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8 shots kill St. Louis bicyclist

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8 shots kill St. Louis bicyclist
By Harry Levins
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A man on a bicycle was unable to outrace two gunmen and eight bullets Sunday night.

Police say the eight shots killed Torino Warren, 24, of the 4100 block of Farlin Avenue.
At 10:41 p.m., police say, a resident of the block -- it's in the city neighborhood known as O'Fallon Park -- heard screaming. She looked out the window to see Warren riding his bicycle through the yard, with two armed males in pursuit. The resident then heard shots fired along an alley to the east of her house.

She ran outside and found Warren. Police say he took eight rounds -- five in his right arm, two in his lower right side and one in his left bicep. He was pronounced dead at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.
Police searched the alley and found six 9mm shell casings.

Comment from original poster...

He just happened to be on a bicycle. He could just as easily have been trying to outrun his attackers on foot.

Moral: it's not people who kill people; it's guns who kill people. And only in America would this be buried in the local newspaper instead of being front-page news.


Re: 8 shots kill St. Louis bicyclist

So what your "Moral" is saying then is, if the bicyclest (a person) had a gun he could have protected himself? I dont think anyone should have guns!

Re: 8 shots kill St. Louis bicyclist

Guns don't kill people, bicycles kill people.

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