kids to die as bad guys.
How about You?

/ / If Bush and his PNAC buds are innocent, then Investigate
911! What have innocent people to fear from a fair, complete
and real investigation? \ \

They are guilty, so, of course, the demon Bush enemy,

I hear the national radio program Coast to Coast is still
feeding us neocon lies. Why don't you make the call for
Johnny.. believe in yourself for a change why don't you?,
buddies??... I am Your god king. King Johnny I am. Champion
of Universal Life! Not enough? Who cares?, to allow US speak
on our broad casts as legitimate? Worried I'm going to love
Life as truly honorable, and Greater than those who openly lie
to our soldiers to have them unjustly die for no better good
or reason understood? Let us make life better than the neocon
envision, and support our rise to popular acclaim by allowing
US to speak openly for public challenge in defense of America.

Death to the neocon soldier, death to the enemies of Man.

True US Bush Iraq-Afghan Wars Deaths At 21,000

"In the last four years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the
unreported death toll of American military personnel is in
excess of 20,000 (20,871)"

It's in cowardice that 'Americans' don't speak out for
the lost 'loves' of their dumber than dumb sons.


Thinking of vacationing in occupied ungodly neocon aipac
israel? Check out the criminal zionist's 'best' selling


[The freely self confessed child murderers of the IDF, tell US
as demon liars, they're "Jews". Anyone in Israel KNOWS this
factually to be so. For, the zionist forbid 'by law', to
allow military service from anyone in Israel who disagree that
God would will the thieving and murder of the completely
innocent in GOD accepting without question. Now why would YOU
want that?]

The nazi IDF does what Canada's dope pusher O'Conner suggests
we accept. Demon enemy bushite in Afghanistan murder children
without real understanding 'by accident', [no evidence is
shown to ANYONE, just treasonous demon evil bushite necon
spewing, "red handed"] lies after lies, while, the Taliban, we
are told, are so much worse, because they would murder
"ANYONE." Make sense? No. Remember: (The bush regime has
been found funding Al-Qaida in Iran to commit terrorist acts
against COWARDLY soldiers without free minds to speak in their
own defenses.)

/ / The group is demanding his impeachment not only for his
crimes against humanity but for lying to the American people
about his worship of Satan. \ \

It almost makes me laugh, and then, I push to remind, we are
so very far from where civilized is dreamed to reside. Look,
think of US as actors, (because that is who we are,) and
support my rise to proclaim by the will of a suffering for
real human kind. Believe in US, as if your life depends on
it, because it does my friends, because it does. Live free or
die unwillingly.

cause I am just,

King Johnny Wizard
President and CEO


Christ in America - Death to Our Enemies

"The most powerful audio performance of GOD since never!"

I BEG the Christian men of Earth to help GOD

/ / The currently ongoing "pacification" of Baqubah, a city
with 300,000 inhabitants, by some 10,000 U.S. troops is using
the same methods as documented in the NGO report with regard
to Fallujah \ \

I BEG the Christian men of Earth to help GOD in destroying the
lawless bushite nazi thieves, who lie cheat and steal from
Humanity for the 'escape' of the ACTUAL zionist 911
perpetrators. Death to the LIAR bushite, death to our
enemies, so say Johnny America, Lord and Savior.

Coast to Coast radio hosts MUST face treason charges as
enemies to Life as we know it. They lie to the American
child, to trick them into sacrificing more lives for the
tyranny of the antichrist.


/ / Cheney's office has refused to provide his staff with
details regarding classified documents or submit to a routine
inspection as required by presidential order, \ \

It seems Cheney wants to go it completely alone as an escaping
war criminal in America eh?

Demon G. W. Bush "Our responsibility to history is already
clear: to answer these attacks waged against us by stealth,
deceit and murder and rid the world of evil."

"Deceit" and "murder" to rid our world of justly what dum-uk

Kill a lawless bushite THIEF for America why don't You Patriot


Bin Laden may have arranged family's US exit: FBI docs



Nationally broadcasted every day across America, Mr. George
Norry publicly supports the murder of innocent Arab children,
and I'm beginning to really hate a silent dying America for
it. Speak to defend the innocent in this world American, or
die yourself from self contempt.

Bushites war LIFE itself. So then pleads I again the Son to
God, as Man to Men: war to kill the enemy bushite nazi savage
thieves, for real Freedom is waged truly by Just causes. The
mute, pro-censorship/tyranny THIEVING bushite savaged nation,
has NO EXCUSE for the crimes they have committed in our dying
names. I demand our voices heard internationally for Justice
as Freedom is Godly.

To, with a Love in your Heart for GOD, kill such contempt for
Human life, is to serve American freedom to the last bushite
neocon breathing. Death to the neocon soldier, death to the
enemies of Man.

/ / "They can try to have their votes of no confidence," the
president said, "but it's not going to determine - make the
determination - who serves in my government."

MY government? Now that's entitlement. And you thought George
Bush didn't have a vision for America \ \

Hitler, the mad man, wasn't as insane as our demon enemy
George Bush Jr. is.

/ / The [BUSHITE ENEMY] US has said it would refuse any
request by Italy to extradite the accused [satanic bushite
torturers of completely INNOCENT PEOPLE]. \ \

Christ, The Son of Man, Begs the Godly Men of Earth

Christ, The Son of Man, begs the godly men of Earth, to
judicially bill on sight, any neocon soldier who supports the
carnage waged in Afghanistan as cop killing dope pushers.
They shoot innocent women and children dead in the streets for
humor, and bushite pirates at CBC and CNN, state bushite in
Afghanistan are doing a good thing helping the bushmob escape
the crimes of 911 by warring for Muslim fundamentalism,
persecuting INNOCENT women and Christians, while for
entertainment, bomb innocent families running for their lives
from a Holy Church. Soulless child killing soldiers who CBC
execs would tell are our DEMONIC heroes. Lawless dope pushing
cop killers have got to go down dead screaming, instead of the
innocent - YOU and me they target for MURDER. Death to the
dishonorable bushite THIEVES, death to the enemy neocon LIARS
of GOD and man.

We can really be something greater, while a murderous bushite
thief, a LIAR, can hardly read or write Liberty without
flinching from self contempt.

Kill a bushite LIAR, why don't you my brothers and sisters of
the faith in something greater than bushite godless tyranny?

Brig. General David Fraser - former nazi commander of NATO
who 'okayed' the bombing of defenseless innocent Afghan women
and children for the Satanic enemies of Man, stated on CBC, he
liked killing police officers, along with innocent women and
children, (deliberately targeted for the pleasures of the
demon antichrist) because, Afghanistan's children hope to
learn. See? The bushite 'will' murder all our children and
teachers on hope that we will never learn the Taliban, led by
"Omar the Just", were loyal to Christ as REAL American
Freedom, when publicly demanding evidence to form your
conclusions. Thus is why the ENEMY to LIFE neocon state on
YOUR TV and radio, WE must never be allowed to speak openly
with the Taliban regarding the FACTS. Because if we did,
neocon pension thievers would be hunted down in the streets
for public trial, and then gloriously put to death by
Christian values committed to TRUE freedom from lawless
godless zionist LIAR tyrannies against Mankind - YOU included.

George Norry and Art Bell are the most evil of bushite, who as
betrayers of the Human race, deny soldiers to know: General
Ahmad funded Atta. They will both support the murder of Your
American Son or Daughter for further zionist evils, before
allowing true open line communications, to defend ourselves
from the lawless demon enemies of Man. Do something about it,
or don't. Let TRUTH set US free.

Instead of making an easy phone call today for your dying
brothers and sisters, die as Satanic bad guy enemies of Life
on Earth, sacrificed in cowardice to the real demon
antichrist, and see if we, the true, strong, and free, care.
The Son of Man SCREAMS before coming home to GOD'S America:
We are coming to destroy Satanically lawless bushite enemies,
all for the love of God, we shall succeed my friends, we
shall succeed. I will not willingly live in a forsaken world
with LIAR zionist war criminals conning US to believe, God is
not Great, True, Strong and Just.

Die bushite die!


/ / A manifest showed the goods [BUSHITE HEROIN] were to be
shipped from Kabul to Dubai and then on to Canada. \ \

"We have nothing to do with poppy eradication. We stay away
from [pro bushite heroin to kill YOUR kid with] it as far as
we can," Maj. Steve Graham of the Royal Canadian Dragoons


To Kill a Bushite, is to be Heroic

To further murder as these ungodly bushite liars do today as
our suffering Mankind, is to blindly swear public allegiance
to the for real DEMONIC antichrist THIEVES. Bushite enemies
are evil nazi dumfuk scum, liars who cowardly watch America in
her weakness be high jacked, and squeak nothing for Just words
in our REAL defense for dying.


AMERICA'S Mr. O'Really responding to accusations that FOX NEWS
refuses to cover the war in Iraq on behalf of concerned,
AS DYING, American families, [and forsakes Christ as demon
betrayers to the paying victim audience] Stated:

"Do you care if another bomb went off in Tikrit?
Does it mean anything? NO! It doesn't mean anything."

Why should WE continue to silently die unjustly victimized?,
for the bushite's contempt of Mankind censored?, the Eternal
Son of Man to GOD forever answers correctly.

Kill a bushite as the Love of Justice for Humanity

The Son of Man BEGS all honorable men to defend Life
from bushite enemies of GOD who murder, rape and steal from
innocence through lawlessness as thieves of everyone. Please
kill the bushite for the love of women and children. kill
the bushite for the love of GOD. Please, defend ourselves
further hardships by supporting immediate war crime trials
to begin against all neocon traitors who LIE OPENLY to
kill America's America as enemies to truth, as enemies to

Charles Goyette Interviews Scott Horton

/ / Look, do you understand what these [TV politico] people
are saying?

These people, one right after another, are up here talking
about a nuclear strike! [more bushite DEMON mass death and
suffering against Life] On a country that hasn't threatened
US?, hasn't harmed US?, has no capability to attack US? Do
YOU understand the madness we have descended to? \ \

'Kill Anyone Still Alive': American Special Ops

Can you not as a American Man, destroy bushite brayers to defend
innocent life? Americans could not care less presently for
the value of Human life. Americans do nothing to defend
their lives, but officially plan to murder more for the Satanic
demon antichrist in silence. Out of millions, how many even
bother to make a phone call to talk radio against the neocon.
how many? Five or six? Seriously.. How many? I know bushites
are demon liars for the neocon, but is it really impossible for
"Americans" to try speaking?, in the face of murdering millions
more forsaken by enemy mortal, pro child killer George Norry?
George Norry too nice of a guy to even bother question the value
of American children? The THIEF Art Bell's voice too soothing
to care that neocons own pirated America, and on everything she
stands whoring as WAR CRIMINALS to the FOR REAL antichrist?

Death to the lawless bushite, death to the enemies of Mankind

God is Great

Again, George W. bush did 911 with General Ahmad, but CBC
zionists, actual treasonous LIARS, actually smile to dying
Canadian soldiers with only true contempt. CBC kills Canadian
kids, with their intentional demon lies, trying to subvert
Justice for God and Johnny. In fact, yesterday, they did a
special, all on how "God is NOT Great", giving that bush bitch
demon LIAR, all the space to pontificate it's hatred for
Wisdom, Science, and GOD, with only nods and smiles from the
'illiterate' hord. Remember: A zionist KNOWS it's an enemy of
Humanity when it supports dropping seven million land minds to
murder indiscriminately OUR CHILDREN for decades, or stealing
a Christians Home because they say God says Jews would do such
ungodly acts. Blame innocent Jews the holocaust denying
zionist shout, of which not one, is a Jew. Like me.

To Kill a Bushite, is to be Heroic

Pro child killer George Norry, enemy of the American soldier,
still blabs about how more must die unjustly for bin Laden
with LIES, knowing full well, video of steel flowing like
water from the WTC exists, and that General Ahmad funded Atta.
George Norry is a traitor to the FBI, who further plans more
to die sacrificed under the censorship of the tyrant
antichrist. Who cares I ask about America truly dying as
neoCONNED, for George Norry has millions to not take your
calls for protection, and honestly, 'Americans' couldn't care
much less for Our Humanity's future. Live free by defending
liberty by killing pro lawless pro torture pro fascist bushite
enemies my friend, live free by defending Yourself and GOD.

/ / The U.S. State Department recently issued a report
calling Sudan a "strong partner in the war on terror." \ \

The high jacking Bush regime is supporting financially a
TYRANNICAL 'government' that openly practices Genocide, as just
the sort of "American" partner to assist in determining which
further murder victims are terrorists. While the same demon
administration confesses to FUNDING middle eastern al-Qeada to
commit TERRORIST acts in Iran, as demon evil tyranny against
the sleeping Sheeple. Again, it is fully confessed that the
Satanic bushmob is pro terror now. Death to the enemies of
Freedom, death to the bushite betrayers of Life instead of YOU
my innocent friends. Instead of US.

/ / US 'used forced [SLAVE] labour to build Iraq embassy' \ \

Kill a bushite LIAR and be loved by God as Life is True.



Love to God Gives US Strength

The Son of Man begs the Men of Earth to defend Ourselves from
the unholy forces of our tyrannical enemies. Death to the
ungodly bushite thieving LIARS, death to the ungodly enemies
of American children everywhere. GOD praises all Men, who
kill the murderous bushite enemies of Just causes. The
THIEVING satanic bushite forces, speak only contempt for GOD
on our demandings of the public execution of the boastful
terrorists, like the bushite who video taped the murderous
assault of OUR kidnapped bare footed children, or murdered
Iraqis while desecrating ELVIS, done all to please the
"escaping" satanic demon antichrist zionist, Our Mr. bush
Jr., who with his private business partner, General Ahmad,
actually committed the ungodly treasons of 911 in a land of
blind men sleeping., according to the eternally Honorable FBI

Death to the ungodly bushite thieving LIARS, death to the
ungodly enemies of American children everywhere. GOD praises
all Men, who kill the murderous bushite enemies of America's
America. "The Liar" Hannity's America, can go it alone as
treasonous liars, who boastcast a con to 'neutralize' America;
'finding' that we believe their demon lies about how one dies
sacrificed 'Heroic' without any IMPORTANT questions answered.
do we do?

To Kill a Bushite, is to be Heroic

To further murder as these ungodly bushite liars do today as
our suffering Mankind, is to blindly swear public allegiance
to the for real DEMONIC antichrist THIEVES. Bushite enemies
are evil nazi dumfuk scum, liars who cowardly watch America in
her weakness be high jacked, and squeak nothing for Just words
in our REAL defense for dying. Play pretending their actually
real men, because to really be so, requires real strength.
Not bush bitch Marines "WHORES YEAH!" strength, where they
cowardly can't figure to defend America from ungodly war
criminals. War criminals who deliberately set them up with
Satanic 'black magic' to be killed in criminal actions. P2OG.
But see?, the bushite fodder, can't care enough for Life to
read, because it already knows like the zionist, it's an
ungodly coward and a thief, as siding to lying and censorship,
this will out work for evil doers in the long run without
any consequences to themselves as Our sworn eternal enemy.

Bushites 'think' that being Satanic brethrens for the LIAR
neoCON, they'll die sacrificed not seen by all Patriot
Warriors, as a dead coward - too fearful to stand as a godly
Man for true accountability to living Life honorably. Cheney,
McCain, and 911's gooliannie believe, You can only TV 'see'
them protected Satanically by "Molech" [THEIR DEMON COG]
Immune from REAL American Justice the bushite bray, We are
told they believe so anyway. By Satanic command,
'inconceivable' to see the bushmob up on high treason
charges... Oohh. Yeahhh.. I can see that going for real -
quite excitedly I am about saving innocent lives. So, let's
get done what needs to be a doing to save ourselves, so we can
get this talking all behind us now, and reach for something
truly breath taking as awarding,

Your Servant,

King Johnny Wizard
President and CEO


Why should WE continue to silently die unjustly victimized?,
for the bushite's contempt of Mankind censored?, the Eternal
Son of Man to GOD forever answers correctly. We can really be
something greater, while a murderous bushite thief, a LIAR,
can hardly read or write Liberty without flinching from self
contempt. Bushite tyranny is a dead end road paved with
missed opportunity. change your evil ways in other words, and
join the living side that's light to know what we are, in
deed, looking at here under the dying spoils of bushite, "we
pay" misfortune. To hell with Satanic demon devil worship by
the President of the United States, We, the People answer,
for now anyway, we have some really serious business just
presently, and we really don't need to be any more reminded
about Mr. Bush's satanic Devil, demon whoreship, of, "Molech",
a religion practiced to deceive America into sacrificing our
kids for cash with YOUR blood.... Tricked. Tricked. Tricked.

Nationless bushites who blindly war Life as the neocon
enemies, war for the 911 perpetrators to escape American
Justice. that is why I, as of GOD, cheer to hear the deaths
of these pro torture, pro theft, pro Satanic enemies of Man.
They confess freely to targeting INNOCENT People for murder.


CIA 'disappeared' seven-year-old children

bushite, death to the enemies of Mankind.


New admissions of widespread prisoner abuse

/ / The Bush administration is finalizing new guidelines for
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) interrogation methods that
will give broad latitude for torture techniques \ \

These are crimes against Christ, and any 'Christian' who lawlessly
participates in this pro-bush tortu



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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
-- Mark Twain
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