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For the past few years, i've made available a list of working class videos that has found its way to the top of the Google search page.
I have added another, similar page. I am seeking feedback for a list of titles in Working Class Literature. Appropriate categories include short stories, novels, poetry, reader-friendly academic books, and histories. This is intended to be a list for popular usage, and not specifically for academics.
The beginning list is here:
The current entries are the result of recommendations, plus exploring online sellers. But (as in the case of the working class video list) i'm relying upon others to assist with information on the entries.
This list can never be "complete," there are simply too many titles that may be classified as "working class." However, some may be much better than others, so voting inferior titles off the list in favor of better works is an entirely appropriate endeavor. 
I'd like to get feedback on:
  • other titles to include;
  • feedback on any inferior or inappropriate titles already on the list;
  • brief reviews of any titles that still need it;
  • any suggested links for the link section.
To send feedback, please follow the links.
best wishes,
richard myers

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