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fbi control over universities

A new law now requires fbi background checks of students and portends the end of privacy and academic freedom in the uSA.
From Brownsville, Texas
July 17, 2007
Headlines this date regarding fbi background checks at colleges and universities:
"Law gives FBI checks go ahead
Associated Press
Published Tuesday, July 17, 2007"

Sosbee writes: the new law (sponsored by Sen. Larry Robinson) is an abomination in the making. The liars, fabricators, terrorists, assassins and traitors of the fbi are the keepers of the gate to academic freedom; the fbi files are outrageous volumes of inneuendos on top of lies and misrepresentations that directly destroy lives in a most unlawfully despicable and unconstitutional manner.
Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem falsely states of the new law:
“What we’re talking about are people’s criminal convictions,”.... A person with enough resources and time would be able to go around the country and get these records. These are not personal details about anybody. If I’m living in a dormitory, I’d like to know if my RA (resident attendant) is a convicted sex offender or a burglar.”
The statement above by Stenehjem is an outright lie. See "My Story In Detail" :
Also see my article dated and titled as follows at this website:
100 2006-11-07 17:16 Stories the parable of the fox in the hen 'House'
Understand that the fbi files on this and many others are civil in nature,
have no semblance of truth, are recorded to silence activists and 'troublemakers', and are accepted globally by governments and institutions (including academia) in order to comply with NWO inhumane mandates. The loss of personal freedom and privacy are now encouraged by universities in the uSA, and the future of academic opportunity going forward is as dark as the black hole of deceit and trickery from which the fbi historically operates.
Shame on those who support and honor this law.

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