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Private Security Companies & Fascism

Several issues about private mercenaries have come to the forefront. However one important issue has “not” come to our attention. The issue that needs investigation is the “fact” that any private security employee could be taking secret orders (such as those of a subversive nature) from any special interest, political front or political power—including the taking of orders from other intelligence agencies or even mafia-like gangsters.
Private Security Companies & Fascism
(see also second article “Propaganda Mercenaries Within As Existential Threat”)
By Marcus Tullius

People, of reasonable mind, would agree that the Iraq situation is senseless and tragic chaos. The left hand, supposedly, does not know what they right hand has been doing. Or at least we are led to believe that it has been mostly bad faith and incompetence as to why the military situation in Iraq is where it is at—trapped into boundless turmoil.

However perhaps a cabal of insiders knows a significant deal more than what they tell us voter “plebes” via dominate information infrastructures? **Note that “plebes” is the epithet of their attitude for us common folk voters—the retort by pseudo-elitists who try to control our country’s foreign policy.

Erstwhile seekers for truth find no easy answers to this disastrous neocon-artist Middle East mess—noting an emphasis on the fact that it is a Middle East mess. The United States, hence our “real” national security, is clearly trapped in serious vulnerability (see for example April 16 Time “Why Our Army is at the Breaking Point”).

Paul Bremer made it a certainty that our government’s policy in Iraq would give free reign to private military and private security companies. He granted them immunity from prosecution for wrong doing with edict “Order 17” (see “Democrats Won't Stop Bush's Mercenary Armies in Iraq” by Jeremy Scahill posted at May 1, 2007).

By now many Americans know there are too many private companies (motivated by greed) operating in Middle Eastern military theaters. T. Christian Miller of the Los Angelos Times on a front page lead story, “Contractors outnumber troops in Iraq” July 4, 2007, said: “... more than 180,000 civilians ... are working in Iraq under U.S. contracts”. His breakdown goes roughly to 21,000 Americans; 43,000 foreigners; and 118,000 Iraqis.

Also it should be noted, Paul Bremer, a Harvard MBA graduate, while head of the Coalitional Provisional Authority, also negligently allowed billions of American tax dollars to “disappear” with a belated shrug of his shoulders. The way it worked was that the “private” Fed Corporation shipped pallets loaded with bricks of $100 dollar denominations there—and they magically disappeared over time—with no or little accounting. Is this the logical arrangement for a system of checks and balances? Or is this how modern day mafia-like tactics are now employed on the international scene—that is no accountability for another Ivy Leaguer with a MBA?

But these outrages followed the Pentagon’s and State Department’s lax attitudes toward looting that occurred in Iraq after the U.S. invasion started—especially of Iraq’s famous museum. Yes, so even with a ginormous budget the Pentagon management did not have the wherewithal to anticipate such reality as looting of national treasuries?

Criminality and negligence are indicators of a rogue elephant. High and low crimes alike have catapulted onto the public radar for months, nay years now, regarding post 9-11, in respect to intellectual, moral, as well as sanctionable (illegal) corruption from Washington D.C. and the Empire’s tentacles overseas.

Even the dead are aware of grand overcharging by “no-bid” contractors like Haliburton’s opportunism. So billions more of our tax earned dollars have been overspent because of non-existent standard procedures of private companies who overcharged and under-performed.

Such reality corresponds to the fact that these private companies paid their employees (with our tax dollars) considerably more than what our own “patriotic” volunteer troops made—troops, by the way, who are held “accountable” for mistakes (that is “lower” rank and file military personnel are held accountable). ***Note that “patriotism” is loyalty to one’s country and true national security—not scheming tax revenues from the people’s treasury.

And finally there is concern about the enormity of outsourcing and privatizing of war—as it is unprecedented. Reports tell us mercenaries, via their company’s arbitrary whims, act out a Wild West attitude (euphemism) in which only the devil may care. These people or their bosses are not held accountable for “any” mistakes, or intentional rogue behaviors, because there are no sanctions—otherwise maybe some devils would care?

Of late even our slow wits of the west can come to realize that liberal economic theory inherited from England, as fostered by moral philosopher Adam Smith, has turned into a sociopath’s exploitation, here in the United States, and our various machinations abroad, that is while we drunkenly transition into the 21st century.

Thus right-wing America now exports the same Divine Right of Corporations mentality worldwide—in which case for-profit corporations can do no wrong. Divine Right of Corporations is what we actually metastasize while we claim to export democracy and freedom.

It took the naiveté of intellectuals dull enough to think that mere theory on paper (such as “neo-liberalism” or laissez faire “globalization”) would be equivalent to the way reality plays out. And sadly too many of America’s political pundits tend to be naive even if sanctimoniously so (the two traits correlate). Still they, sneer as if “they” are the ones who disdain intellectuals! Nevertheless anyone that puts blind faith in a mere theory (or some con artist like the Chalabi guy) is a lunatic.

So as our country continues toward bankruptcy with some kind of economic collapse a real possibility. This war might have been good for private investors but it is not good for the American public.

Still several important issues about private armies and professional mercenaries have come to the forefront—such as why are we paying so much to these people whereas we can’t recruit citizens into our services?

However one important issue has “not” come to our attention, or that of leaders—if there are any. The issue that needs scrutiny, and investigation, is the “fact” that any private security employee could be taking secret orders (such as those of a subversive nature) from any special interest, political front or political power—including the taking of orders from other intelligence agencies or even mafia-like gangsters.

Granted it is true enough that thousands of privatized employees are just support and logistics staff. The fact still remains that the legions also are employed as “professional” soldiers. There are enough soldiers of fortune operating there with experience as experts in covert or black operations (meaning operations kept secret from civilian, tax-paying voters, and too often Congressional people—had Congress more curiosity).

Not surprisingly this privatization strategy has made it possible to keep secrets from our nation’s “voters” and pretty much the entire official government (whereas rogue elites have no respect for the concept of “representative” government or law in the first place).

If any reader thinks this assertion ludicrous, or unlikely, then remember the context. Consider for example, as fact, our government, and plenty of minions within news agencies, have lied again and again to the public.

One example (as more than theory) has been elaborate attempts to control what information would come out of Iraq—but only for so long. This disaster, as “projected” cakewalk, has even frustrated the naive patience of the more dumbfounded. Sop some truths have slipped out—such as Abu Graib photographs as one example.

Note that Abu Graib is a glaring example of inadequate accountability by exactly who—and under what status—civilian or “corporate” interrogators involved (and how were they recruited, and who did the actual recruiting)? Meanwhile officials tried to scapegoat Brigadier General Karpinski. But she proved feisty and courageous enough to stand up and tell us that she was not truly in charge of those cells blocks? Who were the people operating within?

To restate the problem that needs discussion is not simply that private security companies are “not” held accountable to the law—but more importantly that their personnel can literally be taking orders from any chain of command (and done covertly). Plus one can well imagine—some types of players are use to such arrangements—as it is their nature to hide their tracks—or why else would they be called “black” operations specialists?

Mercenaries are not generally reinforced to act as people of the highest ethical regard or conscientiousness. It is not emphasized as part of their job descriptions—if they even bother to truly know much about the true reasons of their employment.

Private security companies are comprised of prior special force elites that have training and experience in explosives, reconnaissance spying, classified operations and tactical maneuvers, languages, interrogation, etc., which is why they are deemed black bag specialists.

But now, because they work for “private” companies, who can be employed to work anywhere, they lack governmental oversight. Therefore they can literally be loyal to any number of causes or special interests. For example any officer within such a company can be a secret handler as a front operation hiding behind a bogus facade of just doing business.

Plus some of these companies, and their personnel, are recruited from all over the world besides the United States—such as Africa, South America, Britain, Canada, Israel([search]), etc., including even the possibility of places that have even recruited children to be soldiers (as children soldiers can be the most vicious of killers).

What is to stop mercs from acting without any standard of conduct or law? To whom do they owe respect or consideration?

Still black operations for capitalist reasons didn’t just appear on the scene. These secret operations have a history. An example is our secret involvement in massacres via death squads for hundreds of thousands in Guatemala—and for whom—the United Fruit Company.

And who were the persons involved in such escapades if not soldiers of fortune arms dealers, as well as right-wing media Reagonites that allowed such exploitation to happen?

Granted even if it is true that many mercenaries are, deep down, decent people, they still operate in a world dynamic that is other than black and white. Mercenaries’ modus operandi is within international conflict and war.

They take their money from who can afford to pay them. They are not culled from pools of people who practice high ethical standards. No one reasonably expects high marks for scrupulous concern for others’ welfare or dignity. Furthermore these people too are good at rationalizing their actions. And within their ranks include questionable characters—some that also have strict loyalties to political agendas and religious fanaticism—which is not just a reality elsewhere.

And another important consideration is that mercs have a history of also being in contact with international crime situations—drug smuggling, illegal weapon smuggling, taking over territories for mineral wealth, etc.

But nevertheless even Machiavelli wrote that mercenaries “were too easily bought.” He said you needed troops loyal to the state (his state was an “authoritarian” Principe). **Note that even Nicolo Machiavelli, in the final analysis, was a theorist who stated his biases with “mortal” fallibility—therefore we should not conclude his is the last word on politics or power. Bullies may be on top politically but who really wants to associate with cold and rigid people who have little in the way of humanity to offer?

Should Americans not feel that our government has reneged in their duty as over-sight managers on this disaster—in which there was “no” plan A, let alone a plan B, for leaving? And yet there were elaborate operations to deceive the public?

Is it not inconceivable that there was a plan to “balkanize” Iraq with a desire for a divide and conquer strategy before it got messy? It is then not inconceivable that some professional demolitions experts have covertly done things, as rumored, in Iraq and elsewhere, that have actually helped create and exasperate the civil war between the Sunnis and Shiites?

The American public was not told the truth about Iraq. Meanwhile American private contractors have built a huge new embassy there—certainly not if we had planned on leaving? They have equally built huge, and meant-to-be permanent, military bases in Iraq. These pre-planned intentions, operational from the start, means that our government never intended to leave—yet the mainstream media and D.C. officials are trying to make it sound as if such a realization of a need to stay for years is rather of a late conclusion.

Imagine what the debate dynamics would be if Iraq did not have all the chaos and threat of civil war? Then what would they argue we do as a military and foreign power?

Could it then be, a reason we did not have a plan to leave, is because they (a conspiratorial elite) secretly wanted a civil war in Iraq—thinking it could be managed “on paper” and it too had to be made to happen secretly? How does this coincide with unprecedented numbers of mercenaries from all over, with all kinds of checkered records of conflict—operating from Chenney’s dark side of the shadows?

Blackwater mercenaries showed up to watch aspects of the New Orleans disaster. Will they show up for other potential people control issues within the United States as well—like anti-war protests when Americans finally realize that things have gone too far?

Americans must confront the fact that a police state has come here to roost in America and this is a long term evolving reality. There is now a military command within the U.S. meant to carry out military operations “within” our country if necessary—blowing away the Posse Comitatus Act.

If you really connect the dots on the War on Terror you will notice that it is correlated to a war on third world countries not friendly to private oil companies of western designation (or places that need to secure pipelines like Afghanistan). The conflagrations of the Near to Middle East to Central Asia via Libya to Pakistan, and places like Sudan, Somalia, Venezuela, Columbia, etc., are very much about oil, gas, and minerals (as well as over-protecting Israel from its inability to compromise—see related article below).

Most certainly then there are those Muslims who have declared themselves our enemies—but why? Has it not been because of a rather long list of U.S. involved usurpations against their rights and property? Did we not secretly work to have Abul Kassem removed in Iraq in the 1950s making room for the likes of Saddam Hussein into power? Did we not help overthrow Prime Minister Mossedegh in Iran equally in the ‘50s to be replaced with human rights violator Reza Pahlavi?

Can middle and lower class America still afford a luxury to be rused by delusions, deception, and self-deception? Might we wake up to the propaganda that currently finds it easy to manipulate our prejudices and exploit our fears?

Consider the reality that a future catastrophe has “already” been deemed a reason to attack Israel’s enemies—Syria and Iran—countries that we are being brainwashed to believe are American enemies—because in reality they harbor groups of rebels who despise Israel’s politics and policies. How is it that we should be defending Israel—when Israel’s attitude has been so ethnocentric—such as claiming their land sacred as they defile everything Palestinian?

We need deeper scrutiny of media ownership, spin and brainwashed ideology. Paid puppets that have turned out the light to a darkness—that is taking us closer to a corporate form of fascism and all that it might mean.

Marcus Tullius

See related article immediately below:

Propaganda Mercenaries Within As Existential Threat

By Marcus Tullius

Concurrently, with federal governmental corruption seemingly at an all time high, mainstream “corporate” media equally co-opted to play a part in controlling and manipulating information, such as what was coming out about Iraq—via their collective willingness to go whoring “embed”. Therefore corporate media executives also made this illegal war possible as they cheerleaded our military into Iraq (and all its consequences).

We The People need to recognize that despite all rhetoric paid to “democracy” and “liberty” the truth is that many elitists disdain the common man’s opinion and concerns. In fact they disdain democracy even more so then did Plato who felt it was a government run by idiots—which is why he wrote about The Republic (which several equally disdain).

Currently for example, our media enterprising stenographers are deliberately going along with “paranoia” propaganda about terrorist threats. We already know there was several trumped up investigations about terrorists here in the U.S. but then proved to be duds. We also know that they have not truly found one real professional terrorist cell in our country.

What we need to know is if there is any truth to the claims that some terrorism plots that are purported to be Jihad plots and websites that are in fact created by secret conspiracies (black operations) so as to keep us Americans on edge. Are the videos supposedly by Bin Laden really him or someone pretending to be him?

It is very unlikely that 9-11 was done by the 19 Arabs with box cutters. The whole story smells of professional deceit. The official story cannot be true.

But get this—one aim of the war on terror (which will never be spelled out) was to have Christians of western countries go to war with Muslims of Islamic countries. Hence elitists, financiers, and media “deciders” were using their own terror tactic program to create another World War—supposedly on outside terrorists—but it just so happens they wanted us to bomb Israel’s enemies. How ironic that Israel’s enemies have, now over the years of media propaganda, became America’s enemies?

Hence we have propaganda mercenaries working the media. Apparently they figure most Americans are too busy with jobs, family, or are too self-centered to care enough so as to make a difference, or even if curious, are not investigative enough to get to hidden truths (as they too readily believe what they listen or read).

The war for minds and hearts is here and it is not necessarily based on truth. Nevertheless it has been a luxury for Americans to presume that the power elite, and all highly placed officials, have been operating from a place of virtue—as it has equally been a luxury for American Jews to presume the same thing about the Israeli government.

To cut to the chase let us, as a culture, stop lying about one major fact regarding the Iraq war. The facts have been on the table—Israel, and its agents who work here (such as those who secretly performed in the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans) manipulated us into this war—even as they are now trying to cover “their” mistakes by making it appear it was simply American leadership and a Bush and Chenney mistake. Don’t buy this deception. This war was clearly a neo-con job—even if it is equally true that the war was about global hegemony, oil and profiteering as well.

It’s time for the Left and political Center to face this truth—that Israel is complicit in this current war—and has been actively been involved in keeping us from withdrawing our troops—even as Kissinger makes it sound like all other neighbor countries are primarily interested and Israel doesn’t have anything to assert?

Even left radio is mute about this issue, but occasionally lets guard down, as Ed Schultz did by saying: “We can’t just immediately pull out of Iraq when we know that they are extremist neighboring countries who want to take on Israel” (not exact words but was the gist of his statement). So are we to believe that since Iraq is so close to Israel in the pulling out there was no clout in the getting in?

Yet the Israel factor looms in the unstated background even if they can’t be honest about it. The reality is that Jews have enormous clout in Washington D.C. and in world and U. S. media. AIPAC as well, for example, has been very influential as to who gets a real shot at winning the White House, and congressional seats, etc. If a candidate does not kowtow and cringe with rhetoric to Israel’s right wing and hysterical they will not easily win an election.

Until the Left and Center faces this truth—as a significant part of the overall problem—particularly in the Department of Influence—then nothing positive will come of this—because now Israel’s hi s, and mercenary propagandists, have been busy twisting arms for months to lead our nation into a larger despotic war with Iran and Syria—despite our nation’s economic and security footing. That fact is that we were not threatened by Iraq as we are not threatened by Iran (as only the hairdresser knows)

Or consider all the verbiage about the Scooter Libby scandal. Practically all major media conveniently forget to mention Scooter Libby’s high loyalty to Israel? Just an oversight? Hardly. Or what about the foul ups by the likes of Wolfowitz, Abrams, Addingson, Pearle, Feith, the Kristols, Liebermen (did he really win that election), Shulsky, Chertoff, etc.? No mention that many of these people operate foremost for Israel’s needs—even at our nation’s peril. The real movers in Washington are not necessarily the ones with the biggest job titles.

Or, as the right criticizes Clinton’s pardons, such as for Marc Rich—who was Marc Rich? Was he not a power player of international oil intrigue and high Jewish friend of Israel—as even Israeli prime ministers called our president for his pardon?

Was not globe-hopping Abramoff an Israeli player—but no mention of Zionist influence anywhere? How dumb do some think we Joe six pack Americans are anyway? As this is no time to pull punches—there is serious crisis and intrigue amidst and not just for us but also for the world.

Should the entire planet entertain a major World War in which Christian countries are pitted against Muslim countries just because Israel cannot get along with its neighbors? Or maybe Israel ought to “learn” how to get along with neighbors (if they are truly so smart and cunning?); or, maybe they should just get out of the neighborhood?

After all, how long do religious fanatics expect sophisticated people today to believe presumptions like Israel’s history and people are more important than the history of all other people and nations? This is precisely how they act. Where does such ethno-centricity stop—at what point—that now “their” media is “priming” our culture for another imminent attack so as to justify another inspired war—with a nuclear option?

The fact is we Americans, alive today, did not create the long history of Israel’s problems and drama. Nor are we, who live today, responsible for the history of discrimination and persecution of Jews—irrespective of how tragic all was.

Zionism, for example, was planned before Nazi Germany and Hitler. One question then that needs to be addressed is “why” do Jews feel like they are persecuted practically everywhere? What is it about Jewish culture that makes for this kind of problem if true? Just maybe it is time for Judaic interpretation to own some of the problem—rather than the glib retort: “They hate us ‘just’ because we are Jews”?

Even if it is true that other societies and religious cultures are full of faults, hypocrisy, and corruption, what is it that makes the right wing of the Jewish culture so delusional that it presumes that it does not have to respect other peoples? Why should we look the other way when the Israeli government steps on Palestinians in every kind of cruel and calculating way—and then expect us to respect rhetoric about their special real estate deal with God?

Israel, as a state or nation, should not be the West’s primary concern. Israelis need to understand that they are no more important as people than are Australia’s aborigines. Israeli’s are just people like anybody else. And the United Nations, as imperfect as it may be, needs to establish some psychiatric diagnosis and help for the more right wing of their leaders.

Really how much consideration do people of the 21st century owe a tribal claim that their God promised them, and their ancestors, a promised land? The fact clearly seems that when Abraham took to the land of Canaan from within Iraq way back then—there were “already” people living there. So even back then they, as a seedling tribal culture, they found it necessary to engage both propaganda and war to win hearts and minds. Yahweh, as tribal God, only later came to be marketed as a universal God.

Furthermore is it not in fact bizarre that real Abrahamic Jews (whatever called then) came from the land of Iraq into Canaan? Is it not ironic that right-wing “Caucasian” Jews and Christians here in the U.S. have employed a propaganda campaign to hate “brown” Muslims when the real ancestral Jews were of the same line of people?

In case religious fanatics here missed it, the United States of America is about equality for “all” people—not just Jews or Christians. Even pagans and atheists are considered full citizens here. Why then should we support Israel’s theocracy that pretends to be a democracy—even while western media disparages Muslim cultures for being theocracies?

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