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FDA To Cover Up Pesticide Industry's Biggest Crime

Onward to the Next Prison-Filling, Socially-Disrupting Prohibition...of yet another natural plant product that is, for now, in the public domain. The FDA serves not only the cigarette industry (by pretending to oppose it) but all the toxic/carcinogenic cig adulterants suppliers.
As most US "regulatory" agencies do, the FDA serves to protect corporations from the people, not the way we are told. Tobacco is about Number Five or so in Pesticide use...but, as per New York Times article, the FDA will ignore those toxins and anything else in a typical cigarette that would be embarrassing, or indicting, to the broad cigarette cartel...which includes a LOT of pesticde/pharmaceutical firms, and more.

The note below was sent to US pesticide/toxics activist groups including PANNA, CHEJ, NCAP, NCAMP, UCS, Food & Water, Organic Consumers, and others.

Too soon for replies. Action needed Wednesday July 18. The FDA must NOT be allowed to ignore what are the most toxic, carcinogenic parts of most cigarettes. They must not be allowed to scapegoat a natural plant, OR the uninformed, unwitting, insufficiently-warned victims, for the crimes of industry. No natural plant, even poison ivy, fermented grapes, or tobacco, is "sinful".

(Do Not join Big Cig/Big Insurance/Big Chlorine, et ilk, in opposing "smoking". Who wants another prison filling Prohibiton? Instead condemn industry contamination of tobacco...and almost everything else. To be arbitrary about this is not cool.)

To Pesticides Etc Activist Groups:

Here's a NYT story about possibility of the FDA "regulating" "tobacco"...a highly pesticide-related issue. More than most know or care to talk about.

Despite the presence of numerous pesticide residues in typical cigarettes, despite the fact that chlorine pesticides (and chlor-bleached
paper) send dioxin to unwitting smokers, despite the presence of carcinogenic Po-210 from the still legal use of phosphate tobacco fertilizers...Senators seem to be concerned only about Cloves and Menthol in typical cigarettes.

If there is a more clear case of gross legislative and regulatory abuse, it's hard to imagine one that involves so much harm, so many deaths, so many toxics industries, so many media lies, so much corruption of medical science, and so much money.

This is to urge PROMPT actions of some kind to assure that those Senators, and the FDA, do not overlook the pesticide/chlorine/and radiation
components of most (thankfully not all) cigarettes. The Senate health committe will do things on this on Wednesday. Kennedy and Orin Hatch are ALLIES in this! proof positive of No Opposition Party in this country.
Dr. Gregory Connolly, noted in the article, knows all about this from the days when Mass. was planing an ingredients listing law, he says
nothing. He once said that even radiation, from phosphate tobacco fertilizers, ought be listed as cig ingredient. Not any more.

I believe you well know the effects of pesticide and dioxin exposures and that you will see exactly those effects absurdly described as "smoking-related" illnesses...even though smoke from NO plant can possibly cause those symptoms. "Company Doctors" blame anything BUT industrial toxins/carcinogens for harms.

The FDA seems aimed NOT to address all non-tobacco cigarette components but to protect the cigarette makers, the pesticide and fertilizer providers,
suppliers of all non-tobacco ingredients, AND all of their insurers and investors.

This FDA and Senate deal reeks of actual crime...the evasion of law and penalties, obstruction of justice, perpetrating fraud, perjury (for under-oath parts), and conspiracy to harm and kill by failure to do solemn DUTY to PROHIBIT or warn about the deadly parts of cigarettes.

I'm not sure about International Law...but Third Reich leaders were executed for THEIR denial of Informed Consent to subjects exposed to toxic and experimental substances. But isn't that exactly what we have in the cigarette adulterants situation? ...except that with these pesticide pegs, there are more victims than the reich had. (The perpetrators hope to blame this on natural tobacco plants.)

Exposing this FDA venture would expectedly, inevitably affect ALL regulation of pesticides. Many of the pesticide firms causing problems to
workers and children and wildlife are ALSO part of the most demonized business in the land...Cigarette Manufacturing. It is imperative that activists, victims, and independent attorneys and medical professionals act on this.

*** Wm. Novelli, first president of TFK, was
founder of Porter-Novelli PR firm, big chlorine
big pesticides etc best friend. This is just one

The pesticides addressed by the GAO...with mfgr
names added. (Up to date info?)

(Note presence below of Bayer's, Monsanto([search])'s,
Syngenta's [formerly Novartis] imidacloprid, now
a top suspect in causing collapse of honey bee
populations globally. Perhaps we ought not trust
Tobacco Pesticide Suppliers with our vital food

1, 3-dichlorrpropene: Niklor Chem. (Long Beach,

Chloropicrin: Niklor Chem.

Maleic hydrazide: Drexel Chemical Co. (Tenn.)

Acephate: Valent USA (Calif.)

Methyl bromide: Great Lakes Chemical (Indiana)

Pendimethalin: American Cyanamid (Wayne, Pa.)

Chlorpyrifos: Dow; Bayer

Fenamiphos: Miles Laboratories

Mancozeb: DuPont

Flumetralin: Ciba

Metalaxyl: Ciba-Geigy

Clomazone: FMC Corp (Phila.)

Ethoprop: Bayer

Endosulfan: FMC Corp. (Phila.); Bayer

Mefenozam: Syngenta

Pebulate: Staufer Chem Co (Conn.)

Ethephon: Rhone-Poulenc (NC); Bayer

Napropamide: Zeneca (Wilmington, Del.)

Sulfentrazone: FMC Corp. (Phila.)

Imidacloprid: Bayer (KC, Mo.); Monsanto;

Aldicarb: Rhone-Poulenc (NC); Bayer.

Dimethomorph: American Cyanamid (Wayne, Pa.)

Methomyl: DuPont (Del.)

Disulfoton: Sanex (Ontario); Bayer

Sethoxydim: BASF (NC)

Spinosad: Dow

Carbaryl: Rhone-Poulenc (NC); Bayer

Fonofos: Zeneca (Delaware)

Benefin: Dow Elanco

Bacillus thuringiensis: Sandoz Agro & Abbott Labs

Carbofuran: FMC Corp. (Phila); Bayer

Diphenamid: Tuco Upjohn

Isopropalin: Dow Elanco

Methadathion: Ciba Geigy (NC)

Trichlorfon: Miles (KC, Mo.); Bayer

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