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Vladimir Putin Threatens George Bush with Nuclear Armageddon

George W. Bush aka Alfred E. Neuman wakes up the sleeping Communist Bear.
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A poker “tell” is when you hit a Royal Flush on the river then jump out of your seat pumping your fist and screaming Yes! Yes! Yes! like Meg Ryan in “When Prince Harry Met Sally”. In archaeology a “tell” is a large mound or hill in the Middle East, built up gradually, covering the successive remains of ancient communities.

Egypt is the north east corner of Africa. Megiddo, Israel([search]) sits on the main highway between Africa and the Middle East and the Far East. Location, Location, Location. The fact that Israel is the main highway for trade between Africa and China is Israel’s greatest curse. North Africa is Muslim and the Middle East is Muslim and Israel is the Muslims’ missing piece of the puzzle.

So far archaeologists at Megiddo have discovered 25 cities built one on top of another. 25 times Megiddo has been knocked to the ground, raped and pillaged and then rebuilt again by people who never even heard of “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City”. Megiddo overlooks the Plains of Armageddon aka The Jezreel Valley, where the Jewish, Christian and Muslim people believe the final battle between good and evil will soon take place before Judgment Day.

The American people have been told that the Cold War between America and Russia is over and the new forces of evil are the Muslim people who George Bush publicly announced a Crusade against 3 years ago. Saudi Arabia was created in 1932. The worst kept secret on earth is that George Bush invaded Iraq 4 years ago to steal the Middle East’s oil. It costs $1 per barrel to get the oil out of the ground in Iraq whose desert is an ocean of oil and the United States pays $65 per barrel to Saudi King Abdullah and his partner George Bush Sr. for 10 million barrels of oil every day. This is $650 million dollars a day. The fact that George Bush is propping up the House of Saud and the fact that Saudi King Abdullah and George Bush Sr. are keeping the $650 million dollars per day for their small families and not giving it to the Saudi Muslim people are the reasons that Osama bin Laden struck New York on 911.

The United States uses 20 million barrels of oil every day, China uses 5 million, Russia uses 2 million and the other 200 countries on earth use far less, some countries using 10,000 barrels per day. The United States has 10 million barrels a day of its own oil and if General Motors and Ford and Chrysler had built Honda Hybrids which get 50 miles per gallon instead of SUV’s which get 15 miles per gallon there would have been no need to invade Iraq. For 5 million years until 100 years ago human beings got along fine without cars. Cars are the root cause of air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, acid rain, global warming, cancer, melting Arctic and Antarctica, the resulting permanent rise in the Earth’s one ocean by 50 feetand the Iraq War leading to the Iran War leading to the final battle of Armageddon, nuclear world war 3.

Every nuclear scientist knows that nuclear world war 3 and its aftermath nuclear winter then ultraviolet summer will mean the extinction of life on earth forever. Who do you expect to tell you this? Will it be the car manufacturers, the oil companies, the weapons manufacturers or the politicians who they finance and control? Politicians could care less about our future because they are only in office for 4 years. Human beings could care less about our future because we only live for 75 years. Who will get us out of this Titanic mess? Will it be the polar bears who are now forced to eat their children in order to survive? Will it be the savage human beings who sacrificed their first born babies to the God Baal in Megiddo for a thousand years as they engaged in outdoor sexual relations stoned on opium with the Priestesses of Baal?

The American people have placed far too much trust in George W. Bush aka Alfred E. Neuman even after he deserted, became an alcoholic, Katrina and lied them into Iraq. Now the bumbling fool is placing nuclear missiles in the former Communist satellite countries of the U.S.S.R. It would be like Vladimir Putin conquering Canada and Mexico and placing nuclear missile batteries along the Canadian and Mexican borders aimed at every American city and telling the United States not to worry, Russia was only doing it to protect itself from Barbados. While the United States populace fixates on Paris Hilton’s stay in jail today Vladimir Putin has now gone ballistic and has announced that he is aiming 100 megaton nuclear missiles which split into 8 in midair at every European city. Knowing that any attack on a Nato country is an attack on the United States Vladimir Putin must be aiming his 25,000 nuclear missiles over the North Pole at every city in the United States.

The Republicans and Democrats believe that if they stay in Iraq long enough then the U.S. will eventually use weapons of mass destruction to conquer the Middle East oil. Unfortunately the American military is now stretched so thin in terms of numbers and equipment that they could not fight another war. Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin pals know this and they know that George Bush is a bumbling idiot. Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States are Russia’s backyard and Russia has allied itself with Iran, building the Iranian nuclear reactors in Bushehr, Iran. In the coming weeks when George Bush nukes Iran, the Russian Bear is going to conquer the world unless Jesus Christ flies down from Heaven on his flying horse, to kill the Beast, who has now shapeshifted from Osama bin Laden into Vladimir Putin. Meanwhile Prince Harry isn’t going to Iraq because it’s too dangerous. Prince Harry will be far safer clubbing with Paris Hilton at Hyde, until Vladimir Putin mushroom clouds it to Kingdome Come.

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An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war.
-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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