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CAMP Solidarity with German Free Spaces Raided By Police

CAMP expresses solidarity with the free/autonomous spaces that were raided last week [1][2][3][4][5][6] by German police under specious accusations of organizing violent protest against the G-8 summit to be held in Heiligendamm in June 2007. Similar police raids against the housing cooperative, the Bolozone, and our community center occurred in 2003 in St. Louis.
These raids were justified by a broad-ranging resolution adopted by the German legislature (paragraph 129a) that outlaws the formation of "terrorist organizations," which in many ways resembles this country's Patriot Act in vagueness and bias against civil liberties. State-perpetrated violence to crackdown on free speech and free assembly is reprehensible. In particular, CAMP([search]) expresses solidarity and sympathy with Rota Flora (Wikipedia) in Hamburg and with free spaces in Bethanien in Berlin.

Biodevastation 2003 Protests/Raids:

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Background/Add'l Reading:

German Indymedia on G8 Protest (in English)

Int'l Mobilization against G8 Summit ( (in German)

Alternative to G8 Summit in Rostock (in English)

Spiegel Mag Opposition protests Foreign Minister's Detention Plans (in German),1518,482434,00.html

Spiegel Mag: Violence as means of Protest (well-written essay, in German),1518,482290-2,00.html


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I don't mean to be a jerk, but can you express solidarity simply by stating it and then linking german state repression to state repression in st. louis? I'm not against this article - I think it was actually tied together well, and is an excellent idea to come out in support of - but I guess my criticism comes when the word solidarity is simply interchangable for support. Certainly, solidarity is a form of support, but are all forms of support solidarity?

More on the word "solidarity"

I wanted to add to the discussion of the word "soldiarity". I JUST finished reading an article that talks about how loosely we use certain words in radical circles that definitly need more definition or examination, and feel that this really fits in this discussion. Here is what I would like to add:

There are certain words which, nowadays, offer more questions than answers. When someone uses the word solidarity, do they mean they're opposed to snitching? They want more prison support? Safe housing networks? A political platform complete with vanguard? Or maybe, please come to my rally? When someone uses the word community, do they imagine something like an extended family? What kind of a family? Maybe a support network for crisis? What kind of support; what kind of crisis? Or are they just short on resources? When someone says they feel affinity with someone else, do they mean they think that person is sexy? That they agree with their political or philosophical views? Or maybe that they share a lifestyle or political tactics? Our radical lexicon doesn't seem to have words specific enough, or well-defined enough to clearly articulate the different kinds of associations that we have, or wish we had; we must rely on context or examples to give us clues to what these words mean. Simply explaining what I mean when I use these words, or what other people have meant, would not help clarify much. People will continue to use them to refer to any of their current definitions, and will make up more meanings because they are terms that can be molded to any situation. One might argue that we need to create new, more precise or distinct words to describe different kinds of affinity, community, solidarity, or other kinds of relations. I will leave that task for more dedicated word lovers.

-taken from the article "Choosing Relations" by Liana Doctrines which can be found here
or in "Anarchy" magazine:

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