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Coos County School Bus Driver

A Sting Operation the mainstream press doesn't want you to know about !

A woman who once testified on the witness stand, in a Coos County court of law, and I quote ,
“I quit the Church of God because it’s members are taught they will have to eat their own children during the time of Armageddon,” and then after six or seven seconds of deafening silence compounded this blasphemy by stating, “ Well, it’s true!, became an agent for the South Coast Interagency Narcotics Team on June 4, 1999 . Seventeen months later on November 13, 2000 S.C.I.N.T. issued their agent the money to pay for her Commercial Drivers License and she
became a school bus driver in Coos Bay Oregon for a short time, and then acquired a job driving
in North Bend, Oregon. On August 15, 2001 the South Coast Interagency Narcotics Team
released in a press Conference: “Bus driver goes undercover to aid Police in meth bust.” Barbara Maver was praised as a school bus driver who managed to infiltrate the local drug community .

Twenty-four people were arrested in the Sting, although many of the arrest were for marijuana
charges, as was my son’s case . During the trials it was revealed the States witness was diagnosed as Bi-Polar /Manic Depressive and that she took no medication while working for S.C.I.N.T. or driving a school bus . Ms. Maver testified that she had a problem with drugs in the past and judge Gillespie makes reference to her extensive drug use . She also had a well documented history of alcohol abuse and was in several recovery programs . The body wire she wore was excluded and she was the only eye witness in all twenty-four cases. Judge Gillespie did not allow any evidence for the record on her Bi-Polar disorder and did not allow the testimony of Dr.Gregor concerning
the symptoms or characteristics of Bi-Polar disorder .

At my web-site “The Great Coos County Hoax,” in reference material , you can view transcripts
C and D to verify some of this information . More information concerning Judge Gillespie can be found at, Balance of $108.00. I have also posted my certified letter to Richard L. Cowan,
numbered 8 of 8, in which I point out a discrepancy in the time reading to my son’s Motion for new attorney . Certified copies were also mailed to the Oregon State Bar and Judge Lipscomb who handled my son’s appeal . Judge Lipscomb received this letter before he denied my son’s appeal . This letter can be found in the case file, yet no action was taken by the O.S.B. or Judge Lipscomb . It was my belief that a parent sending a letter to a judge and pointing out a discrepancy in the transcripts, and there are many , would be a serious accusation.

Lowell V. Keef Jr.

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