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American Bloggers Beware!!!!

You can be sued for what appears on your blog!
An Alameda County small claims court has awarded the maximum-possible ()$7,500 in damages to Lee Kaplan, who sued UC Berkeley student and blogger Yaman Salahi, publisher of Lee Kaplan Watch, for alleged defamation.

Voluminous court filings in the case are available, but small claims judges are not obligated to issue any written opinion.



Re: American Bloggers Beware!!!!

This means we CAN hold bloggers accountable for what they say about us.

Cyber Stalking the strange case of Lee kaplan vs. Yaman Salahi

At its core, this was a case of cyber-stalking and harrassment, and it was recognized as such by the judge in this case.

Re: American Bloggers Beware!!!!

Does anyone have any information on Jewish Voice for Peace's role in this lawsuit? The most curious part of this whole affair is that Jewish Voice for Peace hired the attorney to defend Salahi who had been accused of libel. Why would this national organization want to defend a small time liar and slanderer? Professional courtesy, maybe?
Jewish Voice for peace seems to stick their noses in many strange places, including the amicus lawsuit meant to stiffle information in the suit against the Islamic center of Boston.
Its all very strange, isn't it?

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