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Selected favorites and collected works of Bro Bubba Bob, Israel, Deaf Messenger
From Gone to be a Soldier in the Army of the Lord 5/07

In Memory of the Fallen Hokies 4/16/07:

"Who has believed our message, and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?" (Is. 53:1)

"Almost heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River..."

"....Your country and nation are forming, without you, without you! Your God reigns and awaits your returning, without you, without you! Are you going away with no word of farewell? Will there be not a trace left behind? Well, I could have love you better, didn't mean to be unkind. You know that was The Last Thing On My Mind!" Apologies to Tom Paxton

"See the tree, how big its grown but friend it hasn't been too long it wasn't big. I laughed at her, and she got mad, the first day that she planted, it, was just a twig..."

"I feel the earth move under my feet, I feel the sky tumbling down. I feel my heart start to trembling whenever you're around.."

"...Trouble ahead. Trouble behind. And you know that notion just crossed my mind...."

"It's going to take some time this time to get myself in shape. I really fell out of line this time, I really missed the gate. The birds on the telephone line, (next time) are crying out to me, (next time) and I won't be so blind next time, and I'll find some harmony......"

"I'VE BEEN ALIVE FOR-EV-ER! And I wrote the very first song. ...I write the songs that make the whole world sing; I write the songs of love and special things. I write the songs that make the young girls cry... I am music, and I write the songs.."

"..You know there ain't no doubt in no-one's mind that love's the finest thing around. Whisper something soft and kind. (psst) "And hey babe, THE SKY'S ON FIRE! I'M DYING, AIN'T I? Gone to Carolina in my mind!"..."

"...Winter, spring, summer, or fall. All you have to do is call. And I'll be there. You've got a friend!"

"...I will never love you. The cost of love's too dear. But though I'll never love you, I'll live with you one year. And We'll Sing in the Sunshine! We'll laugh every day! We'll sing in the sunshine. And I'll be on my way..."

"Your dead shall live, their bodies shall rise." (Is. 26:19) "For behold, the Lord is coming forth from His dwelling place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity, and the earth shall disclose the blood shed upon her, she will conceal her slain no longer." (Is. 26:21; 5:25; Jer. 9:22) All this is but the beginning of the birth-pangs of a nation that does not get shook. (Mt. 24:8; Heb. 12:28) Rest in Peace. Your work lives on after you. Bobby Meade

"10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or more! It'll soon be like it was before. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or more. The evil one'll be no more!"

"In the shuffling madness of the locomotive breath runs the all-time loser headlong to his death."

"Woe to those who feel secure on Mount Samaria, you notable men of the foremost nation. (Amos 6:1-14) Wicked men are found among my people. They set a trap, they catch men. They know no bounds in deeds of wickedness. Shall I not punish them for these things?" (Jer. 5:26, 28-29) .. This is just the "tip of an iceberg" of corruption within the medical field; i.e. those posing as good Samaritans. "I will come against the wayward people to puinish them." (Hos. 10:10) "The waywardness of the evil will kill them, and the complacency of fools will destroy them." (Prov. 1:32) "My friend the Witch Doctor, he was a Serpent too! My friend, the Witch Doctor, he told you what to do! He said, "Oo Ee Oo Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang! Oo Ee Oo Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang! Oo Ee....."" "You turn things upside down! The wisdom of their wise men shall perish, the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid." (Is. 29:14-16)

"You've got to change your evil ways, Baby, before I stop loving you!"

"Have you heard "The Word"? Our friend is gonna be a star! .. Now a loving loyal friend took the offspring as his own, and according to its birthright he built it a throne! .. Then they looked at one another and said,"We knew it! There you are! A nameless illegitimate Baby Guitar!""

"Got a tombstone hand in a graveyard mine. Just twenty-two and I don't mind dying. Now who do you love? Who do you love? Who do you love? Who do you love?..."

"Go Daddy! Go Daddy! Go Daddy go!" "We hate to see you go! We hate to see you go! We hope to hell you never come back! We hate to see you go!"

""The words of the prophets are written (posted) on the subway walls and tenement halls" and whisper'd in The Sounds of Silence" Simon & Garfunkel.

What is called for here? The earth will conceal her slain no longer. Leave those bodies where they are, or in the Strawberry Fields if you will. They may be more of His Holy Ones to be revived on the second day and restored on the third day to live before Him. .. You do not know who the Lord is. .. God has laid a stone in Zion, a trusted cornerstone for a sure foundation. He who trusts will never be dismayed. In a little while the wicked will be no more. Don't get shook! Until He comes, sing "My Sweet Lord", the ultimate work of a Beatle. Many will be joined to the Lord on that day. How about you?

."Feeling alone, the army's up the road, salvation a la mode, and a cup of tea"I. Anderson, The English Doctor

12/24/06: Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed(Is. 53:1)? The words of the Kingdom article were based on God's law, but you have rejected them as something alien, making your locality a stronghold of the lawless Jacob and his secret police(Hosea 8:12). Do you doubt that the Sovereign Lord has sworn to Himself that He abhors the pride of the lawless Jacob, that He detests his fortresses, and that He will deliver up the city and everything in it(Amos 6:8)?Maybe "Jacob's Brothers" can enable you to return to God:

Jacob's Brothers by Bobby Meade 4:40pm Sat Dec 23 '06
Just created. A cheery song.

Jacob's Brothers

Let no tears add to their hardships,
as the soldiers pass along.
Although your heart is breaking,
make it sing this cheery song.

We are climbing Jacob's ladder
Brothers in our land
Each rung takes us higher higher
Brothers in our land

We are climbing Jacob's ladder
Brothers in our land
Each man makes us stronger stronger
Brothers in our land

Let every voice be thunder
Let every heart beat strong
Until all tyrants perish
Our work shall not be done

We are climbing Jacob's ladder
Brothers in our land
We have worked in dark and danger
Brothers in our land

We are climbing Jacob's ladder
Brothers in our land
Each rung takes us higher higher
Brothers in our land
Soldiers of the cross

Bobby Meade Israel([search]) Deaf Messenger 12/23/06

Head For The Hills 10/3/00

"When I heard that the police were looking for the alleged doctor, the lawless Supreme One of the lawless Jacob (Amos 6:8); I said that it's probably time for him to head for the hills (Is. 30:16-17; Jer. 48:6, 44; 49:24); thus he will probably feel more at home if we all start singing this tune called "Country Boy":

"Just a boy in the country! That's all I wanna be-e-e! Just a place in the country. That's all I really need!

Just a taste of the country! That's all I ask of thee-e-e! Just a life in the country. With cows and birds and bees!

Just a boy in the country! That's all I'm gonna be-e-e! Just a piece of the country. The country shelters me!"

My Daddy said that "Country Boy" should set off a Rock-n-Roll revolution, something like that." Bobby Meade 10/3/00

"Confessing to the endless sin...
You'll be praying till next "Tuesday" to
All the gods that you can count" I. Anderson again

"There's no time to lose I heard her say
Cash your dreams before they slip away.." Mick Jagger & Keith Richard

"...Peace Train holy roller..
...Peace Train take this country, come take me home again." Artist gone incognito

"...And way when our year has ended, and I have gone away, you'll often speak about me, and this is what you'll say, "We sang in the sunshine! We laughed every day! We sang in the sunshine. Then he went on his way!""

"Fear the Lord" Robert Meade Israel Deaf Messenger Bro Bubba Bob

From "Bush Daddy Delusions"

"Persian Gulf War Delusions: "One for Bush!""

When they started to dig in after troop buildup was complete, I went to Lafayette Park across from the White House, wearing a sign depicting the "Heart of Israel", and descended on a group of peace protesters. In the loudest voice that has probably ever been heard in DC, I let them know that "I come to fight a Holy Holy Holy War! I'm fighting in a Holy Holy Holy Land! That makes me a Holy Holy Holy Man!" I sang that twice, and even all the way to Capitol Hill, they probably said; "You hear that! There must be a crowd of people calling for a Holy War over at the White House!"

Sensing how sick this former President was, I wrote a song about niggardly people in '97. By the time I wrote "One for Bush" in May 1998; I found that in addition to being suppressed almost completely, the lawless ones had went and banned the "n" word. This is a common practice of theirs by which they foment unrest among minorities to make the majority feel guilty and help cover up their own lawlessness. (see "The Concealed Holocaust" Id=35206) Let me just say that Huck Finn called Jim a ---ger; and Huck Finn loved Jim. Huck Finn was an American classic, and they had no business ever messing with it. Also whatever happened to "---gazs with an Attitude"?

The following is from "Catch the King" 5/15/98: "A Great Dead King is a terrible thing to waste, and as Israel's alien olive tree, I will do my best to assure that Bethel is nothing to be ashamed of (Amos 5:5; Jer. 7:6; Zech. 4:14; Is. 14:12; Mic. 1:5-3:12; Is. 14:1-23). Thus I give you a new song, a hymn of praise to our God:

"One for Bush"

I will catch the Bush---ga, how about you? (Prov. 2:12-15)
My friend the Bush---ga, he told you what to do! (Jer. 7:7)
Sly king, the Bush---ga, he sold you to the zoo! (Jer. 7:7)

The dreadful dreaming Bush---ga, he dreamed that he could fly! (Jer. 23:25; Is. 14:13)
Bright one! The Bush---ga, he said he would not die! (Is. 14:11; 28:15; Prov. 18:12)
Our wishy-washy Bush---ga, forget to heed his lies! (Dan. 8:8; Jer. 27:15)

I will catch the Bush---ga, how about you? (Prov. 1:26)
Son of Dawn the Bush---ga, will see what he can do! (Is. 14:12; Hosea 10:3)
God bless the Bush---ga, there's sulphur on his shoe! (Rev. 2:6)

I will catch the Bush---ga, his Bible make him fly! (Jer. 8:8; Prov. 14:12)
The Postman's Bush---ga, they dropped him from the sky! (Is. 46:11; Hosea 10:15)
They dressed and stood the Bush---ga, our king is riding high! (Dan. 7:4)
You can catch the Bush---ga, be sure to say goodbye! Be sure to bow good guy! (Prov. 4:14-15; 24:17-18; Amos 4:4; 5:5)

Good song! The louder you sing it, the better. For those who object, let it be known that as Elizabeth made known to Mary, the mother of Jesus in Luke 1:45, the belief in the fulfillment of prophecy is cause for great celebration. That's what my Daddy said. Copyright 5/15/98 "Israel" Deaf Messenger Bobby Meade

PS: I am writing you here on 8/13/02 to let you know that my Daddy says that Bush Daddy is still giving ---gas a bad name, trying to set people up to badmouth him by revealing sordid details about himself. Be careful and God bless.

From Bush Daddy Buffoonery

"Hellbound Train" (Are we there yet?)

Now this is a folk song with many published versions of it. "Savoy Brown" probably had some of these verses, and their drumbeat that accompanied the Chorus which was something like "Riding on the Hellbound Train!" is probably some of the best music there is. Since written accounts of this song claim that it had an infectious rhythm, perhaps that was the original drumbeat.

"Hellbound Train"

Texas cowboy on a barroom floor!
Had drank so much he could hold no more! Chorus:

He fell asleep with a troubled brain,
To dream he rode on a hellbound train. Ch.

The engine with murderous blood was damp.
The headlight was a big brimstone lamp. Ch.

The boiler was full of lager beer.
The devil himself was the engineer. Ch.

The imps for fuel were shoveling bones.
The furnace rang with a thousand groans. Ch.

The passengers, they were a mixed-up crew.
Church member, atheist, gentile, and jew. Ch.

Rich men in broadcloth, poor in rags.
Handsome women, and wrinkled hags. Ch.

Red men, yellow men, black, and white.
All chained together, a fearful sight. Ch.

Faster and faster the engine flew.
Wilder and wilder the country grew. Ch.

The train flew along at a murderous pace.
The sulphurous fumes scorched their hands and face. Ch.

Hotter and hotter the engine flamed.
Darker and darker the sky became. Ch.

Brighter and brighter the lightning flashed.
Louder and louder the thunder crashed. Ch.

Then out of the distance, they heard a great yell:
"Ha Ha" said the devil, "Next stop is hell!" Ch.

Oh! How the passengers shrieked with pain
And begged the devil to stop this train. Ch.

He capered about and danced with glee,
As he laughed and mocked at their misery. Ch.

"My friends you've paid for your fare on this road!"
"This train goes thru with a complete load!" Ch.

"The worker always expects his hire."
"So I'll land you safe in a lake of fire!" Ch.

"You've bullied the weak and cheated the poor,"
"The starving brother turned from your door!" Ch.

"You've laid up gold till your purses bust,
"You've given free play to your beastly lust!" Ch.

"You've mocked at God in your stubborn pride."
"You've murdered and cheated and killed and lied!" Ch.

"Your flesh will scorch in flames that roar."
"My imps torment you forevermore!" Ch.

The cowboy awoke with an anguished cry!
His clothes were wet and his hair stood high! Ch.

He prayed as he never prayed before
To be spared from hell's front door.Ch.

His prayers and pleadings were not in vain,
For he rode no more on the hellbound train.

Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger Copyrighted 1990

From Songs for Mental Health

In memory of Charlie my Daddy also wants you to know and to hear my version of this folk song called, "1965". It is a slow two-beat song with crescendos, with particular emphasis on the ending of the crescendos that end with "Nine-teen! Sixty! Five!" Crescendo = (c.)


Happened upon a kingdom in 1965 (c.)
They heard. They cared. They shared. They dared.
Beginning in 1965 (c.)

Our God had come to be with man.
A tested law was in his hand.
Then fire from heaven came (c.)
It happened in 1965 (c.)

The panther moved.
The people choosed.
To make this kingdom last (c.)
There'd be no turning back (c.)
That's the tale of 1965 (c.)

They heard. They cared. They shared. They dared.
Starting in 1965 (c.)

That's when they paved a road to a town of gold.
Where you won't be getting old (c.)
Even when they die (c.), they still survive (c.)
That's the promise of 1965 (c.) "

(Ps. 83:4; 59:13; 78:5; 68:34; 53:6; Heb. 12:28; 1 Peter 4:19; Rev. 21:18; Ez. 37:25; Rev. 6:9; 2 Peter 3:13)

So that's the story of the song, "1965". Let me explain some of the words better from previous writings of mine. I have written that fire from heaven appeared in Chenango County in 1965 and that resulted in man's attempt to form a kingdom of "Love and Peace" on earth based on sex, drugs, and rock n roll; leading to Woodstock, all that rot. This is the time when the good, the bad, and the ugly choosed up sides. Lawlessness has been in bloom since then, and millions who have opposed the lawlessness have stumbled. The last black panther on earth was also a factor as it scouted out this coming kingdom, Israel throughout the eastern portion of the United States. I saw this cat striding in broad daylight in Pennsylvania; but I understand that others only saw it at night. Any questions? Ask and I will tell you great and hidden things you do not know. Hope you enjoy this song. It takes really loud powerful instruments to make the "65" crescendos have the appropriate effect. That's all for now thank you very much for your time. Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

This is from the "Dummy Line", a folk song, several versions of which were published in the sixties. Are the dummies those who know or those who don't? I found several versions of this little known song at the Library of Congress, and if you saw them, you would understand that they produced worse and worse versions of it, so it dropped from the public's consciousness immediately after it appeared.


Some folk say that the Dummy wouldn't run;
Come and let me tell you what the Dummy's done!
She left St. Louie at quarter past one;
And rolled into Memphis with the setting of the sun!

Chorus: On the Dummy Line! On the Dummy Line!
Ride! Ride! Ride! On the Dummy Line!
Rise and shine! I'll pay my fine!
To ride ride ride on the Dummy Line!

Jumped on the Dummy; didn't have my fare.
Conductor hollered: "What you doing here!"
Got up and made for the door;
And he cracked me on the head with a two by four!


Jumped off the Dummy and lit on the track;
Dragged my feet and scraped my back.
Left St. Louie at quarter past two;
And walked to Memphis 'fore the Dummy came through!


by Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger
Copyright February 21, 2001

PS: I am writing you here on 8/12/01 to let you know that I have have figured out that the Dummy Line was probably a very real happening: i.e. the farecheaters were cracked on the head then awoke to find the conductor forcing them down the back steps of the caboose to the delight of the paying passengers. There they would ride hanging onto the rail until their shoes got too hot to hold on any more. From the description in the song it appears that this would happen in Cape Giradeau or thereabouts.

"Dem Bones Gonna Rise Again" Mon Feb 26 '01

In the light of the apparent obstruction of my articles in Atlanta, I am sending you my version of this negro spiritual. I suspect that it was suppressed because of the Chorus; but we all know that the fulfillment of prophecy is a reason for great celebration. Dear Atlanta; The following song interprets the Bible; but I will not include the Biblical references with it unless you specifically ask for them.

"Dem Bones Gonna Rise Again"

Happened upon a kingdom.(Heb. 12:28; Dan. 7:18)
Dem bones gonna rise again = DBGRA
The fallen soldier's work done. (2 Tim. 2:4-7)
DBGRA (Ez. 37:5)

Chorus: I know it, know it.
Indeed, I know it.
Brother, I know it. Wheeee!
Dem bones gonna rise again! (Ez. 37:13)

A law the Lord had gave them.(Ps. 78:5)
It costed them their freedom. (Jer. 5:26)

Heirs the moment they knew it.(1 John 3:2)
Their words had made them targets. (1 Peter 4:17)

Twas a Beast they did meet. (Ps. 83:2-4)
They battled lies and deceit.(Is. 5:20)

The Beast relied on sweetness.(Dan. 7:25)
None could oppose such kindness.(Dan. 8:25)

Their lives were snuffed in silence. (Is. 42:22)
No one could say how they went. (2 Thess. 2:7)

They knew their Lord had promised.(1 Peter 2:9)
His words provided solace.(1 John 3:14; 1 Peter 1:23-25)

They'd seen their Lord fight a war. (Dan. 8:7)
His power the same as before. (Ps. 68:34)

They stumbled into disgrace.(Mic. 7:8)
The Lord raised them from that place.(Ez. 37:12)

The Beast is now exposed.(Eph. 5:11-14)
His power to kill is low.(Ps. 59:11)

There be no more soldiers. (Mic. 7:2)
The Beast will become workers.(Mic. 2:12; Is. 49:24-6; 3:7;

Though beasts and birds devour them. (Ez. 39:17)
The third day He'll restore them. (Hosea 6:1-2)

Their work lives on after. (Rev. 12:11)
The world they find'll be better.(Is. 65:23)

Their country and nation's forming. (Is. 66:8)
For a thousand years they'll be ruling. (Rev. 20:4)

By their blood we are blest. (Dan. 12:10)
Please don't disturb their rest.(Jer. 9:22)

Their love has showed us how. (Dan. 11:33)
That's why we all be singing now. (Is. 12)

Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger copyright 11/18/00

That's all of Meadeboy Messenger Music for today.

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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