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North American Union Plan Headed To Congress In Fall

this is when the money will change to world paper ready....

they are trying to get this all done before we get a chance to put ron paul in....

Posted by WND on Thursday, May 24th at 6:10 PM

"Powerful think tank prepares report on benefits of integration between U.S., Mexico, Canada"

Published on Thursday, May 24, 2007.
Source: WorldNetDaily
WASHINGTON – A powerful think tank chaired by former Sen. Sam Nunn and guided by trustees including Richard Armitage, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Harold Brown, William Cohen and Henry Kissinger, is in the final stages of preparing a report to the White House and U.S. Congress on the benefits of integrating the U.S., Mexico and Canada into one political, economic and security bloc.
The final report, published in English, Spanish and French, is scheduled for submission to all three governments by Sept. 30, according to the Center for Strategic & International Studies.

CSIS boasts of playing a large role in the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994 – a treaty that set in motion a political movement many believe resembles the early stages of the European Community on its way to becoming the European Union.

"The results of the study will enable policymakers to make sound, strategic, long-range policy decisions about North America, with an emphasis on regional integration," explains Armand B. Peschard-Sverdrup, director of CSIS' Mexico Project. "Specifically, the project will focus on a detailed examination of future scenarios, which are based on current trends, and involve six areas of critical importance to the trilateral relationship: labor mobility, energy, the environment, security, competitiveness and border infrastructure and logistics."

The data collected for the report is based on seven secret roundtable sessions involving between 21 and 45 people and conducted by CSIS. The participants are politicians, business people, labor leaders and academics from all three countries with equal representation.

All of this is described in a CSIS report, "North American Future 2025 Project."

"The free flow of people across national borders will undoubtedly continue throughout the world as well as in North America, as will the social, political and economic challenges that accompany this trend," says the report. "In order to remain competitive in the global economy, it is imperative for the twenty-first century North American labor market to possess the flexibility necessary to meet industrial labor demands on a transitional basis and in a way that responds to market forces."

As WND reported last week, the controversial "Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007," which would grant millions of illegal aliens the right to stay in the U.S. under certain conditions, contains provisions for the acceleration of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, a plan for North American economic and defense integration with remarkable similarities to the CSIS plan.

The bill, as worked out by Senate and White House negotiators, cites the SPP agreement signed by President Bush and his counterparts in Mexico and Canada March 23, 2005 – an agreement that has been criticized as a blueprint for building a European Union-style merger of the three countries of North America.

"It is the sense of Congress that the United States and Mexico should accelerate the implementation of the Partnership for Prosperity to help generate economic growth and improve the standard of living in Mexico, which will lead to reduced migration," the draft legislation states on page 211 on the version time-stamped May 18, 2007 11:58 p.m.

Since agreement on the major provisions of the bill was announced late last week, a firestorm of opposition has ignited across the country. Senators and representatives are reporting heavy volumes of phone calls and e-mails expressing outrage with the legislation they believe represents the largest "amnesty" program ever contemplated by the federal government.

Meanwhile, while many continue to express skepticism about a plot to integrate North America along the lines of the European Union, WND reported last week that 14 years ago, one of world's most celebrated economists and management experts said it was already on the fast track – and nothing could stop it.

Peter F. Drucker, in one of his dozens of best-selling books, "Post Capitalist Society," published in 1993, wrote that the European Community, the progenitor of the European Union, "triggered the attempt to create a North American economic community, built around the United States but integrating both Canada and Mexico into a common market."

"So far this attempt is purely economic in its goal," wrote the Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree. "But it can hardly remain so in the long run."

Drucker describes in his book the worldwide trends toward globalization that were evident back then – the creation and empowerment of transnational organizations and institutions, international environmental goals regarding carbon dioxide and agreements to fight terrorism long before 9/11."


Why bush demolished the WTCs with explosives: the "2 birds with 1 stone" story (english) Tuesday 04 Mar 2003

author: architect

Why bush/Israel([search]) demolished the WTCs with explosives: two birds with one stone. BIRD ONE: WTCs were 5 TIMES AS EXPENSIVE to take down, insurance money though from terror would be a windfall. BIRD TWO: military invasion requirements of American multinational corporations in the Middle East, and to aid in Greater Zion, "Pearl Harbor" like terror recommended for US soil to get Americans in line. ONE STONE: fake terror to demonize all of Islam and terrorize America under a wacky minority of right wing plutocrats set on an unpopular crusade and global police state.



WHY BUSH demolished the WTCs with explosives: the two birds with one stone argument ~~

First the background: the WTCs were actually estimated to COST ABOUT 5 TIMES AS MUCH TO REMOVE AS THEY WERE TO BUILD, and this would be happening SOON, CREATING A HUGE CAPITAL LOSS FOR THE OWNERS: within 20 years according to structural architects who analyzed the issue for the previous owners. However, to keep this from being widely known, making WTCs THE LARGEST LEMON PROJECT THE WORLD HAS KNOWN and to keep their resale value, these architects were fired before they completed their very expensive archictural report for the owners, once this was understood by the owners. ok. TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE: a story of fascist global opportunism writ large BIRD ONE: TO KILL THE WTCs: destroying the WTCs with illegal explosives by covert operations was the only way to collect huge windfall losses on "terrorism" clauses in the latest insurance. For the first (and last) time, as the building changed hands months before 9-11, it gained special "terrorism insurance" clauses in place for the first time.

BIRD TWO: TO KILL U.S CORPORATE MIDDLE EAST OIL DIFFICULTIES / ZIONISM EXPANSION DIFFICULTIES: Since his 1996 book The Grand Chessboard, Brzezinski has been wishing for (even calling for) a "Pearl Harbor like" terrorism event on US soil that would do various magical tricks: galvanize Americans to support a corporate oil war in the Middle East to plunder Iraq after the failed 1991 invasion; to take over the Caspian Sea areas; to shore up support for the failing state of apartheid based Zionist Israel, last official apartheid state in the world. Plus, Unocal Corporation wanted its stalled pipeline deal through Afghanistan very much, a deal the Afghani Taliban government had refused.

ONE STONE: fake terror: fake a terrorism incident of four simultaneous planes to crash into the WTCs, other places (that failed), and the Pentagon (unless it was a missle, which is very likely given the physically hilarious 270 degree turns at 500 miles per hour that (the official story) "a 757" was somehow doing immediately before hitting the Pentagon), be sure to operate the planes by automatic pilot overrides from US military AWACs that were seen in both areas, throughly train the "terrorists" yourself (because you want specific fall guys to pin it on independent Arabs), give them access to U.S. military bases in Florida for flight training and provide them government translators when there were complaints they were unable to speak English or even fly Cesnas straight, be sure to stand down the U.S. air force thanks to Myers (instead of punish him, promote him one week after 9-11 for good work done in letting nothing happen), let the Bin Laden family escape as they are the Saudi Rothchilds and Bush Senior's business partners for 20 years, simultaneously detonate explosives in WTC1, WTC2 (getting rid of those expensive buildings cleanly--if they were only partially damaged that may be even more expensive!), detonate WTC7 as well to destroy secret CIA bunker in that building along with illegal Guiliani additions to the building (destroying supoenaed documents in the WTC7 tidily, just like destroying Gulf War military health records in the Oklahoma City Murrah Building), then let the same private company that cleaned up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma illegally clean up the whole WTC area before any public investigation gets underway, be sure to have Guiliani immediately hand clean up work of the steel evidence (that would show explosion fractures) to a foreign corporation run by a member of the Knights of Malta (Guiliani later knighted into the British Empire as a "thanks"), and be sure to keep investigators intentionally away from the three molten pools of hot steel in the basements of WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7 (and the huge explosion holes in their basements, seen from the air, particularly WTC7) which would reveal that a combination mass murder, building arson insurance scam (that destroyed 10% of New York to get the money), and global Reichstag fire had occured.

Combine this with a freak show-like religiously inspired rightist coup and destruction of the US Bill of Rights, lightly salt all this with US military grade anthrax aimed only at two key Democratic leadership members (strange how the US military or pro-Zionists targed only Democrats--one the head of the party, Daschle, the other the head of the foreign policy commitee--so he'll be willing to go along, or scared to back out, undestanding the dual meaning of being targeted) to keep them in line with a Bush coup that is veering entirely away from the Republican Party even--reminiscent of the unpunished financial Nazi links from which the Bush family was formed), lightly pepper anthrax to the media corporations to get them aware that they are next in line if they fail to report favorably to the coup minded Bush Administration, and top it all off: blame it on helpless Arab victims, despite large Israeli spy rings in the United States that were uncovered and despite dancing and high-fiving Israelis filming themselves (carrying boxcutters, several thousand dollars cash hidden in a sock, and foreign passports-- obviously its important to carry thousands of dollars ready cash and foreign passports while you are only a strong back, working in a downtown New York moving company). Soon however you will be bombing Afghanistan with troops already moved into the area before 9-11, ready to strike (the only way they could have been ready in one month was to pre-plan everything and then be conveniently "shocked, shocked, there is terrorism going on here!", as you are handed your gambling winnings from the NYC Stock Exchange on the only two airlines targeted, the purchase of the stock options made through a bank with an ex-CIA director for its CEO, where the German branch CEO later resigned without explanation two days after 9-11 from his lucrative job. . . Then, Afghanistan! You pull ol Karzai out of the National Security Council, since you know he was an ex Unocal oil company consultant, and before you know it, you mass murder ("by accident" it was said) an entire convoy exclusively made of the Afghani Loya Jirga opposition to the American Karzai appointee. Meanwhile, simmer thoroughly with fake terror alerts whenever people question Bush's motives for being the dorky foolhardy lame brain that he is, and spice to taste with the media blitz firehose that turns on the bin Laden propaganda wherever it is required, like for instance, Afghanistan's neighbor Iraq (without any evidence), and then later admitting to planning with Israel's desires to get rid of Iran and Syria in the immediate vicinity. What about North Korea? Well, that's just the only unforeseen thing in the LARGEST AND LONGEST SMOOTHLY RUNNING HOAX THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN. TWO BIRDS, ONE STONE.

WTC: Before the First Cover-up (english comment# 240991 I was involved with the architectural comittee that worked for a period of over 10 years to evaluate the 'soundness' of the buildings at the WTC. To date, you will not see one word of this in print. The results of our findings are shocking, to say the least! About 2 months after the first bombing attempt, our group was legally 'disbanded' yet we were just weeks from finishing the client's- "Final Report." Some of you are aware that various 'tabs' had been welded to the suspect trusses during various renovation efforts, particularly in the South Tower, where they were applied on several dozen floors. Both buildings eventually received this treatment in sectional groupings of 5 or 6 floors. To my knowledge, there is nothing 'suspect' about any of this work since it was well documented by dozens of firms at the time. 'Strength' was an important issue, up until about 1991, when these efforts were said to have been effectively resolved. Seismic analysis conferred. We were fully convinced, and we had to work there. I mention it because this 'moot issue' will have no real future relevance in any 'viable' procedings... What we learned is that the buildings would only have a total life-span of 50 to 60 years. This established its effective 'half-life,' defining a very important 'date' in insurance terms. Across the street,'the competetion' was attracting our Premier tenants at an astounding rate, some were moving to NJ, which we could observe from our office suite. One group worked on a future 'de-construction'-plan, while ours worked on its 'preservation.' The problem we uncovered, was that every conceivable 'legitimate' approach to destroy these properties, would have cost its owners about 5 times more than they could have possibly recovered in leases! We had no knowledge of any 'association' between the owners and the 'terrorists' who had attempted to bomb it at the time, but this event did signal the end of our research. It is clearly inconceivable that anyone could justify [9/11] as a simple case of 'advantageous timing,' particularly the US State Dept., but I am sure that those who were in financial control were well aware of our figures. I am eager to provide additional info about this to those parties involved in the legitimate investigation of this event. (No George W., I'm not speaking to you!) -Peace


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