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China and the new world order:

How are entrepreneurship, globalization, and borderless business reshaping China and the world?

Author George Zhibin Gu

Book Description
China is the world's number-one growth story now. But how is it that China has achieved such quick growth in this era? How is it that
made-in-China products can flood the globe? Is a trade war going to happen? Or is a new world order in the making? This second volume of a trilogy-by Chinese journalist/consultant George Zhibin Gu-aims to answer these questions and more.

Today, more than a half-million overseas companies conduct business
inside China. Learn about all the opportunities this exploding market presents, including banking, insurance, and stock market, as well as the yuan and trade and cross-border business issues. Moreover, it contains extensive studies on China's political-economic reform as well as evolving international relations.

This volume addresses eight key topics:

I. China's New Role in the World Development

II. The Yuan, Trade, and Investment

III. China's Fast-Changing Society, Politics, and Economy (in light of
Chinese and global history)

IV. China's Banking, Insurance, and Stock Market Reforms

V. Chinese Multinationals vs. Global Giants

VI. The Taiwan Issue: Current Affairs and Trends (federation as an
alternate way for unity)

VII. India vs. China: Moving Ahead at the Same Time

VIII. The Japan-China Issue: Evolving Relations in Light of History

Today, all nations increasingly rely on one another for development, a
trend that will only strengthen as time passes. As a saying goes, "The future is being shaped today." This book will appeal to readers everywhere regardless of their particular interests.

Get the inside story from a Chinese journalist/consultant about China's surge under globalization and capitalism. This second volume of a trilogy covers (1) political-economic trends; (2) Chinese multinationals vs. global giants; (3) trade, the yuan, banking, insurance, and the stock market; and (4) issues with Taiwan, the West, India, and Japan.

About the Author
George Zhibin Gu, a native of Xian in central China, is a journalist/consultant based in Guangdong, China. He obtained his education
at Nanjing University in China and Vanderbilt University and the University of Michigan in the United States. He holds two MS degrees and a PhD from the University of Michigan.

For the past two decades, he has been an investment banker and business consultant with an emphasis on China. His work focuses on helping international multinationals to invest in China and helping Chinese companies to expand overseas. He has worked for Prudential Securities, Lazard, and State Street Bank, among others. He generally covers mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, business expansion, and restructuring.

The author is also a journalist on China and its relations with the world. His articles or columns have appeared in Asia Times,
Beijing Review, The Seoul Times, Financial
Sense, Gurus Online, Money Week, Online
Opinion, Asia Venture Capital Journal, and
Sinomania, among others.

He has written three other books,
China's Global Reach: Markets, Multinationals, and Globalization
(revised edition, Fultus, 2006),
Made in China: National and Business
Players and Challengers in the 21st Century (English edition forthcoming, Fall 2007; Portuguese edition, Centro Atlantico, 2005);
China Beyond Deng: Reforms in the PRC (McFarland, 1991).
He is a member of the World Association of International Studies hosted by Stanford


Professor William Ratliff, Hoover Fellow at Stanford University
"Unique Guide. No one I know of has come so close to capturing
(new China's) spirit and meaning ... as Gu."

Professor Ping Chen, Peking University and University of Texas at Austin
"Not many people have time and energy to investigate basic issues
confronting China and world. Dr. Gu is one exception."

Winston Ma, Investment Banker and Author, Investing in China
"Essential reading for readers of whatever interests."

Contemporary History Association
"Highly insightful study on Chinese multinationals on the global
stage, as well as implications to global development."

Gurus Online
"Rigorous examination on current China and global affairs by an

More reviews:
Reviewer: businessresearcher-expat-Beijing (Beijing, China)
Being an expat working inside China, life is rather different. One can see that China is changing month after month. But understanding this fast changing nation is not easy at all. Out of all the books on Chinese business and politics, this one stands out in big ways. It offers vast new insights on what is behind all the political and business affairs inside China and beyond.

The author is one of the most famous journalists inside China, whose very outspoken newspaper pieces are highly influential. He identifies several key elements that push China forward: 1. individual private initiative; 2. ever-increasing openess against a bureaucratic domination (which trapped China for long); and 3. massive international involvement, among others.

His critical views on the Communist ills are extremely significant. It is the very first book I have read that offers extensive knowledge on the inner workings of China's self-appointed government, which continues to be abusive and corruptive. As such, the author asserts that dumping this unlimited officialdom is the key for China's progress. All the discussions are set in a historical, global framework, which is more insightful and penetrating.

Well, an excellent book for readers of whatever interests. Also, I am reading one of his other books, which is equally interesting.


This book is for everyone. It is arguably one of the most significant books in the last two decades. Hugely insightful and relevant on key China and global political-economic issues. Details this general picture: how China has been walking away from a bureaucratic society and embracing an open, dynamic life under globalization and capitalism. And how this fast developing China is reshaping global politics and business.

It has a vast scope and intellectual depth. It gives very detailed analysis on various hot issues such as global job and manufacturing transfers, changing world politics, business, investment and trade.

Furthermore, it offers insightful studies on America, China, Europe, Japan, and India. One of the most insightful topics is on the Japan-China issue. It gives huge account on current affairs in light of history. Truly brilliant is the discussions of the historical interactions between the two nations in light of current affairs.

Also it is insightful on the Taiwan issue. In particular, it claims that a federal system is the best choice for resolving the Taiwan issue, which is new to the issue.

In addition, it contains insider's analysis analysis on Chinese multinationals, stock market, banking and insurance sectors as well as investment, trade and the yuan issues. Discussions are both open and in-depth, which offers huge new ideas on things behind current events.

Finally, its journalistic style and presentation is straightforward and reader friendly. Author George Zhibin Gu is a very outspoken Chinese journalist. Writing on the ground of China is a huge plus. But being so open about the communist ills could bring him unwanted problems as well.

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