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The WORST Thing That Could Possibly Happen To Climate Has Begun

A team of Researchers from the British Antarctic Survey has published their research into CO2 and the oceans Friday in the journal Science. They have found that the southern oceans are no longer absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. But to make things worse, they are starting to release it back into the air.
This is a 'positive feedback loop' that scientists have feared, but they didn't expect it to start happening till later in this century. It is positive only in that it works to increase the CO2 instead of scrubbing it out of the air as the oceans have been doing for thousands of years.

Other positive feedbacks have also begun. The ice that is retreating at the poles no longer reflects sunlight back into space, now it is absorbing more sunlight and melting more ice. Also the tundra is melting and starting to decompose, releasing CO2. But by far, the oceans are the largest of them all.

Dr Le Quere said: "This is serious. All climate models predict that this kind of 'feedback' will continue and intensify during this century."

Don't expect to hear about this report in our corporate media, they have not published any of the scientific studies of foreign scientists. And our government has been softening and even altering reports from US climate scientists, making Americans the most ignorant of climate change of anyone in the developed world.

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