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Climate Changing 3x Faster Since 2000

The National Acadamy of Sciences published a
report from a series of studies on many aspects
of global warming. The May 22 report states that
the rise in CO2 emissions and the Arctic Ice Cap
melting are three times faster than the worst case
predictions of the IPCC report. They also found
that the sea level rise is twice as fast as expected
by the scientists just last year.
Once again, the US corporate media has not given
this report any print. For a list of alarming facts
about the climate that, for the most part, were only
published in foreign countries (mostly Europe)
click this link:

Himalayan Glaciers

An article in a French newspaper Monday tells of the
glaciers in the Himalayas receeding at a rate of nearly
230 feet per year, and the regional director for the
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
saying "If temperatures continue to rise as it is, then
there will be no snow and ice in the Himalayas in 50
years time". That is the drinking water for over 1.3
billion people.

Americans are being kept in the dark about the
changing climate by the corp. media, our government's
political hacks, and the energy giant's dis-information

US Climate Science Reduced to a 'Pack o Lies'


References (from the Climate Crisis Coalition and PNAS)

Global warming 'is three times faster than worst predictions'

Global and regional drivers of accelerating CO2 emissions

Himalayan glaciers could be gone in 50 years, experts warn

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