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Why your revolution is no liberation!

During the recent weeks and months a spirited debate developed in different German left wing newspapers and groups about the sense or non-sense, the perspectives and the means and goals of the mobilisation against the G8 summit. Different German and Austrian anti-fascist groups started a campaign to criticise a wrong analysis of capitalism widely spread in the anti-globalisation movement. In the context of this campaign several public discussions and lectures were held, a special webpage was set up but above all reader was published that contains a set of basic texts referring to this problem. This reader is available in German and English and will soon also be published in French in order to spread the debate also across other countries. Check it out:
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With this reader, we want to take a stand against the currently predominating analyses, of the anti-globalisation movement, which, articulating themselves as in the broadest sense left-wing and anticapitalist, constantly boisterously trumpet their opinion, that another world was possible. We have serious doubts that this “other” world, was going to be of a better constitution than the current one. This anti-globalisation movement is of course not at all marginalised, but is enjoying broad sympathy, which reaches from the “bourgeois left” right to the so-called centre of society and which is even shared by Neo-Nazis

The anti-globalisation movement is-as its protagonists certainly emphasise when facing criticism-a heterogenous movement, in which many groups and individuals have agreed to a minimum consensus. In the case of the activities against this year’s G8-summit this consensus will consist of the participating heads of government being evil, whereas demonstrators and activists on the other side of the fence are “good”. Within the last couple of years, another consensus has-explicitly and implicitly-been agreed on: An antagonism toward the USA and Israel([search]), as well as a structurally anti-Semitic criticism of capitalism.

The closing statement of the world social forum of Porto Alegre expressed the forum`s solidarity with the “Palestinian people” - not a word about suicide bombings or islamic anti- Semitism. The European Social Forum in Paris willingly offered a platform to the islamist and anti-semite Tariq Ramadan, whilst activists, that criticised the anti-Semitism of the No-Globals in a Flyer, were attacked and expelled from the forum. At an event during the EU-Summit in Copenhagen the Danish group “Global Roots” demanded a boycott of Israel stewards wore shirts with the slogan “Burn Israel Burn” on them. During an ATTAC meeting in Germany the Italian globalisation critic Alfonso de Vito compared Israels policy toward the Palestinians with the eviction of the Warsaw Ghetto. Noam Chomsky who can’ t detect anti-Semitism in Robert Faurrissons statement that the holocaust was a Zionist lie authored a manifesto in summer 2006 which declares Israel guilty of the Hisbollahs attack on Israels North because it was aiming to liquidate the Palestinian state. This silly writ which not only ignores the fact that there is no Palestinian state but also turns a blind eye to Israels withdrawal from the Gaza([search]) strip and the subsequent terror offensive of the Palestinians was promptly signed by other idols of the anti-globalisation movement: Naomi Klein, Jose Sarango, Arundhati Roy (amongst others).The latter was recently only notable by a completely amiss analysis of capitalism in which globalisation - equated with imperialism - is understood as a conspiracy of “men in suits”(Americans of course), who “trek the world like locusts”. Not forgetting the messias and head-of-state of the No-Globals, Hugo Chavez, close ally of the Iranian mullah regime which is currently sedously working on the nuclear destruction of Israel and which flaunts its president as the international figurehead of an extermination-anti-Semitism.

Why the hatred for Israel and the Jews? After every attack on a synagogue or another Jewish institution Israels allegedly disproportional military policy is at least considered as the reason for the attack. No assault on a mosque or an African immigrant in Europe has ever been justified with a reference to the policy of Muslim or African states. Why the personalisation of the circumstances of capital? It should be known since Marx that capitalism is not an event staged by handful of “men in suits” but a total social condition. With this cognizance this reader wants to contribute to the formulation of a radical criticism.


Re: Why your revolution is no liberation!

Its time that someone on the left had the guts to come out and say this

Re: Re: Why your revolution is no liberation!

yes! let´s start the debate and re-new the left anticapitalist movement, I´m sick of this black&white view on the world, I´m sick of dump analysis and I am sick of antisemitic thoughts within the left. maybe this is a beginning

Re: Why your revolution is no liberation!

" I am sick of antisemitic thoughts within the left. maybe this is a beginning"

Why would you be sickened only by antisemitic thoughts? Maybe it's anitsemitism that also needs to be clarified or re-defined. Clearly, there has been a problem here. For example, if a person is anti-nuke and exposes Israel([search]) as a country that is a nuclear threat, somehow this expose gets spun into an antisemitic remark.

I've often wondered if Israel would even be an ally if that country was located anywhere else on the planet. For whatever reason the U.N. plunked Israel down NEAR massive oil fields and without oil fields of their own and created Iraq out of three distinct tribes on top of massive oil fields. Voila! Israel is our friend in a neighborhood on the other side of the world.

The question "Why the hatred for Israel and the Jews?" reminds me of the question, "why do they hate us?" that was asked after 9/11. It called for self-examination of the U.S. as a country and culture. Few people were willing to consider this IMO. Does anyone wonder why FDR ignored the plight of the Jews prior to the Pearl Harbor attack? Hatred abounds these days. So, I ask again, why limit the discussion to hatred of the Jews?

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