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City Audit Petition: Dinner at Shangri-La

Shangri-La Diner will be donating dinner to those who get over 50 signatures notarized during the Cinco de Mayo (Fifth of May) festival this Saturday. Even if you don't get 50 signatures, join us at Shangri-La Diner at 6 pm at 2201 Cherokee (at Missouri).
The petition is for an audit of the City of St. Louis to find out where the Slay([search]) administration is spending lead poisoning prevention money.

Cinco de Mayo will be celebrated on Cherokee([search]) Street between Iowa and Oregon starting 11 am and going through the afternoon. Come by the Gateway Greens office at 3026 Cherokee (at Minnesota) to get petitions, pens and a brief (15 minute training). Collect signatures, enjoy the festival with your family and then collect some more signatures.

Lead damages the brain and kidneys. Lead lowers reading scores and causes behavior problems in children.

The Cinco de Mayo festival is in the 63118 zip code, which has one of the highest lead poisoning rates in St. Louis.

Lead poisoning is too important to let the City play politics with where money is being spent. Please call 314-727-8554 if you would like to sign the audit petition or help collect signatures.

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