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A Plea to Moms on Mother's Day

The time and effort required for a new-born child is immense and truly only known by moms. Constant care and nurturing of a completely helpless baby is no easy task and one that is mostly forgotten and unknown, except on this one day a year when we give thanks to our moms.

A mother's care is a special gift that is taken for granted most of the time. And, sadly, that is the way man is concerning Mother Earth. We have been taking and taking from her with barely any regard.
Now, she is in ill health that is mostly only visible to scientists. Her problems do not show up much, with the most distressing signs being in the Arctic where the thickness of the ice was measured a few months ago and found to be nearly half of what it was 50 years ago. That is not including the ice being lost each year that measures the size of the state of Texas.

But you see, this is only the start of her problems. Another is the fact that very few people are even concerned because they haven't been affected by any climate change. And what's worse is that we have all been duped by the giant energy companies who have been reaping astronomical profits and giving millions to junk science in an effort to keep people skeptical of the problem.

They want us to be concerned about abortion and gay people, and not to worry about what their greed is causing to mother earth. The dis-information campaign has been working too. Only this year has our government started to talk about new CAFE standards for car emissions.

It would be wonderful if the moms of the world would all take an interest in the future of the planet and put pressure on government and industry to slow the global warming. It is another chore that they would take on because it is their children who will be the most affected by the droughts and famine that is now guaranteed because of the greenhouse gases.

It is an added labor brought on by coal and oil companies that don't want to spend any of their profits to change to alternative energy even though it is in their best interest also. But if every mother would send a letter to these companies and their congress people, and fill their offices with pleas for our Mother Earth, things would change much faster than they will if you don't.

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-- Mark Twain
Source: "Glances at History" (suppressed)

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