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Influx 2007: People Power 6/30


Saturday June 30th in a new, green-rehabbed venue space at Artica, by the river.
Doors a 8pm, $5-10 donation. Location: 21 O'Fallon St. (Google Maps link, directions).

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Music downstairs:
8:30 hteeth
9:00 Joe Stein, et al
9:30 Get Born
10:00 Bench Press Burlesque
11:00 Vickroids
12:00 The Dervish
1:00… DJ dance party!!!

Music upstairs:
Mark Pagano, w/ projection by Patrick Ritchey
John Tamm-Buckle
DJ Freshstep

And it goes on:
Human-powered Spirograph
Tye-dye sheet fort
Bike-cart rides on the riverfront
Drunken biking lessons on the shopping-cart bike! (see if you can steer it)
Interactive art creations
Live art from Tim Wagner
Fire and Ice Cream Truck (spits real fire!)

Influx is a fundraiser for the Community Arts and Media Project. There will be music, noise, dancing, food by Black Bear Bakery, interactive art installations, and plenty of outdoor river ambiance, all on the theme "People Power."

We are looking to have an activity-packed night and creative and outrageous ideas are absolutely encouraged, but they must be safe and positive. For more questions, please contact Ben ... or call 314-XXX-XXXX. Pictures of the location.

Driving Directions
Take the Lenore K Sullivan BLVD north. this is the road that runs between the arch and the Mississippi river. You will go under the stone arches of the Eads Bridge and you will pass the casinos on the right and Lacledes landing on the left. About 300 feet past the casinos, the road takes a sharp left and becomes Biddle St. Instead of heading left go straight into the parking lot of the massive historic Electric and Power company building at the entrance of the riverfront trail. Pass through the parking lot and park. The location is just north (300 ft?) of the trail entrance and Electric building on the left next to a lot filled with rubble.



Re: Influx 2007: People Power 6/30


I hate to be a jerk . . . .

but do the organizers know what a "$5-10 donation" means???

Re: I hate to be a jerk . . . .

yes, and we heard of disputes arising at the door because of the organizers wanting to have an accessible event but also having bills to pay. our flub; money sucks; it makes jerks of everyone. in the interest of fairness, future events held in indoor locations will be clearly announced as *fundraisers*. events where no one is turned away for lack of funds will also be announced as such.

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