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Help! Police! There's a group of little kids singing songs of peace at usAuthor

Those of you with a functioning sense of irony would have really enjoyed observing this incident, which took place in Oakland California on April 21. Since the beginning of April, the Bay Area Women in Black have held a silent vigil at a busy streetcorner directly across from a farmer's market. The protest not only the war in Iraq, but also Israel([search])'s occupation of the West Bank. Not in and of itself a reason to get alarmed, until one looks into the history of BAWIB-- a group that claims it is pro-peace and denies that it's anti-Israel, yet shows up only to protest against Israel, and never against Arab terror and jihadism. Somehow an anti-terror rally in Berkeley (featuring the remains of Jerusalem Bus 19) in January 2005 was worth their protest, as is the public Israel In The Gardens celebration in San Francisco each year, but the convention of al-Awda--an organization devoted to the destruction of Israel-- in San Francisco last year wasn't worthy of their attention.

Given the overwhelming hypocrisy of this organization, pro-Israel activists from StandWithUs/San Francisco Voice for Israel have been standing across the street in a well-received counterprotest. Not, of course, standing in favor of the occupation, but rather standing clearly in support of Israel's existence as a Jewish state. On April 21, they were joined by dozens of members of Temple Beth Abraham complete with guitar-playing rabbi, singing songs of peace. After standing with the Israel supporters, they proceeded across the street to the opposite corner where the WIB were standing, then continued around the entire intersection. Watch it yourself at and .

The response of Bay Area Women in Black? They called the Oakland Police Department! Those little kids singing "Am Yisrael Chai" must have really worried them. Yet, of course, Hamas' use of children to probe Israel's security measures or carry bomb belts doesn't seem to worry them at all.


Re: Help! Police! There's a group of little kids singing songs of peace at usAuthor

Ok. This is too funny. There really is a photo of Bay Area Women in Black talking to the police.
Dang. Were they really so afraid of a group of kids? What point were they trying to make? The mind spins....

Beware of Fake Peace Groups like Women in Black

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When faced with a rabbi singing songs of peace, Rachel did what any real activist would do- she turned to the police powers of the state for protection

Re: Help! Police! There's a group of little kids singing songs of peace at usAuthor

Bay Area Women in Black is not a legitimate peace group- they have a public face, and a private face. They have affiliated themselves with other groups that seek to destroy Israel([search]). I have been told that other "Women in Black" chapters do not share the same "Destroy Israel" philosophy as this particular chapter

Re: Re: Help! Police! There's a group of little kids singing songs of peace at usAuthor

It doesn't show the actually calling of the police, but its shows the young rabbi and the children singing. I wonder why Bay Area Women in Black felt so threatened? Maybe just basic paranoia?

Bay Area Women in Black: Fig leaf for Terror

Its good that this is finally being exposed. Bay Area Women in Black has sponsored speakers such as Dalit Blum who have called for the destruction of Israel([search]) as a Jewish state. They pretend to be for peace while maintaining an anti-Israel agenda.
At a Tu b'shevat seder sponsored by Women in Black, and their partners in crime, Jewish Voice for Peace, a community member was asked to leave for having the audacity to ask people to sign postcards calling for the release of the three kidnapped Israeli soldiers.

Re: Help! Police! There's a group of little kids singing songs of peace at usAuthor

Jewish Voice for Peace and Women in Black are certainly partners in crime, and in hypocricy. At their recent conference in California, Jewish Voice for Peace called for a proposal to add stronger language to their mission statement condemning anti-Semitism. That in itself is laudable. Racism and bigotry in all its incarnations should be opposed. What absolutely floored me was its rational, as proposed by Glen Hauer and Howard Lenow, both National Board Members of JVP.
“By letting Jews know that we take anti-Semitism seriously and not just as a bogus charge our opponents make, we address some of their concerns and fears. This brings us closer and makes us more inviting to them”.
“We gain credibility and stature among our church allies if they see us as being proudly Jewish and opposing anti-Semitism while we also fight the occupation”
To Jewish Voice for Peace, anti-Semitism must be opposed because it’s a coherent part of a good marketing plan. It’s a way to increase market share and broader a base of support. For real activists in the movement for global justice only one reason is needed to fight anti-Semitism, and that is simply because it is wrong.

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